5200 euro scholarship italy

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5200 euro scholarship italy


Italy is a popular destination that is popular with a lot of students in India for a variety of reasons. In addition to being the second-largest country of the Euro zone and the 8th largest globally, Italy is a wonderful location to live in and boasts as the richest traditions when it comes to culture. With this reasons the 5200 euro scholarship Italy was designed to provide more scholarship opportunities for students to get 100% free education.

Did you have the knowledge it is possible to be an India student, and attend University with a 100% tuition award and a monthly allowance of 5200 Euros? Find out more with this comprehensive article guide;

What are the reasons why students select Italy as a destination in order to pursue their studies abroad?

  • Italy is recognized as being among the top 15 locations to learn in the world.
  • It also in accordance with QS world rankings,
  • it has one of the top-ranked public universities.
  • Students can get no cost education (zero tuition charges) and free accommodation in hostels and are also able to take part-time jobs for approximately 20 hours a week.

This are what makes Italy an affordable option to study abroad. Furthermore, students don’t need to pass IELTS or GRE, TOEFL, GRE or SAT in order to be admitted and begin their path to the world of education. Although It’s true that Italy is an extremely student-friendly destination.

Its affordability means that students will likely finish their studies without needing the need for a loan from a lender while earning a certificate that can provide opportunities for employment in the 26 Schengen countries. Students studying in Italy receive a one-year post-study visa in addition to helping students on their way to find and secure jobs.

If you are a student who loves to travel and discover it is worthwhile to know that students can be granted a Schengen study visa? The 5200 euro scholarship Italy is a 100% scholarship, in the sense of no tuition fees and is offered by the regional authorities from the state of Italy.

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Eligibility & criteria for the  5200 euro scholarship Italy


  • The award will be given to students on the basis of their financial circumstances alone, and is not dependent on academic performance or the social status that the students are from.
  • Students are eligible for this award from the very first day of studies at the institution and will be required to pay the fees for enrollment or education tax every year.
  • A proof of income for the family is required to be able to apply for a scholarship and the documentation required from the appropriate officials in Italy.

The 5200 euro scholarship Italy stipend is similar to the scholarship that is 100 percent described above, students will receive a stipend amounting to 5200 euros each year. The stipend is credited directly into the student’s account.

When it comes to how the stipend is distributed it will be distributed in two installments of 2600 each. This means that every month and every semester, a student will receive a stipend amounting to 2600 euros.

First installments will be paid into the account of the student in the month of January or December. The possibility of studying in Italy is a possibility. Contact us today to make an appointment. We will assist you in gaining admission to the appropriate institution and guide you through the necessary steps to follow. Send us a message now.


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