Afsa high school scholarship 2022/2023| worth $2000

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Afsa high school scholarship



The Afsa high school scholarship scheme is a $2,000 worth of College Scholarship.

This is a scholarship designed for high school students to encourage students who aspire to obtain the best education available.

Relative to the Afsa high school scholarship there is also the AFSA High School essay Contest which is also done annually.

Application Process for the Afsa high school scholarship


Students are to Fill all the entry forms (This information is collected only to administer this contest, confirming information and notifying the winners. We do not share or sell your information to third parties or companies.)


AFSA scholarship entry form


  • Full Name


  • Home Street Address


  • City, State, Zip Code


  • Telephone for Contact (with the area code)


  • 2. Phone contact (optional)


  • Email Address


  • Birthdate


  • Name of the parent/guardian


  • Contact Number of the Parent/Guardian (with an area code)


  • You High School’s Name


  • High School City/State


  • Date of graduation (Month/Year


Afsa high school scholarship 2nd chance entry from

This stage is another chance to qualify for the afsa high school scholarship contest. In this stage is where you will have to complete the 8 quiz questions for you to pass and move into the 2nd chance scholarship contest draw properly. This part should not take you more than 10 mins to be through with it.

  1. 1st is to submit your contact information again just as we showed you above
  2. Secondly is to fill this high school information e.g below

High School Info

To fill this form use this link




Eligibility Requirements for AFSA high school scholarship application 


  1. The High School Senior College Scholarship Contest is open to high school seniors who are aliens or citizens legally resident within the USA.


  1. The Afsa high school scholarship funds will be paid to the college/university of the winner or an accredited trade school within the United States; the winner must start classes at the latest in the fall 2023 session.


  1. Selection of the winner is not determined by GPA, financial need or other demographics.


  1. Students who attend homeschooling can apply, provided that the curriculum is comparable to the requirements of a senior at high school.


  1. Family members of AFSA staff members or NATIONAL board members are not permitted to attend.


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Entry Information


Scholarship entries are ONLY accepted online through the AFSA scholarship website (

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Participants must fill out an entry form that includes all the required information , and also take an eight-question exam. Before the college scholarship money can be granted, the information provided to the application form submitted by the applicant will be scrutinized. If false or inaccurate information is provided to the application form they will disqualify the applicant, without being notified to the applicant.


Each entrant is permitted only one (1) entry submission. If you attempt to enter with a different name or address or other details. it automatically disqualifies the participant without notice to the person who entered.


Entrants selected as winners are required to submit the name and contact information of their chosen college/university/certified trade school* for verification of registration and payment of the scholarship to the school.

The forms and other processes are due in the first 60 (60) days of the date that the contest ends or the scholarship will be forfeited.


* A 2- or 4-year college/university/technical/career/online school based in the United States that has completed & received accreditation from an agency recognized by the US Department of Education & is on the list found at or


Afsa high school scholarship deadline


The deadline for Afsa high school scholarship application is @Midnight (CT) on march 14, 2022 for both merit and financial aid scholarships.


AFSA high school scholarship amount


A total of $20,000 will be given away. The ten (10) winners will each receive the amount of $2,000 per winner. One $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to a single person who participates in the contest.


The Afsa high school scholarship is directed to the institution through the student’s account. It can be used to pay for tuition or books during the autumn 2023 term. The scholarship funds can be used for a time period not exceeding 4 (4) year.


The Afsa high school scholarship Winner Selection


The winners of the Afsa high school scholarship are selected randomly through a computer-generated draw from valid entries received by the time of the competition’s end.


The odds of winning are calculated on the total number entries received.


Winner Notification


Due to the volume that was submitted, AFSA cannot notify the winners.


AFSA will reach out to winners via email and by phone within 14 (14) working days from the date the contest ends using the contact details supplied by the applicant in the application process. Winners will have 10 (10) calendar days following the time the message or email is left to reply and confirm that they meet the eligibility requirements set forth on the scholarship contest’s Web website. High school winners should utilize the form in the email message from AFSA and must be filled out by the high school’s counselor or advisor and then fax, scan or mail it to the AFSA National Office.


Once you are confirmed as the winner, AFSA will send you the appropriate college/university/trade school forms to complete for a check to be issued to your chosen school and deposited into your student account. There will be no funds issued direct to individuals. The forms and forms are due within 60 (60) days from the date the contest is scheduled to end or your scholarship will be forfeited.


A 2- or 4-year college/university/technical/career/online school based in the United States that has completed & received accreditation from an agency recognized by the US Department of Education & is on the list found at or


Winners will be informed of the appropriate acknowledgment to include awards assemblies including graduation ceremonies, award assemblies, and announcements in the newspaper.


The names of winners will be announced on this site in May 2023.


Note: There are 10 slots Available


AFSA High School essay Contest 2022


The Afsa high school essay contest is to be applied using the school portal mentioned below. Below are some guidelines to take you through this essay successfully.


Essay length: The Afsa school board stated clearly that each student sitting for this essay should not exceed 1250 words and a minimum of 1000 words


Essay judging: this will be according to the quality of your essay content and mind you quality speaks for itself. However successful students will have to speak and defend their understanding relative to the foreign service.


The top 5 essays from each region will be selected for the last runner-up to choose the winner. Finally, the judges’ decisions are final.


How to submit AFSA High School essay 


  • Please fill out your registration application. The online form must be filled out and include uploading an Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) document of your original piece of work with a title, and in English that should also include an extensive list of the sources you have used. 
  • All entries should have been typed and double-spaced and with twelve-point Times New Roman or an equivalent font that has a one-inch margin on both sides on the entire page.


  • Patrons or sponsors : The student registration forms must include the name of the sponsor or patron. The person who is responsible for reviewing the essay submitted and serves as the primary contact between the participants and AFSA. 


  • It is in the best interest of the student having a coordinator read the essay to ensure it’s complete, has all the required documents, free of grammar and typographical errors and covers the topic.


  • Don’t put your name, your last name, or institution’s logo on one page in the paper. The registration forms must include this information.


  • Note:Submissions made via fax will not be considered.


  • Your essay may be rejected If it is not in compliance with the criteria or was completed after the deadline at 11.59 p.m. (EDT) on 4 April 2022.


Eligibility requirements for AFSA High School essay


Parents who are not members of the Foreign Service are eligible to be a part of the program if they’re in the 9-12th grade and reside in one or more of the 50 states and including the District of Columbia, the U.S. territories or U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents who are attending high school abroad. 


Students could be attending either a private, public or parochial school. Students who are homeschooled are also welcome. Past first-place winners as well as immediate relatives of staff or directors of AFSA or The U.S. Institute of Peace, Semester at Sea and National Student Leadership Conference are not eligible to take part. Honorable mention winners from the past are eligible to take part.


Prizes: $2,500 for the author of the winning essay, along with an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C. from any location within the U.S. for the winner and their parents, as well as an educational cruise for the winner and his or her parents as a part of Semester at Sea. The winner will be awarded $1,250 as well as a complete tuition allowance to attend an all-summer session of the NSC’s International Diplomacy program. Due to COVID-19 , certain prizes are not eligible for claim at the time of submission.


The essay you submit will become belonging and the property of The American Foreign Service Association once it has been submitted and cannot be returned.


Thank you for participating in this essay, best of luck to you!


Apply at


The application deadline is 11:59 p.m. EDT on April 4, 2022

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