Ahepa mother lodge scholarship Educational Fund program – 2022/2023

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Ahepa Mother Lodge Scholarship program 

AHEPA mother lodge scholarship Educational fund program is a scholarship awarded by the Ahepa mother lodge foundation  towards the education of every protected student who wishes to further more but has little or no support financially.

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Ahepa was established on July 26, 1922, in light of the wrongs of fanaticism and prejudice that arose in mid-twentieth-century American culture. It additionally helped Greek migrants acclimatize into the society.


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Today, AHEPA brings the goals of old Greece, which incorporates magnanimity, schooling, metro obligation, and family and individual greatness to the local areal

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Albeit a larger part of the participation is made out of Americans of Greek plummet, application for enrollment is available to any individual who puts stock in the mission of the association.


Every year, the AHEPA Mother lodge Section No. 1 Instructive Asset grants various, unhindered grants just as grants assigned by their patrons for explicit spaces of study. The grant grants will go from $1000-$3000 and candidates are considered for any grant for which they meet qualification necessities.

The purpose of the Mother Lodge Section No. 1 Instructive Asset, Inc. is to give both educational accomplishment and monetary need.

grants to understudies seeking after post-secondary school training. Furthermore, the Asset endeavors to fortify the local area and nation by advancing schooling through the turn of events and execution of different extensive projects.

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The Establishment is a duty-absolved Magnanimous Establishment set up in Atlanta, Georgia in 1986 to advance, support and advance training at the school, college, and graduate and expert school levels. It serves the Social and Instructive Projects of

Ahepa mother lodge scholarship

Qualification For Ahepa Mother Lodge Scholarship Program 

All applicants is expected to have up to 3.0 GPA out of 4.0 or  at least 83 out of 100 before you plan to be enrolled
full-time at an accredited college or university for the 2022-2023 academic year to be eligible.


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Ahepa Mother Lodge Scholarship Program 

Scholarships will range from $1000 to $3500 and a few grants will be granted in view of academic accomplishment.

  • A few grants will be granted in view of both academic accomplishment and monetary need.
  • One grant will be granted in acknowledgment of a researcher competitor.

Candidates for the over 3 classifications should be live in the More prominent Metropolitan Atlanta Region.

Candidates should live in the territory of Georgia and plan to be tried out an alumni nursing program supported by the Georgia Leading body of Nursing.

  • Three grants are accessible for understudies going to Blessed Cross Greek Universal School of Philosophy.

Candidates should live in the geological region inside the Greek Customary City of Atlanta and plan to go to Blessed Cross School of Religious philosophy.


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Ahepa mother lodge scholarship fund program

How to Apply For AHEPA Mother Lodge Scholarship Program fund

If you are looking for a way to apply for the mother lodge scholarship entries of grant applications for the 2023-24 scholarly year are presently closed. Kindly follow us for more details on when the 2022 – 2023 form portal will be open or follow this link to apply https://www.ahepaatlscholarship.org/apply/

Candidates should present an extra exposition on a subject fitting their personal preference in regards to Hellenism. This grant has no residency prerequisite.


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  • Candidates are needed to transfer a unique Individual Exposition not to surpass 500 words which should give data on the understudy’s advantages and professional objectives, just as related school and vocation encounter from the current scholastic year.
  • The article will test the candidate’s capacity to arrange and relate realities and thoughts just as the candidate’s general composing abilities.
  • In the event that you wish to be considered for the Johnny N. Economy Grant, you should transfer an extra, unique paper on Hellenism not to surpass 750 words. Informing this paper, consider this extract from one of Mr Economy’s feature addresses.


  • All understudies should transfer official duplicates records. These might be from a reevaluated records organization or on the other hand, whenever acquired straightforwardly from the school’s enlistment center’s office, should show a seal or mark confirming an authority duplicate. In the event that the understudy is given a printed copy of records, they ought to be examined and transferred—photographs of records are unsuitable.
  • First-year undergrads should transfer both secondary school and school records.
  • Graduate understudies should transfer both undergrad and graduate school records.

Honors and Exercises

  • Candidates are approached to list their scholarly distinctions and different honors notwithstanding their inclusion with school and additionally local area clubs and associations, cooperation in sports, and any low maintenance work.
  • Remember dates of grants and long stretches of cooperation for exercises.
  • Note: any workplaces and chairmanships held
  • Secondary SCHOOL SENIORS are needed to transfer supporting documentation. This might be as filtered endorsements or projects that rundown the candidate’s interest (acceptance functions, playbills, athletic projects, and so on) Without these, a letter from the candidate’s Scholarly Consultant or School Guide records the understudy’s distinctions and exercises ought to be transferred.


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Summary on Ahepa mother lodge scholarship program grant

Ahepa mother lodge scholarship is purely a scholarship grant. Provides funds to every aspiring student who aspires to further into college & university


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