Aim Global Scholarship Accredited schools – 2022/2023

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Aim Global scholarship accredited schools

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This article will teach you how to apply and use aim global scholarship accredited schools in 2022/2023. There are a lot of scholarships out there and this article will help you learn about how and where to look for them and what requirements are most needed.

Informative and factual. This is a tutorial on how to apply for aim global scholarship if you do not know how or where it is, then this is the place to go. Not very interesting but can be helpful when trying to get into “Aim Global Scholarship”.

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Aim global scholarship accredited schools
Aim global scholarship winners

what is aim global scholarship fund

Aim Global is encouraging students to apply for scholarships by hosting a promotional offer. This scholarship is a transferable scholarship that can be transferred from one member to another member.

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Aim Global offers opportunities to participate in their interactive programs which are designed to promote cross-cultural dialogue, exchange of knowledge, and the empowerment of young people. Students are invited to develop their skills so that they can have competitive careers in the globalized world. you must not be an active member either is it a must to make sales through it’s recommended if you can make sales.. has no expiration date within the certificate.

How much discount does the scholarship grant?

This all depends on the school you choose on normal circumstances scholarships grant about 50 to 100% discount on a 4 to 5 years course.

There is l no need for a scholarship entrance exam as it’s been done by some scholarship organizations. what you need is to get about 75% to enjoy your scholarship and last up to a year. having high grades here doesn’t matter.

How to make the aim global scholarship work out?

aim global is one of the easiest scholarships to board on follow the steps below:

1. 1st you must patronize aim global business by buying their package. with this, you will receive a scholarship certificate. but remember to inform your sponsor early enough if you have in mind to make a transfer this is to make sure the transferred name appears on the certificate without errors.

2. decide on the school you would love to apply for.

3. you will now have to go present your certificate to the office of the registrar during enrollment.

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Is the aim global scholarship transferable to anyone?

Aim global scholarship is uniquely different from most of the other scholarships out there. yes, it is fully transferable but from only one member to another might be a new or old member but every transfer must be within the membership circle.

AIM Global scholarship COURSES

The aim global scholarship courses consist of:

Engineering courses, Medicine, Pharmacy, marketing, computer engineering, civil engineering and so much more.

Just as we said earlier on every 4 to 5 years course you choose to study you are given 50% to 100%  total discount for the whole of your stay and studies.

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AIM Global scholarship certificate

This certificate given to you by the aim global scholarship accredited schools is your ID to your scholarship and must be guided without mistake, not an error.

See this certificate given to you by the aim global scholarship accredited schools as a treasure worth safeguarding.

This certificate is also transferable from one person to another. When you have gotten your certificate and feel like passing it on to a family member it is acceptable.

However, there are some other things to consider such as making sure the person to receive the certificate is a registered member. If not, then you have to make sure you have registered him or her before transferring the certificate.

How to use aim Global scholarship

How to use Aim global scholarship is easy to apply these steps below as they are all listed carefully;

  1. Firstly purchase the Aim Global Scholarship business package this will get you a scholarship certificate
  1. Choose your course from the list of schools provided
  2. On getting your certificate, present it to your registrar to help you enroll, so then you can enjoy your discounts.

Aim Global Scholarship Accredited Schools 2022/2023

aim global is affiliated with more than 300 schools worldwide. so whoever you are and wherever you are you can benefit from the aim global scholarship program. below we will give you the list of schools to download and choose from.

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Aim global scholarship accredited schools in iloilo

Get 50% Discount on tuition fees on INTERFACE COMPUTER COLLEGE
Ledesma: Mabini St., Nr. Cor. Ledesma St. Allied courses, 2yr, 3yr, 4 ye and 5yr courses
Telephone#: (033) 337-7784
ST. ANNE COLLEGE OF ILOILO, INC. 50% Discount on tuition fees
Iloilo 191 R. Mapa St. Tabucan Mandurriao, Iloilo BS Business Administration
Telephone#: 3210776 BS Office management
BS Hotel & Restaurant Executive
BS Accounting Technology
The annual Urinalysis &  Physical Exam (Complete PE, CBC, Chest X-ray, in the  NAPULAN MEDICAL CLINIC & DIAGNOSTIC CLINIC
The city of Iloilo: 05 Nobleza St., Miagao Iloilo City Fecalysis)
15% discount on ensuing consultation, analysis & lab test
Iloilo City: Sun Yat Sen Bldg., Mapa St., Iloilo City (Complete CBC, Chest X-Ray, Urinalysis & Fecalysis)
20% reduction on the succeeding consultations, analysis &
Laboratory test
RESTO FEDERICO COMPANY 10% reduction on Buffet with the lowest purchase of Php 500.00
Iloilo City: Adelina Bldg., Gen. Luna St. Iloilo City 5% reduction for every purchase below Php 500.00

AIM GLOBAL scholarship accredited SCHOOLS in Cebu

Aim global scholarship fund is also affiliated with some schools in Cebu. Some schools have been accredited by the aim global scholarship fund program. Meaning they are qualified as a scholarship school under aim global scholarship accredited schools. To get the lists to see the above download button.

Aim global tie-up school 2022/ 2023-Empowered Consumerism TIE up SCHOOL 2022/2023

To get the full list if aim global tie-up school and the empowered consumerism tie-up school in 2022/2023 you will have to try to apply for the empowered consumerism scholarship program but you can still download the pdf Here if you have not yet applied. we provided a link 🔗 above. Use the download button and then check up to see the list of the tie-up schools provided by the aim global scholarship program.

What is aim global scholarship?

It simply means ” alliance in Motion” (a.i.m) global scholarship

Empowered consumerism scholarship program

Alliance in motion as a global scholarship program is an empowered consumerism scholarship program with a target of empowering the members through their scholarship program.

Summary of the aim global scholarship accredited schools

Aim global scholarship is a global scholarship program for members to participate in this program you will have to follow their procedures to apply for AIM-Global-Affiliated-Schools and be successful.

You can easily the get the aim global scholarship accredited schools lists then apply for your desired scholarship when approved you can transfer to someone else it is allowed in aim global scholarship. But always follow the laid down rules and regulations.

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