Al Azhar University Scholarship 2022/2023- How to get admission

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Al Azhar University Scholarship 2022

still dreaming of obatining a scholarship in a well recognized university in the globe, worry no more the al azhar university scholarship 2023 is your answered prayer. however this university is to students who has the zeal to constantly improve on their intellectual ability, it’s quite normal to have aspirations. One of these aspirations may be studying at one of the best universities in the world such as the al azhar university.

These aspirations may be unrealistic due to certain limitations, however, these limitations have been cut down with the availability of scholarship programs all around the globe. When you think of studying in one of the best institutions, with quality education Al Azhar University scholarship is your best bet. Of course, Al Azhar University is one of the leading institutions in terms of academics.

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But how do you study in Al Azhar University?


The Al azhar university scholarship scheme has made it easy for both the poor and the rich to have a chance of a good education. And here, I would be telling you everything you will need to know about this Scholarship program by the noble institution, and everything about the University as a whole.

This is going to be exciting! Let’s delve into it.

Does Al Azhar University Give out Scholarships?

Yes! Every year, Al Azhar University gives out Scholarships to a specific number of people that meet up to the requirements of the scholarship.

Al Azhar University Scholarship 2022

Every passing year, since the inception of this scholarship program, students all across the world are being presented the opportunity to study at Al Azhar University. 

To put it bluntly, this year’s scholarship program is open for application. And you wouldn’t want to miss out on it.

That said, we proceed to the next thing.

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How Can I Get Scholarship for Al Azhar University?

The knowledge of Al Azhar University’s scholarship is a very exciting thing, and I’m sure you can’t wait any longer to know how you can get this scholarship and proceed to Al Azhar University in no time.

All right! Follow closely as I will be giving you the complete eligibility requirements and guide to achieving that.

  • Al Azhar University has made it known that any student interested in studying in the institution must have a solid foundation in the Arabic language. 
  • The student applying for the scholarship must be an Afghanistan citizen.
  • The student or the family should be free of security issues. Hence, the candidate is required to get a verified clearance certificate from the police.
  • Any candidate suffering from any form of illness would not be accepted into the institution. Hence, you are required to get a Ministry of Health attested medical certificate.
  • Aside from having a good – at least basics, knowledge of Arabic language, and others as mentioned earlier, it is mandatory that the student presents his or her testimonials and certificates. The student is to provide each document as requested of them.
  • You must have an original birth certificate, which would be submitted to the institution for verification purposes.
  • The candidate is required to present their National identity card (Tazkira)
  • You are expected to have the latest Patent Cooperation Treaty- Negative Certificate.

These are virtually all you need to apply for Al Azhar University Scholarship. If you discover yourself not fit, you can look elsewhere. If you pass this requirement step, congrats, let’s continue.

Next is how to apply for this scholarship.

We will be using the online application method here. It’s easier, stress-free, and somewhat convenient.

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Al Azhar University Online Application

By using this method, you won’t be needing much. Just a steady internet connection and an email address which would be a medium of communication between you and the University.

To use the online application method, follow these steps:

  1. Open Bangladesh Scholarship accepted website. You can do this by typing into your browser. Please note that the official website is currently unavailable but will be open in due time.
  2. On opening, click on the menu bar if it’s a hamburger menu, and then the  “Online Application” button.
  3. It will load a fresh page. On this page, you will have to select the specific Program. Take for example; postgraduate, undergraduate, Master, etc.
  4. After selecting a program, you will be required to fill out the form that will appear on your screen.
  5. Afterward, follow the instructions on the page to upload all the required documents in the box – the documents must be scanned.
  6. It’s now time to submit your online application. Do that by clicking on the “submit” button. Please endeavor to go through your application one more time before submitting it.
  7. Print out the applicant’s copy. It would be needed for further processes.

This isn’t as hard as you expected, right? This is all, you only have to wait for feedback.

How Can I Get Admission in Al Azhar University?

Maybe you have an interest in studying in the University through the Al Azhar University scholarship program, there is a way you can be admitted into the institution. 

It’s not hard, you just have to make use of the online application method also. But in this case, you will be doing everything on Al Azhar University’s official website.

  • Type in into your browser, on opening, follow instructions on the screen to navigate through the website. It’s as simple as ABC.

Al Azhar university scholarship deadline

Application Starts 13th June 2022

Application end 2nd of August 2023

Closed for the previous year

Is Al Azhar Free?

Yes and No! If you are a scholarship candidate, then yes Al Azhar is free for you. But if you applied and got admitted into the University using your own means, then Al Azhar University isn’t free for you will have to pay for tuition and other necessary fees.

I hope you understand now?

I guess so!

How Many Faculties does Al Azhar have?

Al Azhar University has 81 faculties; which fall under two main categories which are 

Faculty of applied sciences and none applied sciences

  • 9 Institutes,
  • 359 academic Departments,
  • 42 Centres,
  • 6  hospitals and 27 General council units

To know more about Al Azhar University’s faculties and departments, click here

Al-azhar university courses list

Below are the list of al-azhar university free courses list

Life sciences

Agriculture & Forestry

Sport Science

Biological Sciences

Veterinary Science

Business & economics

Business & Management

Accounting & Finance

Economics & Econometrics

Physical sciences


Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences

Physics & Astronomy

Mathematics & Statistics

Clinical, pre-clinical & health

Medicine & Dentistry

Other Health

Arts & humanities


History, Philosophy & Theology

Languages, Literature & Linguistics

Social sciences


Communication & Media Studies


Computer science

Computer Science

Engineering & technology

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Civil Engineering

General Engineering

Chemical Engineering







Al-azhar university islamic courses

Below are the list of al-azhar university islamic courses

1.Introduction to Islamic thought
2. Dealing with difference
3. Ethics and law
4. The middle path
5. Ijtihad and maqasid al-Shariah
6. State and citizenship
7. Inter-religious relations
8. Intolerance and takfir
9. Jihad and its misconceptions

al-azhar university quran course

Below are the list of al-azhar university scholarship quran course

Advanced Arabic Studies


Basic Quran Reading.            

Classical Arabic Fusha

Duaa Course

Egyptian Dialect

Five Pillars of Islam

Islamic studies for kids

Learn Quran for kids  

Learn Quran with Tajweed 

New Muslim Course

Online Arabic for Special Needs

online Ijazah programe

Online Quran academy

Quran memorization course

Quranic Arabic Course

Revert to Islam course

Tafseer Online Classes


Can Girls Study at Al Azhar University?

Yes! Girls can study at Al Azhar. The University has a program specifically designed for female candidates.

How Much Does Al Azhar University cost?

Both faculties of Applied and Non-Applied Sciences pay a one-time registration fee of 1,500 sterling pounds and 1,000 sterling pounds respectively.

The tuition fee of the faculty of Applied Sciences is 1,500 sterling pounds, while the faculty of Non-Applied Sciences pay 1,000 sterling pound as tuition fee.

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How Many Students Go to Al Azhar University?

The institution has over 1.6 million Students. Yearly, about 50 Bangladeshi Students are being awarded Scholarships.

Is Al Azhar University Good?

It depends on what your view on being good is. Overall, Al Azhar University is a good institution.

Can I Study at Al Azhar University Online?

Studying at Al Azhar online is possible. The institution has an E-Learning program which makes it possible for it’s students to study at the University from anywhere across the seven continents.

What is the Rank of Al Azhar University?

Al Azhar University occupies the number #994 on the global best world universities.

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Is Al Azhar Sunni or Shia?

Al Azhar University was originally Shia but now Sunni due to certain events that took place in the past years.

Does Al-Azhar University Teach in English?

Al-Azhar is a convenient environment for studies for students who wishes to be taught with English.  Al-Azhar University use English to teach their students.

Is Al-Azhar University the Oldest University?

No! Al-Azhar University is not the oldest, but the second oldest surviving institution in the world. 

What is the Meaning of Al-Azhar?

The meaning of Al-Azhar is “most luminous”. Azhar means Luminous, other synonyms are clear, brilliant, etc while Al means ‘Most’.

Who Built Al-Azhar University?

The institution started as a Mosque. It was founded by Jawhar Al-Siqilli, a Fatimid Commander. It started in March or April, 970 CE.

Let’s conclude on Al Azhar university scholarship

This is basically all you need to know about Al-Azhar University Scholarship and the institution itself. If you have any confusion regarding anything in this article, you can reach out to me.

I hope this article helps you. Stay glued for more updates. Thanks.

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