BACS Taiwan huayu enrichment scholarship 2022

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Bacs taiwan huayu enrichment scholarship 2022


BACS a short term for the British associations for Chinese studies. However the BACS Taiwan huayu enrichment scholarship is a 9 months 6 months and 3 months scholarship program which also includes language programmes this is established to be done only on the accredited centres within Taiwan.

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Overview of the Bacs Taiwan Huayu enrichment scholarship


Scholarship organizers: Bacs



What is the huayu enrichment scholarship Value/Rate


Scholarship monthly stipends – NT$25,000


This monthly stipend is provided by the huayu enrichment scholarship board to each scholarship student on a monthly basis to cover the costs of maintenance expenditures, and other fees.


Bacs Taiwan huayu enrichment scholarship deadline 


Application starts February 2022

Deadline for applications is on the  31st March 2022 being Thursday at 17:00 BST.


Procedures to apply for the BACS Taiwan huayu enrichment scholarships


To apply for this scholarship the below listed documents are needed;


  • Get an application form from the bacs scholarship board
  • Applicants must provide a duplicate of your scanned UK passport 
  • Also if you are still a student still in school yet to graduate you are to include a copy of your transcript, the most recent version of it.
  • Get your highest copies of academic performance in school, scan them and include them in your documents.
  • Get the evidence of application to recognized Taiwanese language centers.


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How to apply for the bacs huayu enrichment scholarships


Each scholarship aspirant must provide All above listed documents and submit his or her application through email to the school portal which we have provided at the end of the article.


In return you will receive a letter of confirmation from bacs that affirms that there was a letter of application gotten from you. Your part here is to ensure that your application has been duly submitted with reference also received from the school to you before the end of the appointed deadline for the scholarship application submission.


Eligibility criteria for the BACS Taiwan huayu enrichment scholarships


Alright, to be eligible for this scholarships there are some things that must be considered such as;




This is an international scholarship which makes every student from all over the world eligible for this scholarship in terms of nationality. However there are some country or states that was excluded for some reasons best known to them such as;

  • Mainland China, 
  • Hong Kong,
  • Macao

Students from these above listed areas are further excluded


Your Age limit


The BACS Taiwan huayu enrichment scholarship age limit as stated by them is 18 years. Any age less than that is not eligible to apply for the scholarship.


Academic qualifications


All applicants are to have a good record of academic achievements through out there stay in school including good grades


The A-level scholarships candidates have more chances to bag this scholarship than any other due to their grades.


Good character with quality morals can never be out looked as part of the eligibility requirements


Ielts requirements. the English language test is also inclusive. Candidates who are from other countries classified are to meat up with the English language and other language requirements to be eligible to apply for the BACS Taiwan huayu enrichment scholarship.


Should not have or hold any type of taiwan government scholarship in the past year’s


Candidates must not be studying mandarin in Taiwan as of the time if the scholarship application.


Any of the candidates who is studying any mandarin course in Taiwan as of the time of the scholarship application is not eligible to apply for the bacs Taiwan huayu enrichment scholarship.


Any candidate who have ever pursued a degree in any of the University Or college in Taiwan Are disqualified from the scholarship.


How competitive is Huayu scholarship?


Using a scale from 1% to 100% I will rate huayu scholarship 50% average difficulty

Considering the fact that it’s still harder than the Mainland’s Confucius Institute scholarship.


BACS Taiwan Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions 2022


Q: Can I apply if I am currently studying at a UK university but hold a non-UK passport? 

And: No, it is not done. Non-UK citizens may be able to apply for the scholarship via the Taipei


Q: Can I apply if I have not studied Chinese formally at a university? 

A: Yes, you are eligible for application


Where should I email my application


Email your application directly to the school scholarship mail @[email protected]


Language centers

Question: where can I find some information regarding the language center recognized by the more if Taiwan?


Ans:Please endeavor to go through  the list of website provided in the link below for a list of language centres recognised by the Moe in 


Q: Can I apply to more than one recognised language centre?


Ans: Affirmative it’s possible if you want to however you will need to provide clear evidence that shows your application to one language center


Q: Can I apply to a language centre that provides minimum of 10 hours of Chinese classes per week?


Ans: Sorry it’s a ‘No’ you can’t qualify with that the bacs Taiwan huayu enrichment scholarship is controlled by the MOE the back ministry of education you will at least be needing 15 hours of class workshop each week to qualify.


When you are to apply to the center explain that you are applying for the huayu enrichment scholarship and you will request for a confirmation that confirms that there language classes provide up to 15 hours of classes per week.


Q: Do I need to be admitted to one of the language centres before applying for the scholarship?


Ans: No just provide a confirmation email from the language center affirming your proof of your application 


TOCFL related


Q: Is compulsory I must  take the TOCFL test?

Ans: in a case where you have already gotten knowledge of mandarin language through studies probably have studied mandarin but yet to have a certified certificate that proves your level of the language knowledge you will then have to sit for the TOCFL TEST to provide clear evidence of your height of knowledge about the language. Meanwhile you are not mandated to sit for the exam while applying for the scholarship. This aspect should be organized only by the education division.

Summary as regards the BACS Taiwan huayu enrichment scholarship

This scholarship is a Taiwan international scholarship with a scholarship rate of NT$25,000 read in full to understand every rules and eligibility requirements for you to apply and be successful in the scholarship

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