Be bold scholarship [$25,000 No-essay scholarship]

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Be Bold Scholarship no-essay scholarship


Be Bold scholarship which is a no-essay scholarship is beginning to gain global attention for its innovative approach to offering a chance to underserved students. They have received a commendation for providing a level playing field to students, notwithstanding academic performance. Below is an in-depth review of the Be Bold scholarship and all that a student needs to understand to stand a chance of winning scholarship funding from the platform.

What Is “Be Bold” Scholarship?

Be Bold Scholarship is an annual no-essay scholarship program powered by It awards a generous twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) fund to applicants who emerge as winners on the platform. Their approach takes a slight deviation from the generally known scholarship application process by allowing candidates to get shortlisted for scholarships without writing an essay. Be Bold Scholarship applicants only have to set up a profile on to become eligible for the scholarship. and the bold team handle all other processes involved in the scholarship program.

How to win Be Bold Scholarship

Emerging as the winner of Be Bold Scholarship is a highly competitive race due to the openness of the application process. Be Bold is not like most traditional scholarships that make academic excellence a yardstick. The platform expects applicants to demonstrate a wider range of characteristics. This approach makes it more competitive because each applicant has varying strengths and weaknesses. To emerge as a winner of the bold scholarship, applicants must consider show strength in the areas outlined below:

  1. Create A Strong Profile- To win a Be Bold Scholarship, a candidate’s profile is the highest indicator of boldness. Every applicant is required to set up an account on the platform. Candidates’ profiles must demonstrate strong track records to excel on the platform. Even Though the application process is lengthy, the applicant must provide detailed information that increases the chance of winning.
  2. Have Strong CGPA- A high CGPA is not a requirement for a bold scholarship. However, having a strong CGPA demonstrates your academic commitment and signals to reviewers that you have what it takes to excel in your chosen field.
  3. Refer Others to the platform- Be bold also rates candidates’ profile strength according to the points they earn from the platform. Referring others to the platform is a simple way to also increase points earned on the platform.
  4. Apply Early- There is a deadline for all Be bold scholarship programs. Participants who register early are given more preference over late applicants.


Be Bold Scholarship team sorts through the list of candidates to select applicants who display a strong stand on listed criteria. It is best to remember that the team would pick qualified candidates strictly by the information provided in their profile. Therefore, providing a strong profile is vital to winning the scholarship.

Be Bold no-essay Scholarship Requirements

Be bold Scholarship places more emphasis on Determinations, a strong profile, personal ambition, and social contribution, unlike most scholarship programs. The platform offers scholarship opportunities to students across all education levels without excessively prioritizing academic excellence. Candidates who also register early get preferential treatments. It is believed that candidates that registered late are prone to procrastination. Overall, the boldest profile wins the prize. Candidates must show that they dare to keep pushing for the limits. It is best to look up other finalist profiles as a guide for what your profile could look like.

Who Is Eligible For The Be Bold Scholarship?

To qualify for Be Bold Scholarship, the candidate must meet these criteria listed below to be eligible

1) Applicant must be a resident of the united states as of the time of application.

2) Applicants must be within the average schooling age for the academic program they apply for.

3) For applicants below the age of 18, parents or guardians must validate and approve the information provided and consent to the applicant’s involvement in the scholarship program.

4) Applicants must demonstrate a track record of progressive move throughout their academic journey.

Be Bold no Essay Scholarship

Be Bold brings a new perspective and simplicity to the scholarship application and funding process. Candidates’ profile makes up the bulk of the application requirement. There is no need for essays of any kind. Most of their candidate rating comes through a point system that’s unique to the platform. Students with higher points have demonstrated a strong profile and stand a higher chance than candidates with lower points. Candidates who want a chance of winning a bold no essay scholarship must constantly hone their profile and gain higher points.


be bold scholarship deadline 2022


  • Be bold scholarship Deadline is on March 1st, 2022
  • Be bold scholarship award day is 30th November 2022

Is It Bold Legit?

Be bold is rated as one of the best scholarship platforms worldwide with a 93 of 100 rating on the platform. It offers a neutral competing ground to every category of students from high school to doctoral level. The platform is backed by, families, business owners, and other philanthropists worldwide. In about three years, be bold has awarded over three hundred thousand in scholarships to applicants from all over the world.


The platform is committed to giving bold students a chance to pursue academic and career excellence without impediments from finances or support. Candidates receive constant updates about the status of their applications. Besides the twenty-five thousand dollars scholarship funds, students who have a profile on also get a chance to participate in other scholarship programs. In a nutshell, The platform is legit.

How Does Bold.Org Make Money?

For candidates wondering how makes money, is backed by several companies, business owners, families from all over the world, and other philanthropists worldwide. has teamed up with partners who constantly supply funds to support the program. Besides, also has several scholarship programs exclusive to the platform. It creates enough flow of funds to keep the platform running.

What Happens If You Win A Scholarship On Bold.Org?

Winners of the Be Bold Scholarship and other scholarships on are notified of their status via their dashboard. However, the winner will be publicly announced on Nov 30, 2022. Bold also reaches out to finalists to extract further information that helps clarify their application. Candidates are guaranteed to get 100% of their scholarship funding because gets funds from donors upfront.

It means that all funds are available and ready to be disbursed to successful candidates without any delay. Once you apply for a bold scholarship, it is best to constantly check your dashboard for updates about your scholarship status. Be bold gives feedback to applicants to inform them about their progress. Once a student is verified, funds are sent to the institution of choice or directly to the winner. The process is based on the kind of institution.

Why Does Bold Org Need My Address?

Scholarships offered on the platform are categorized based on several criteria including regions. You are required to provide information about your location and residence for the sake of customized services and mailing. Besides, winners must verify some details, including transcripts and other relevant documents. The information regarding your address is needed for such communication to be effective.

Can I Trust A Bold Org With My Address?

Information supplied to the platform is protected by a strong privacy policy. Candidates have the ultimate decision regarding how their information is used. The platform does not use candidate information for any purpose other than communication and interaction. Moreover, candidate information is strictly for platform use and not allowed into the hands of third parties without your permission.  

Is The Be Bold Scholarship For International Students?

International Students residing in the United States are eligible for a bold scholarship opportunity. The program does not bias to any criteria. Their core focus is on giving the students with the most daring profile a chance to pursue quality education and career.

Final Words

Be Bold Scholarship is an ideal launching ground for all ambitious students who wish to advance their education and career to a great height. The founders of this program have the vision to end the mounting education debt incurred by graduate students across the United States and the rest of the world. They have set up this platform to bring their vision to reality. It’s left for ambitious students to take advantage of this no-essay scholarship opportunity.




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