The $500 Because college is expensive scholarship 2022

by Matthew

Because college is expensive scholarship 


In today’s world education is termed a priority, a must do if you are to succeed in this current world and unstable economy. Meanwhile because college is expensive scholarship opportunities have gotten your back to make sure that you reach your potential in terms of education even as to succeed.


Are you in search of a college scholarship to apply for? We have discovered the best fitting scholarship for you today because college is expensive scholarship is a fast, reliable and easy to apply scholarship that anyone can win easily when applied.


The $500 Because College is Expensive Scholarship” Rules


There are some rules that guide this scholarship read below to be on a safer side.


  1. This scholarship is only open to only the high school students, college and graduate students that are willing to enroll into school before 24 months pass by.
  2. Applying candidates are required and must be a full citizen of United States 
  3. If you are an international student with a valid International visa you are fully eligible
  4. There is only one slot for one person per quarter
  5. New winner will be announced and nominated at the end of every quarter
  6. All scholarship awards will directly be given to the winners 
  7. Candidates must check on their mails to get notified about winners of the scholarship


Because college is expensive scholarship eligibility & requirements


  • The scholarship is precisely designed for United States citizens 


  • international students who have accredited visa living in the United States are also eligible 


  • Must be above 13 years of age as of the time of Applying for this scholarship.


  • Must be an undergraduate, high school student a postgraduate who is willing to enroll into college


  • All that is related to any employee or staff of the sweepstakes, agencies, families, friends, including those who live within the same house are completely ruled out. hence are not eligible because college is expensive scholarship rules made it so.


How to apply for because college is expensive scholarship


Navigate to the form on the website register by using the form you will see at the right side and be eligible to win the next quarter of the scholarship easily.


What are the quarters in because college is expensive scholarship 


  • 1st quarter- March
  • 2nd quarter- June
  • 3rd quarter- September
  • 4th quarter- December


Within each year there are 4 quarters with each quarter having $500 to be given to 4 students in each quarter.


How does this scholarship work


The $500 because college is an expensive scholarship is practically available for all students who fall under the eligibility requirements of the scholarship. The winner of the scholarship is selected on the 15th day of the stated deadline date.


Who can apply for because college is expensive scholarship


Every scholarship has some classification of students it is meant for, so is this one. All students who fall under the high school sophomores, both juniors and seniors, also the current students and also including any other one who wishes to attend college or graduate school.


Deadline: for each quarter the deadline elapses at 11;59 pm est

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To apply for this scholarship it is only done online and you will have to go through their scholarship portal..Please go to to enter online.


Summary as regards to the because college is expensive scholarship

No matter how expansive college might seem to be because college is expensive scholarship will see to it that all eligible United States students can apply for this scholarship and have a good opportunity to win any of the quarter.

Note: you must be above 13 years for you to apply for this scholarship


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