Top 13 Best universities in Istanbul turkey 2023 [Ranking & Reviews]

by Matthew

 Best universities in Istanbul Turkey for international students?

Aside from having a quality economy, Turkey is also among the best countries in the world with good and quality accredited universities within Istanbul turkey. There are lots of Best universities in Istanbul Turkey with enough quality education and knowledge to impact its students. which you know nothing about. Nevertheless, we reveal them all to you today.


However, there have been many occasions where folks are seen asking if there are any good universities in Turkey? Lolz, you laughed right? yes, anyone who knows Turkey and the quality of education in turkey will laugh at such a question.

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Nevertheless, today we will be taking you on a walkthrough to reveal to you the best universities in Istanbul Turkey which you can gladly partake in its admission into a new academic session in order not to be left out.


Are there any good universities in Turkey?

Yes, there are countless good universities in turkey.  we and we  have compiled a list of the best universities in Istanbul Turkey according to their ranking read below


 list of best universities in Istanbul turkey

Below here we have taken our time to curate the list of the Best universities in Istanbul Turkey to narrow them down for your smooth and swift research.


Cankaya University

The Cankaya University stands out as one of the best universities in Istanbul turkey. Even though it is a private university and has some older universities in existence before its formation yet it made its way to the top to become the best universities in Istanbul Turkey. Ranking first above every other university in the country.

Established by Sıtkı Alp Education Foundation on the 9th of July 1997

Ranking – 401: This record is according to the times higher education world university ranking. The university ranked higher than every other private and public university in turkey

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Number of Programs

  • Postgraduate & masters program -17
  • Ph.D. program – 6
  • Vocational schools – 2 programs 3


Koç University

Right here is another private university known as Koç University. It’s also a non-profit university situated in Istanbul turkey. It ranked as the highest university in Turkey in 2018 according to Times higher education world university ranking. Koç University stands out among the crowd of other universities in Turkey as one of the best universities in Istanbul turkey for international students.


Koç University offers the below courses


  • Social sciences
  • Humanities
  • Administrative science
  • Economic science
  • Engineering
  • Law 
  • Nursing&
  • Medicine 


Number of Programs


  • Undergraduate program – 22
  • Graduate program – 29
  • Ph.D. program – 30


Ranking – presently the Koç University ranks 401 in Turkey according to higher times.



Sabanci University

Sabanci University is a fresh modern university which is not far from Istanbul turkey just about 40km away from the city of Istanbul. It’s also a private school that came into existence in 1994 making it 28 years today.

Sabanci 360


The school has faculty of engineering and natural sciences

  • with faculty of Arts and social sciences 
  • also Sabanci business school and 
  • lastly school of languages.


Universities are known for having programs and foundations that form the development of the school and its students however Sabanci University has three major foundations and programs which are as follows


  • The foundation’s developments year
  • and university courses


According to times higher education in the year 2014 the Sabanci university made it to the times higher education list and today  Ranks 501 in 2022. However, it is said to be the only Foundation scholarship in Turkey that made it to the list of the times higher ranking.

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Bilkent University

Yet another private University is known to be Bilkent University. The Bilkent university came into existence in is Ranked among the best universities in Istanbul Turkey.


Academic programs

  • Undergraduate programs 33
  • Graduate programs 32



According to times, higher education Ranks 601



  • Art, Design, and Architecture faculty
  • Business Administration faculty
  • Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences
  • Education faculty
  • Engineering faculty
  • Humanities and Letters
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Music and Performing Arts
  • Science faculty


Hacettepe Üniversitesi

Established on July 8 1967 as the Hacettepe Üniversitesi. It also made it to the list of best universities in Istanbul turkey and has always been standing as one of the prestigious universities since its time in memorial.

Hacettepe Üniversitesi is a public university located in Ankara turkey

While having 2 campuses the university also has the best faculties and programs which consist of


  • Economic and Administrative Sciences,
  • Law,
  • Education,
  • Engineering &
  • Fine Arts, 
  • Letters, and Science


It Ranked 601 according to present data


Istanbul Technical University


Having been known as a popular university in the world and also the 3rd oldest university worldwide. it is also an international University that Made its way to the top, to be listed among the best universities in Istanbul Turkey. İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi has been dedicated mostly to the social sciences and engineering sciences this clarifies the reason why it’s been known as a technical university.




  • Undergraduate program – 29
  • Graduate program – 192
  • Faculties & departments 
  • Civil Engineering faculty 
  • Architecture faculty
  • Mechanical Engineering faculty
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering faculty
  • Computer and Informatics faculty
  • Mines faculty
  • Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering faculty
  • Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
  • Sciences and Letters
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Maritime faculty
  • Management faculty
  • Textile Technologies and Design faculty


Global Rank – 601

Official site


(METU) Middle East Technical University


The Middle East Technical College is also a public school. It’s also referred to as METU in short form and Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, ODTÜ  in the Turkish language. The university sets its focus to researching engineering and natural sciences to bring out the best and set records as one of the best universities in Istanbul, Turkey in engineering.




  • Undergraduate program – 41
  • Masters program – 105
  • Doctorate – 70


University ranking Rank – 601


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Bahçeşehir University BAU

BAU is an abbreviation for the Bahçeşehir University. The University is also a private university established in 1998 by the Uğur

Bahçeşehir educational foundation. They were able to strive to become one of the first best universities in turkey Istanbul to have taught students using the English language this increased the reputation of the university. So far today every student that wishes to enroll must have good quality English proficiency.


The university has up 8 facilities including 1 school of language and also 2 vocational schools


School amenities consist of


  • Standard school library
  • Conference Hall
  • Different cafe
  • And restaurants As so many others



The university won an award known as the super brand in the year 2007.


Bahçeşehir University made it to the list of top 20 universities in Turkey.


Official site


Rank 801


Bogazici University


Also known as Robert College, Bogazici University has been in existence since the year 1863 was 159 years ago. It is also a private university in Turkey Istanbul having over 16,706 students which consist of 

  • undergraduate, 9,786
  • postgraduate 3,773 and 
  • doctorate students 1,076


The university also has the highest number of applicants with strong ties & affiliations with American education. The university also strived even to the top to become one of the best universities in Istanbul Turkey. According to the 2021 best global university ranking, it shares the 5th rank alongside some other Turkish universities


Today international Rank 801


Istanbul University

Who wouldn’t dream of being a student of Istanbul University? I bet no one. why because of the Value placed on the education system of the school. Also because the school is at the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. 


This alone places more value on Istanbul University. Istanbul University is a public research university that was established in the year 1453. It has over 69,400 students which include undergraduates and postgraduates, and today they are enlisted to be one of the best universities in Istanbul turkey.


Below are some faculties

  • Law faculty
  • Science faculty 
  • Medicine faculty literature faculty
  • Economic
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Management
  • Political science
  • Communication aquatic science 
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Theology
  • Nursing architecture


Rank- 801


Atatürk University

Founded in 1957 in Erzurum, Turkey, Atatürk University (Anakatürk Üniversitesi) is among the Best universities in Istanbul Turkey, and the oldest land-grant universities in Turkey. There are 23 faculties in the university; 18 college campuses; 8 institutes; and 30 research centers within the university. One of the most important city of Eastern Anatolia is Erzurum, which is where the main campus of Atatürk University is located. As a result, it has become one of the city’s most valuable resources. The college has been a hub of excellence for educational and cultural pursuits in the eastern region of the country since its establishment in 1957.


Distance Education Faculty
Faculty of Architecture and Design
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Sciences
Faculty of Literature
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry
Kazım Karabekir Faculty of Education
Faculty of Earth Sciences
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Fisheries
Faculty of Communications
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Veterinary
Faculty of Laws
Oltu Faculty of Geosciences
Faculty of Health Sciences
Sports Science Faculty
Faculty of Tourism


more information here 

Galatasaray Üniversitesi

In the 1970s, and again in 1979, a plan to establish a French-language university at Galatasaray High School began to be contemplated. Selahattin Beyaz’t, the former Galatasaray Club president and businessman who brokered the deal between Bülent Ecevit and Süleyman Demirel, took the first concrete step by meeting with them.

Beyazıt proposed that the university be built in Riva, a neighborhood of Beykoz in Istanbul, on a property worth 1,175,000 square meters, which had been purchased by the Galatasaray Club in 1975, which belonged to the Galatasaray Club. The process of developing the university continued to be discussed, and the Galatasaray Education Foundation sat on board of the school in 1984 and declared, “We have begun working on the establishment of Galatasaray University,” stating that the university had become a reality.

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Which is the No 1 university in Turkey?

There are numerous good-ranking universities in turkey. They have shown to the world how good they are through their innovations and discovery according to their departments. However, Cankaya University has been so exceptional that it became the No 1 best university in turkey with the rank of 401…


What is the most prestigious university in turkey?


Turkey is known to have an overall number of 66 universities in total. However, among them, Bogazici University is said to be the most prestigious university in Turkey because of the respect and charisma it attracts. 


While Cankaya continues to top the ranking as the best university in Istanbul turkey. According to the Wikipedia search engine, Bogazici university has the greatest number of applying candidates at every entrance examination.


Summary of the best universities in Istanbul turkey


According to our post, we listed all these universities according to their ranking. So any university that fell into the category of the best university in Istanbul turkey within our list is not guesswork it’s just the gospel fact make your choice of University today..Good Luck..


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