Don Bosco technical college scholarship Mandaluyong 2022/2023

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DonDon Bosco technical college scholarship Mandaluyong 2022/2023


The Don Bosco Mandaluyong scholarship fund program is currently open for the 2022-2023 academic year and is also open to accepting scholarship applications into the Don Bosco technical college scholarship Mandaluyong city.


All interested applicants are expected to make inquiries from the school portal to gather information about the scholarship and how to apply.


Don Bosco Mandaluyong scholarship

Don Bosco Mandaluyong scholarship


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How to Apply for Don Bosco technical college scholarship 2022/2023


There are two ways to apply for this scholarship 

  • online form 
  • And getting a form from the school


  1.  To apply and register for the Don Bosco Mandaluyong scholarship online you will have to visit their official kindly fill out the form provided on your screen. Cross-check every information you listed on your form to avoid mistakes or the need for amendment later on. When you are done cross-checking your filled form, hit the submit button. And then wait for their response, they typically respond to applicants through the email you provided in the application form.


  1. Secondly, you can visit the school and request a raw copy of the form and fill and submit it to the admin office.


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Where is Don Bosco technical college 


The Don Bosco Technical College is situated in Mandaluyong Philippines 

Don Bosco Mandaluyong scholarship

What are the admission procedures


 We have taken uneasy steps to do research and come up with ways on how to go about the scholarship. However, we have a better solution to get more information about the scholarship in case you still did not understand after reading our guide. Make use of these contact we have provided below which are as follows;


Don Bosco Mandaluyong contact Number


Contact the admin office of the Don Bosco Mandaluyong scholarship higher education department with these contacts below.


Tel: (+632) 8531-80-81 to 83

Email: [email protected]


Don Bosco Technical College Address


736 Gen. Kalentong, Mandaluyong, NCR, 1550, Philippines


Reach out to them using their contact to inquire fully on any information regarding the college scholarship.


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Don Bosco Technical College scholarship Deadlines


Note down these dates…


August 23rd, 2021– enrollment of the regular students into the school


August 24th, 2021– second enrollment is for the irregular students into the school 


September 1st, 2021– commencement of classes 


What are the courses offered by the Don Bosco Technical College Mandaluyong 


Below is the list of all the courses presently being offered by the higher education of the Don Bosco technical college 














Tech-Voc (TVET]














Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT)


Above you, we have extensively listed out all the higher education Don Bosco Technical Institute courses offered so make a choice today.


Make a good choice of course preferably go by your own choice of course.


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How much is the tuition fee in Don Bosco Mandaluyong 2021/2022?


  • The current tuition fee as of the current school year 2021-2022 is $17,325.00


  • However, the underclassmen tuition is fee is quite different which is $535.00


  • Then the senior class tuition fee for the academic year is $785.00


  • Then finally the Annual Capital Improvement [ACI] is $750.00


How many Don Bosco schools are there in the Philippines?


Currently, there are over  20 solid Don Bosco schools in the Philippines and they are known as one TVET and DB ONE TVET they are all under the Don Bosco educational center in the Philippines which are all offering the Don Bosco scholarship Mandaluyong.



However, there are over 3200 all over the globe and up to 592 educational centers around the globe


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What was the first Don Bosco school in the Philippines?


In the Philippines, the first Don Bosco school ever to come into existence in the Philippines is the Don Bosco technical institute Tarlac.

 The Institute of Tarlac was birthed in the year 1947 in the Philippines. it is also a technical institute with affiliation with the religious salesman Roman Catholics.


About Don Bosco technical college Mandaluyong 


The Don Bosco technical school Mandaluyong is a private school directed by the Salesians of St John Bosco catholic church in the metro manilla Philippines 🇵🇭.


Also became the first don Bosco educational school to be established in the Philippines in the city of metro manilla in 1953.


The Don Bosco school covers all levels of education from the 


  • Primary level 


  • The secondary level which consists of [junior high & senior high]


  • Tertiary which consists of college and university level

Final words about the Don Bosco technical college  Mandaluyong scholarship

It’s a great school to enroll into, today you have come across an opportunity to help you secure a Don Bosco Mandaluyong scholarship never miss it.

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