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Erasmus Mundus scholarships in Netherlands 2022

Have you been thinking on how you can secure the Erasmus Mundus scholarships in Netherlands but have no idea how to do such, then read down.


In this article, we have tried as possible as we can to ease your stress by compiling a list of Erasmus Mundus scholarships in 2022 only for international students.

The Netherlands Country formerly known as Holland might be known to be a small country but with a great value which also extends to her educational sector today erasmus mundus scholarships in Netherlands is offering free education to students who wish to further their studies.

Right here is a list of the Erasmus Mundus scholarships masters and also ph.d scholarships and also included for students from the developing countries.


Erasmus Mundus scholarship in 2022, is funded by the European Union and is awarded to the students who are coming from the EU and also non-EU countries that have been chosen to enroll into one of the Erasmus Mundus joint programs at the masters or the doctorate level.


The European Union Erasmus Mundus has the aim to enhance the quality of education and they tend to achieve that through scholarships and the cooperation of academics that exist between the EU and the rest of the globe.


The scholarship program offers also full-time scholarships or fellowships that cover the monthly allowances traveling, participation cost, and also insurance cost of the students.


What is Erasmus Mundus award?

Firstly the Erasmus Mundus grant is a completely fully funded scholarship program that is awarded to students from the EU and non-Eu countries.


This scholarship program includes your whole cost of participation in the EMJMD. The Erasmus mundus scholarships in netherlands will cater for:


  • schooling fees
  • indemnity
  • Library/laboratory costs


Also, oversee the other academic-related costs that are needed for you to be able to participate in the master’s degree program you have chosen.


Note: all this financial help and aid are only given to the students that were able to make it to the Erasmus Mundus scholarships in Netherlands in other words eligible.


And as well the amount of money that will be provided for you all not to depends on the country you came from and the period of your course program.

Take for example students that are not from the EU will receive bigger money this is for the new relocation to a new environment its costs much.


You will have to check their official page to get in more detail the funding options for you.


You must know that the European Union Commission is in charge of the Erasmus Mundus program that is running.

Also to know, the commission monitors and also guides the overall general implementation assessment of the programme.

The (EACEA) known as the education audiovisual and culture executive agency is in charge of the implementation of the programme.


Erasmus Mundus scholarship 2022 for developing countries

Students from all corners of the world can be able to apply to a full degree scholarship given by the Erasmus Mundus joint master’s degree (EMJMD).

Scholars with also guest lecturers normally get involved.


For candidates who wish not to apply for the erasmus mundus scholarships in Netherlands there are still some other good opportunities for scholarships that are still available under the same programme of Erasmus, remarkably the scholarships are short term for students and for staff to study and also teach abroad


If you are interested in this you should contact your university, the higher education institution, or preferably refer the country’s national agency for more information.


The world scholarship forum tends to guarantee you that if only you can follow these whole processes that are listed in this article then to secure the Erasmus Mundus scholarship in Netherlands won’t be a problem for you


Below are the lists of the Erasmus Mundus scholarships for developing countries:

  • The joint masters and ph.d Erasmus Mundus scholarship for studies in Europe
  • Masters In research and innovation in higher education (MARIHE) scholarships are for international students.
  • 75 courses for the Erasmus Mundus joint master’s degree scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus scholarship programme in Denmark


  • Erasmus Mundus scholarships in Scotland
  • International students in the Netherlands education fund scholarships
  • The Erasmus Mundus scholarships in computational mechanics for international MSc
  • Masters scholarships for renewable energy in the marine environment by same Erasmus Mundus


The joint masters and ph.d Erasmus Mundus scholarship for studies in Europe

Erasmus Mundus scholarships in Netherlands

Currently, students all over the world are submitting their applications for the joint masters with ph.d. to gain access to the Erasmus Mundus scholarships in Netherlands or other countries hosting this scholarship for studies in 2022, every eligible applicant should endeavor to apply for the program before the closure date.


The Erasmus Mundus scholarship program that is being funded by the European Union is awarded to the students from the EU and non-EU countries who made it and are now selected 1 of the joint Erasmus Mundus programs towards the master’s doctoral stage.


The program as always is always open for full-time scholarships and as well covers the monthly expenditures of the students starting from the allowance, traveling, and participation, and so on.


Who is eligible to apply for the Erasmus Mundus joint master’s scholarship?

It is only meant for BSc graduate students who have a vision of going further towards their master’s degree ph.d degree within a given space of time.


So there is this first eligibility you must pass and that is to complete your first degree before you start applying for Erasmus Mundus joint master’s scholarships


However, the erasmus mundus scholarship is said to be open to all students, notwithstanding the country they originate from.

So any student from any part of the globe who which to study abroad is free to apply as long as they already have their first degree.

Nevertheless depending on the kind of law that governs the country where you tend to study; your bachelor’s degree might be replaced only if you were able to show the fact that you have an outstanding level of learning

How to apply for the erasmus mundus scholarships in Netherlands

To apply applicants must be sure that he or she have read the requirements and eligibility criteria of the scholarship on seeing that you are eligible you can apply through this portal erasmus portal follow the instructions.

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How competitive are Erasmus Mundus scholarships?

In the aspect of competitiveness Erasmus mundus scholarships are on top of the list of the most competitive scholarships to ever exist. Reason is because it’s also a fully funded scholarship and it oversees the cost of tuition traveling even takes care of visa fees including insurance. With the mention of the visa fees being covered it triggers the likes of international students from the world to apply for the Erasmus mundus scholarships in Netherlands with this heavy amount of international students applying it makes the scholarship hard to get due to the students competitive power.

Come to think of It with the raw estimate of 50,000 applying students and Erasmus awarding 23,000 students worldwide it’s a great number for competition.

How can I get Erasmus Mundus Scholarships?

While applying select the EMJMD catalog and the EACEA – European Commission

While still on the website there are some information to fill up which contains deadlines, certificates, language certificates and some other information ℹ️ about materials that you will submit

To be precise writing your statement of objective earlier like 4 months prior to time is a plus mark to ensure safety when time is due for submission.

Some of the EMJMD do require language certificate with high passed scores. So writing your TOEFL&IELTS should be on your list on time to avoid lateness.

Also remember to submit every required documents demanded of you by the scholarship board to their respective offices for assessment. However the referees are to separately submit the reference letters

Initiate a meeting with students currently in the program to give you guide on how to write the Scholarship essay. 


Which country is Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

The erasmus mundus scholarships is mainly to the national of a third country;

Some folks would say tier 3 countries this are countries in Africa, and some part of asia, middle east.

Is it difficult to get into Erasmus Mundus?

The erasmus mundus scholarships are listed among top competitive scholarships because of this competitiveness it makes it difficult to get into. This is because it’s a fully funded scholarship that takes care and oversees  unimportant and nitty-gritty expenses.

Conclusion on the Erasmus Mundus scholarships in Netherlands

Right above you is a detailed guide to the erasmus mundus scholarships in Netherlands 🇳🇱 this scholarships is year round apply today write your essays early, complete your IELTS&TOEFL and subscribe early enough.

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