EZ Plumbing & Restoration Scholarship for Gaming Students

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EZ Plumbing & Restoration Scholarship for Gaming Students


Did you know that Gaming is now one of the most growing and successful industries out there today, which as well offers many opportunities of work for students It is thought to be such a wonderful position for people who are innovative and technologically adept.  Every student who is a lover of games and who desires to work in such a thriving industry should not be planning to miss this great scholarship opportunity provided by EZ plumbing, which is known to be  EZ Plumbing & Restoration Scholarship for Gaming Students.


The scholarship will be awarded to students who reside in the USA, UK, Canada as well as Australia and who have an inclination toward gaming. The real purpose of this fund is solely to help students who are studying within a certified university or college in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

This scholarship is designed to assist students who are on a difficult budget but with a huge ability and enthusiasm for gaming. Through this scholarship, EZ Plumbing & Restoration wants to aid students in making their contributions to this industry by removing the financial obstacles that hinder students from pursuing their education.

EZ Plumbing & Restoration understands that the gaming industry requires fresh leaders who can lead this business to the highest levels and to that end it’s financing students who have the potential. The process for applying to the program is easy. All applicants need to do to secure this scholarship is to write research made on a topic suggested, and then submit it to [email protected].

EZ Plumbing & Restoration is an established company for the restoration of plumbing committed to providing services to California and the surrounding areas. Its reputation is in its ability to continue providing the finest service, products, and value for its clients. It has established a solid reputation because of its high superior service and highly professional staff that can provide top high-quality solutions for every scenario. It provides services at reasonable prices and is able to deliver the services in a timely manner.

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Who is eligible for the EZ Plumbing & Restoration Scholarship for Gaming Students

Below is comprehensive data that reveals who is eligible for this scholarship

  • Students must be currently studying or have completed an undergraduate degree in one of the following fields of study such as Computer Engineering, Computer Science (B. Tech, M. Tech. B. Sc. or MS. Sc, or MS) or IT. of UK or Australia/USor Canada and permanent resident.
  • The applicant must be UK or Australia or U.S/Canada citizens.
  • The candidates have to be eligible to receive  an award of a scholarship
  • The candidates must be undergraduate students;
  • Candidates should have earned an overall GPA of 3.0 or greater.
  • Students are expected and to be 18 years of age at the time they started the program. It could be either secondary school or high graduation or similar
  • Candidates must have completed at least one semester of university or college courses after graduating from high school prior to applying.
  • Do not have to be a dropout.


How to Apply for the EZ Plumbing & Restoration Scholarship for Gaming Students


  • The first step to take when trying to apply for this scholarship is to make intensive research and write an in-depth understanding on this topic “The Unity Game Engine and the Circuits of Cultural Software”
  • send it to [email protected]. your personal details which include academic performance documents and also questionnaire should be provided in your application
  • Supporting Documents
  • When you submit your application, you’ll be able to submit documents, a letter of recommendation, and a proposal.

every candidate is expected to fully complete this section if interested to be eligible for the program


What are the Benefits of the EZ Plumbing & Restoration Scholarship for Gaming Students?

This award will provide winners with a scholarship which will be used to cover costs related to studying accommodation, travel, as well as other essentials that will be needed for your schooling. the academic financial burden has been on the neck of most students however this scholarship funding is a way to be  free from academic financial handicap


What is the EZ Plumbing & Restoration Scholarship for Gaming Students Application Deadline

Applications are open until may 15th, each year. winners are announced on the 31th of may every year

more time and attention are given to those who submit their application on time so try as much as you can to submit earlier and on time

Apply Now



  • Educational Level      Undergraduate

  • Organization               EZ Plumbing & Restoration

  • Subjects                      Gaming


  • Access Mode             Online

  • Amount                        $5000

  • Number of Awards    N/A


  • Requirements             N/A

  • City                               San Diego

  • Nationality                   Domestic

  • Country                        United States

  • Application Deadline                    may 15th, every year

  • Application Fee                   N/A




The EZ Plumbing & Restoration willingly made it easy for aspiring gaming student to further their educational dreams in the field of gaming. This was made realistic at the introduction of the EZ Plumbing & Restoration Scholarship for Gaming Students. This scholarship opportunity was a prayer answered to most gaming students. Make this one opportunity to count in your life.



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