Fauji Foundation Scholarship 2022-23

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Fauji Foundation Scholarship


Fauji foundation scholarship application 2022-23 is now ongoing for the families of ex-officers and retired personnel. The foundation was instituted to provide academic stipends for the children of officers who have given their time and lives to serve the nation. It started in 1954 by giving scholarships to  1586 beneficiaries and has given scholarships to thousands of beneficiaries over the years. In the 2020-2021 session, the Fauji foundation gave stipends to a total of 13,131 beneficiaries. You will also learn about Fauji Foundation Scholarship eligibility criteria to enter.


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Below is a detailed summary of everything you need to know to benefit from the Fauji foundation scholarship program.


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Fauji Foundation Scholarship 2022-23 Eligibility Criteria


To qualify for Fauji Foundation Scholarship, the applicant must meet some criteria which include:

1) Applicant must be a child or family member of a deceased, martyrs, and veterans of armed force to be eligible for Fauji foundation scholarship program 2022-23

2) Applicant must be studying within Pakistan. All applications from students studying outside Pakistan would be declined.

2) The relation of the applicant must have served at least 10 years in the armed force

3) Widow of ex-officers are eligible until they remarry

4) Married Sons and daughters of ex-Officers are not eligible for the Fauji foundation scholarship. Moreover, independent children of ex-servicemen are not eligible.

5) Relation of the applicant must have served in one of the following armed forces: Navy, Defense Services Guards, Pakistan Army, Air Force,  10 Corps Mujahideen Pakistan, Northern Light Infantry, AJK, and the North American Armed Forces.

6) Besides children of disabled or special children, only 3 children of ex-military officers are eligible per session.


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How To Apply For Fauji Foundation Scholarship 2022


Applicants can apply for the Fauji foundation scholarship 2022 program via two methods.

1) Applicants can download the form online, fill it out and submit it at the local office.

2) Applicant can obtain the for at the local office with a sum of Rs. 6.00 fill it out and submit to personnel


How To Download Fauji Foundation Scholarship 2022 Application Form


Here is a step by step guide on how to get the Fauji Foundation Scholarship Form 2022

1) go to the forming portal at https://www.fauji.org.pk/uploads/Stipend_Application_Form.pdf

and download the pdf form.


How To Apply For Fauji Foundation Scholarship 2022 Using Online Application Form.

1) The first step is to download the form from the website

2) Print the form and fill out all the fields in capital letter

3) Submit the form at the office of the regional Arms board, Fauji foundation welfare projects. Applicants can also take the form to the head office of Fauji foundation at  68 Tipu Road, Chaklala, Rawalpindi, Pakistan-46000.

How To Apply For Fauji Foundation Scholarship 2022 At The Office

1) Applicants have to visit the regional office or the head office of the Fauji Foundation.

2) Applicants would be required to pay a sum of Rs. 6.00 to obtain the form and the fee is charged perform.

3) Applicants fill out the form clearly and completely. Preferably in capital letters.

4) Applicant is expected to return the filled form to the person in charge and await the outcome of the application.

Fauji Foundation Stipend Rules

1) Eligible Students are advised to apply annually.

2) To prevent your application from being declined, applicants must fill in all required boxes.

3) Applicants should ensure that every information supplied is accurate.

4) Incorrect information would lead to a declined application.

5) Applicants must follow every stipulated instruction and meet all requirements.

6) Applicants that are above para 12 should apply with their declaration of exam result and admission details.

7) Schedule of stipend disbursement would be provided at a later date. However, Applicants that are lower than para 12 would be the first to receive their stipends.

8) Students are expected to earn up to 80% in their matriculation or in equivalent exams. They are also expected to earn 60% marks in intervening classes. Besides, a minimum of Four “As” is required from applicants in their O’level programs.

9) Only one stipend is awarded during an academic year. Students are not allowed to apply for a previous stipend during a new academic session. Such an application would be denied.

  1. Students who change their institution must submit a migration certificate to Stipend general manager via the Fauji foundation head office. The certificate must be recognized by the new institution before a stipend can be provided to such an applicant.


Fauji Foundation Scholarship 2022-23 Last Date

Application for Fauji foundation scholarship 2022-2023 session remains open until 31st May 2022 which would be the last date. All applications submitted after this day would not be considered. Therefore aspiring applicants are advised to take advantage of early submission.


How Fauji Foundation Scholarship Is Disbursed

It is critical to mention that the disbursement of the fund can change from one year to another. However, previous funding follows the outline below.

1) Pre-Matric

Students in these categories get their Stipend through money order. The stipend is issued in the name of the beneficiary and sent to the address provided during registration. This category is the first to receive their stipends.

2) Matric, Higher Degrees, And Professionals

Students in these categories receive their stipend directly from bank details provided during application. The rules of the Fauji foundation require all applicants in this category to provide working bank information during registration. Failure to do so nullifies the application.

Required Document To Be Submitted For Applicant Verification

Applicants applying for the Fauji Foundation scholarship 2022 would be asked to provide the following document for verification.

1) Depending on the condition of their relation, either of the following document would be requested Release Order, Discharge certificate, pension book of self/father or mother.

2) If your relation suffers a disability, you may be asked to provide a copy of their pension book.

3) You would be required to provide the national identity card of your parents or relation

4) You would be asked to provide the death certificate or disability certificate: depending on the condition.

5) You would be required to bring a detailed record of your marks sheet for post-matric classes fully signed by relevant authorities.


Fauji foundation scholarship 2022 FAQ

Here are answers to vital questions you may have about Fauji Foundation 2022.

Who Owns The Fauji Foundation?

Fauji Foundation is a Pakistani organization that operates as a conglomerate. The company has subsidiaries in various sectors of the economy. Their investments range from food to financial services. Fauji also has businesses that deal in cement, energy, security services, oil, and gas, etc. This company provides support to families of ex-servicemen. The support includes the stipend program of Fauji Foundation under the umbrella name Fauji foundation scholarship.

Is Fauji Foundation Public Or Private Sector?

Fauji Foundation is an independently operated organization regulated by the government of Pakistan. Fauji Foundation was established by the government therefore it is owned by the public. The governance structure and focus of the organization are dictated by the government of Pakistan.

What Is Fauji Foundation In Pakistan?

Fauji Foundation was launched in 1954 in response to the need of ex-servicemen. It started as a charitable trust, giving support to servicemen who have spent their term for the nation. As time progressed and the needs of the foundation increased, there was a need to diversify into commercial ventures to create income that would be used to fund the organization. Now, the Fauji Foundation has several subsidiaries and generates revenue of over a billion dollars per annum. Besides, it has given over 4 billion PKR in stipend to children and families of ex-servicemen.

What’s The Fauji Foundation Scholarship 2020-2021 Stipend?

In session 2020 – 2021, the Fauji foundation gave a total of Rs. 163.422 million to about 13,131 shortlisted applicants.

Would I Write An Exam To Qualify For Fauji Foundation 2022?

Fauji Foundation selects students based on their academic records. The foundation does not organize any examination. You are only expected to come with detailed proof of academic excellence. After detailed verification, you would be shortlisted for the funds.

Can I Apply Again If I Don’t Get Selected For Fauji Foundation 2022?

Applicants are advised to apply every year. Fauji foundation scholarship program runs annually. It has been on for the past 70 years. If you apply and didn’t get shortlisted, it is best to reapply again. However, ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria stated above. Besides, applicants should also note that the Fauji foundation scholarship is only for servicemen and officers who have served in the armed forces and their families.

Final Words Regarding Fauji Foundation scholarship

Over the years, the Fauji foundation has given over  Rs. 4765.424 to about

3,948,943 students, making it one of the largest scholarship programs available today. Before applying for the Fauji Foundation scholarship, the applicant should ensure that all necessary credentials are available. A missing credential can lead to your application getting rejected. Moreover, It is critical to restate that stipends are only available to students that are studying within Pakistan. All eligible candidates studying outside Pakistan would be denied. The platform is meant for the benefit of servicemen based in Pakistan.







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