Fully funded PhD Programs in Anthropology

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Fully funded PhD Programs in Anthropology


Today we will discuss in detail the Fully Funded Ph.D. programs in anthropology. And also this also includes lists of universities that fully fund Ph.D. students who have an Anthropology focus. A Ph.D. in Anthropology could lead to many exciting career options, such as academia, museum work, and forensics.

What is Anthropology as a course

This is the study of humans as to know how they live, interact, and eat, and how special and different are men from different parts of the world are learning about the human past and old lives.

Full funding is a financial aid package that covers full tuition remission and an annual stipend, or salary for the entire program. It is typically 3-6 years in length. Usually, funding comes with the expectation of students teaching or conducting research in their chosen field. It is not common for all universities to fully fund doctoral students. This is why it is important to research the financial aid options of many programs, even smaller and less-known ones, both here in the U.S.


The Pro Fellow database highlights external funding opportunities for doctoral and graduate school. This includes fieldwork, dissertation research, language study, summer work experience, and other forms of funding.


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Fully funded PhD Programs in Anthropology


Boston University: Every year, the Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences awards Dean’s Fellowships to incoming PhD students. These fellowships include full tuition, a living allowance, and five-year health insurance.


Brown University, Providence, RI: The Graduate School provides five years of financial support for incoming doctoral students, which includes a stipend and tuition remission as well as a health service fee and subsidies for health and dental insurance.


Duke University Durham, NC: Graduate Fellowships offer tuition and a living stipend over five years. This is contingent upon continued progress towards the Ph.D. Teaching assistance is required in order to receive stipends or fellowships. Other university awards are awarded on a competitive basis for outstanding students.


Emory University, Atlanta, GA: The Department of Anthropology finances all graduate students. It keeps its classes small to maximize financial support for each student and faculty responsiveness to their needs. The Anthropology Graduate Fellowships pay tuition and provide a 12-month living allowance of at least $31,000/year, subject to satisfactory progress.


Harvard University Cambridge, MA: The PhD in Anthropology financial aid program offers guaranteed funding for the first five year to all PhD students and a range of fellowships and funding options to other students.


The City University of New York New York, NY: All applicants to The Graduate Center’s doctoral program will automatically be considered in order for institutional funding packages of five years. All aid, including tuition awards, fellowships, and assistantships, is awarded on merit.


Graduate students at the University of California, San Diego (San Diego CA) receive financial assistance for up to five year. Graduate students in Year 1 through 4 receive tuition fees paid in full, as well as a stipend/salary for the first year and non-resident tuition. For a fellowship in research, Year 5 graduate students are eligible for a one year Research Stipend.


University of Kansas (Lawrence KS): KU Anthropology offers four-year funding packages for graduate students. Majority of departmental funding is provided by Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), and Graduate Research Assistants (GRA). GTA and GRA positions offer full tuition waivers and health insurance.


University of Minnesota (Minneapolis MN): All PhD students are eligible for a five-year funding package which includes Fully funded PhD Programs in Anthropology . This is contingent upon satisfactory progress towards degree completion. The package includes tuition payment up to 14 credits per semester, partial health insurance premium payment, and a stipend.


University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia): All full-time PhD candidates are eligible for the Benjamin Franklin Fellowship. This fellowship covers tuition, fees, health insurance, and an annual stipend.


University of Virginia (Charlottesville VA): AllPh.D.D students are eligible for a five-year grant package. There are also additional grants for conference travel, foreign language study, and summer research.


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