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 Golden Leaf Scholarship 2022 applications


In conjunction with the Golden LEAF Foundation, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Golden LEAF Scholarship 2022 Program.

Founded in 1999, the Golden LEAF Foundation is a nonprofit organization. It was created with the purpose of helping to assist North Carolina in its efforts to transform its economy. In order to help achieve the Foundation’s goals, the foundation has formed partnerships with various government bodies, educational establishments, economic development associations, and nonprofit organizations.



During the last few years, this Foundation has provided numerous grants to rural communities in the state as well as to economically distressed communities in order to aid in economic development through grants, establishing human infrastructure by training the workforce and offering scholarships for students. It has been estimated that the Golden LEAF Foundation has provided more than $41 million disbursed in scholarships to North Carolina residents over the years, in order to enable them to attend the state’s colleges and universities.


NB: Applying for scholarships can be a daunting process, but with the right approach it can be very rewarding. however today we took our time to research and write extensively on how to obtain the Golden LEAF Scholarship opportunity for students looking to boost their college careers.


What You Need To Know About The Golden LEAF Scholarship


In North Carolina, scholarships are available to those students who have demonstrated financial need and are from qualifying counties. These scholarships can be used to aid students in attending public or private colleges & institutions. The major objective of Golden LEAF is to provide scholarship students with the talent, skills, and knowledge they need to be able to help their communities grow knowledge, and skills needed to help their communities thrive.


In order to provide North Carolinians with the opportunity to attend community colleges across the country, the Golden LEAF Scholarship program was established.



This scholarship is for study in the United States. and the united states still remains the host of the great golden leaf scholarship program



All applying students who have showed interest in the golden leaf scholarship must be a citizen of the United States of America



what are the Golden LEAF Scholarship Benefits:


Scholarships totaling $12,000 are available to seniors entering their senior year of high school ($3,000 a year over the course of four years). The transfer student who attends a community college can receive $3,000 per year for their college costs for the next three years. There will be approximately 215 scholarships given away every year as part of this program.


Golden LEAF Scholars Opportunities

The Golden LEAF Scholars program is designed to provide financial assistance opportunities to North Carolina residents who are pursuing higher education at one of the state’s public or private colleges or universities. The program is administered by the Golden LEAF Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was created in 1999 to help North Carolina’s rural communities transition from a reliance on tobacco products to a more diversified economy.

Since its inception, the Golden LEAF Scholars program has awarded more than $50 million in scholarships to more than 12,000 students. The program is funded by the Golden LEAF Foundation, which receives a portion of the proceeds from the state’s tobacco settlement.

What are the Golden LEAF Scholarship Eligibility


    If you would like to attend a NC 4-year college or university as a Golden LEAF Scholar, you must do the following:


Students who are in their senior year of high school or have transferred from a community college who intend to attend one or more of the participating universities or colleges, who reside in a qualifying county and who demonstrate financial need, are eligible to apply for this program.


    In order to participate in the Golden LEAF Scholars Program – Two-Year Colleges, you need to attend North Carolina Community Colleges


This scholarship program is open to students who reside in a qualifying county and are interested in attending some of North Carolina’s participating community schools that demonstrate financial need.

HOW TO APPLY FOR THE  FOR THE Golden Leaf Scholarship


Candidates who wish to apply for the Golden LEAF Scholars Program in order to attend NC 4-year colleges or universities may do so by clicking the following link:


In order to apply and for more information about the Golden LEAF Scholars Program – 2 Year Colleges to attend North Carolina. If you are applying to a community college, you can check out the link at: ( and get in touch with your college’s financial aid office to find out more about making your application and what the deadlines will be for the application.



The Golden LEAF Scholarship is a need-based scholarship for North Carolina residents who are attending or planning to attend a North Carolina college or university.

  • The scholarship is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study, as long as the student remains enrolled full-time and in good academic standing at their institution.
  • To renew the scholarship, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year and submit it to the financial aid office at their school.
  • They will also need to maintain a 2.5 GPA and enroll in at least 12 credit hours per semester.
  • If the student’s GPA falls below a 2.5 or they withdraw from classes, they may be placed on probation and will have to meet with a Golden LEAF counselor to discuss their situation.




It provides high school seniors with a scholarship of $3,500 per year for up to four years, and community college transfer students with a scholarship of $3,500 per year for up to three years.


Golden LEAF Scholarship Deadline:


In order to submit an application, the deadline is March 1. Please feel free to contact the financial aid office at 249-8186, or you can text 6393 for details about the scholarship program and to get more information regarding it.


Link for More Information:


This is strictly a united states scholarship only her citizens mostly from North Carolina are eligible to apply based on nationality however yu can also check the list of other scholarship for international students below

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