Hagan Scholarship Foundation [Benefits & Eligibilty]

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Hagan Scholarship Foundation


Every year, the Hagan Scholarship Foundation awards provide a merit-based scholarship that covers the full cost of attendance to each of the students applying from each state in the United States, as well as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. 

The scholarship is renewable for up to four years, and recipients are required to complete community service each year they receive the award. 

The Foundation was established in 2009 by Shaley and Dorothy Hagan, who sought to assist students who demonstrate both merit and financial need.


Are you interested in becoming one of the beneficiaries of the Hagan Scholarship foundation? Then this guide is for you. 

This guide will give you an insight into what the Scholarship is all about, how it works, who is eligible, and of course how to apply for it. 


So let’s get started. 


What is Hagan Scholarship? 


The Hagan Scholarship is a merit-based award that is given to students who attend one of the eligible private colleges and universities in the United States. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition, room, and board, and required books. To be considered for the scholarship, students must meet some requirements, including a minimum GPA and ACT/SAT scores.

The Hagan Scholarship is a highly competitive award, and less than 1% of students who apply are selected as recipients. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years, and recipients are required to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher. 


Purpose of the Hagan scholarships

The goal of the Hagan Scholarship is to give students the chance to pursue a four-year college education while remaining debt-free. The workshop, schweb Brokerage account, and Study Abroad are designed to give crucial or practical life skills that are not normally covered in school.


What are the benefits of winning the Hagan scholarship?


There are many benefits to winning the Hagan Scholarship. The scholarship is a full-ride, four-year award that covers tuition, room, board, books, and other expenses. In addition, the scholarship provides mentorship through the Foundation. 

Winners are also paired with a local mentor who helps them adjust to college life and offers guidance on their academic and professional goals. Finally, Hagan Scholarship winners have access to exclusive networking opportunities and are encouraged to give back to the community by sharing their stories and helping


Who is eligible for the Hagan Scholarship?


To be eligible for the Hagan Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  2. Must attend an Eligible Public High School.
  3. Must have achieved a 3.75 Cumulative Grade Point Average.
  4. Must enroll at an Eligible Four-Year College or University the first semester following high school graduation.
  5. Must maintain a four-year or less graduation schedule in college.
  6. Must work 240 hours during the twelve months before fall semester college enrollment. Preferred employment is regularly scheduled to work performed under supervision for compensation.
  7. Must provide the FAFSA SAR showing the EFC.
  8. Must be Pell Grant eligible. The family EFC does not have to be paid, it is used only to determine disbursement amounts.
  9. Must apply for Federal and State grants if eligible.
  10. Must not have a felony conviction.


How much is the Hagan scholarship worth?


For up to eight semesters, the scholarship offers a whopping sum of  $6,000 per semester to each student. In addition to academic support, students were provided free workshops, Schwab Brokerage accounts, and study abroad opportunities each semester. The idea is to provide recipients with a practical understanding of important life skills that aren’t usually covered in college.

If they are accepted as a scholarship winner, they must attend a free compulsory workshop before the start of each academic year of college. The Hagan Scholarships Fund assists the students with travel and hotel expenses.


How many people win the Hagan scholarship?


Do you want to know how many people that win the Hagan scholarship? Well, according to the information available on their website. So far, more than 2,400 Hagan Scholarships have been given out. And New scholarships to be awarded in March 2022.


Who started the Hagan scholarship?

Grantor, Dan Hagan was a successful businessman. He was also the brain behind the Hagan scholarship foundation initiative. Dan Hagan also attended 4 different public schools during his schooling days these schools were all situated in local counties these schools graduated not more than 114 students in 2020.
Dan Hagan was a determined fellow, he struggled through college mixing studies and working together to survive, he later enrolled into the University of Missouri and passed out of the school clean no debts recorded.

Recipients are selected based on their academic achievement, community service, leadership, and financial need. To date, the scholarship has awarded Over 2,400 Hagan Scholarships.


How to maintain your Hagan scholarship?


It is no secret that working hard in high school pays off. One such example of this is the Hagan Scholarship Foundation. This program provides scholarships to needy students who have a proven track record of both academic and community service excellence. However, maintaining the scholarship throughout college can be difficult.

When you receive the scholarship, there is a commitment you have to keep. There are specific things that you must do to maintain your scholarship and they are not difficult tasks by any means. The following are the list of the four things that you must do to maintain your scholarship:


  • The first is to remain in good academic standing, maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA each semester. 


  • The second is to complete at least 20 hours of community service each year. 


  • And finally, the third is to attend annual student meetings and/or submit monthly reports online. 


If a student is unable to meet any of these requirements, the scholarship will be withdrawn and no funds will be awarded.

How to apply for the Hagan scholarship

The Hagan Scholarship is a merit-based program that awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated leadership, academic achievement, and community service. The award covers the full cost of attendance at any accredited eligible college or university in the United States. As an applicant, you must submit an original 500-word essay discussing your personal and professional goals, as well as how you plan to achieve them. In addition, you must provide letters of recommendation from teachers and community leaders, as well as your transcript and SAT or ACT. You can also learn how to write a perfect scholarship essay that gets approved.

To apply visit their portal here


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How to Apply for Hagan Scholarship 2022


The candidates must complete the scholarship application form that will be available on September 15, 2022.

Each applicant must complete the 2022-2022 FAFSA using 2015 tax return information and provide a complete copy of their Student Aid Report (SAR).

Application Deadline for Hagan Scholarship:

The application deadline is November 15, 2022.


Final thoughts on the Hagan scholarship foundation

The Hagan Scholarship Foundation is a full merit-based scholarship designed for united states citizens. Get this in mind this scholarship is a competitive one only 1% of the whole candidates are taken each year there are some things you must have in mind,  before embarking on this scholarship. our ultimate guide will guide you to your success.


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