Harvard graduate school of education scholarships 2022/2023

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Harvard graduate school of education scholarships


For the need of getting a quality education, many students worldwide have sought means of financing their University educational dreams. However, the Harvard graduate school of education scholarships is the right answer to your educational dreams through their financial aid which incorporates the need-based and general scholarship, fellowship & grants you can study in Havard graduate school of education (HGSE).


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How many scholarships does HGSE offer?


The Harvard graduate school of education scholarships are 4 types in number namely:


  • The need-based grants award


  • The HGSE fellowship 


  • The additional fellowship


  • External fellowship


The need-based grant is a scholarship awarded to Harvard Ed.m applicants and this award is up to $19,000 for the full-time students then award $10,000 for the part-time students. This scholarship grant is awarded to candidates based on their financial need & status however it must comply with the HGSE financial aid policy & scholarship methodology.


HGSE Fellowship are classified below


  • Urban Scholars fellowship
  • Leadership in Education Fellowships
  • Saul Zaentz Fellowships
  • Zuckerman Fellowships
  • Pforzheimer Fellowships
  • Barakett Family Fellowships
  • James Bryant Conant Fellowships


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The Harvard University additional fellowship 

These scholarships are given to full-time residential applicants. Students are to apply for these fellowship grants using the Harvard University committee on general scholarship or perhaps apply through the financial aid office.


Below is the list of the additional fellowship:


  • Fulbright Student Programs
  • English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Awards
  • Open Study/Research Awards
  • Harvard University Traveling Fellowships


Get more information for these scholarship opportunities here


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Harvard graduate school of education scholarships GPA requirements 


To apply as a full-time student these are required:


  • Students can register at least the lowest of 12 credits load each semester. summer, January, and may terms are not inclusive.


  • Students as well can also register not more than 20 credits load each semester.


  • For a student to earn a degree he or she is expected to meet up with the 32 credit minimum requirement & it should also not be more than 40 credits.


Harvard graduate school scholarship part-time student requirements and policies


  • Each student must have to register for at least 6 credits each semester. January, summer, may term are as well not inclusive.


  • At least 10 credits per semester are allowed for a student to register


  • For students to earn their degree they are expected to earn at least 32 credits.


  • All courses that are taken during this month’s May, June, July are not counted during the spring and fall semesters.


  • The credits of January are counted to be part of the spring semester


  • It’s a two years degree program to be completed by each student 


Harvard graduate school scholarship Financial Aid


The financial aid of Harvard university is a platform set up for the purpose of partnering with students to achieve their goals. how? By financing the graduate educational growth. 


In Harvard financial aid there are many grants, fellowships, and funding scholarship programs, loans, and also work opportunities designed to reach everyone according to your need. With this scholarship, you can study your dream course at HGSE & also it is fully assured for every prospective student.



Harvard graduate school of education financial Aid international student 


This scholarship is based on promoting the education level of international students who are currently seeking financial aid at the Harvard graduate school of education. International students hereby are allowed to apply for the need-based scholarships, grants, fellowships. International students are allowed to apply for this scholarship after completing the HGSE financial aid application.


Does Harvard give scholarships for graduate school?


Harvard has the interest of the graduate school at hand so yes they have special scholarships in place for every prospective graduate student. The need-based scholarship, grants, and fellowships were all made for the graduate school.

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Does Harvard give scholarships to international students for Masters


Yes, the Harvard Graduate School of Education gives two Master of Education (Ed.M.) programs which are:


The residential masters in education scholarship– Human development, teaching, education policy, leadership, entrepreneurship, learning design and technology, and others are courses offered to candidates on a full session campus ordeal.


The online masters in education leadership scholarship– this is a two years part-time program crafted mainly for individuals seeking to improve and hone their skills and also advance their career in leadership, change-making skills through the k-12 route. 


Can you get a full scholarship to Harvard?


Yes, the harvard graduate school of education offers a full-time scholarship worth $19,000 to full-time candidates.


How can I get a Harvard scholarship for Masters?

To get the Harvard scholarship for masters you will need to complete the following


  • Fill the online application form


  • Fill the statement resume & purpose


  • Must get three letters of recommendation (to be submitted in your online application)


  • A recent test score of

               IELTS & TOEFL (if it’s applicable)


               GRE (not compulsory)


  • Get transcripts from each of the postsecondary institutions you attended to be submitted in your online application


  • The application fee is $85 (to be paid through debit or credit card 💳)


Does Harvard pay for graduate school?


Harvard University does oversee the whole cost funding which consists of tuition, health, and living expense fees for the ph.d degree program. Normally this is for the first year of your admission. Though tuition tends to reduce during your studies.


How much does it cost to go to Harvard University for 4 years as an international student?

Harvard graduate school of education costs nothing less than $200,000 for a complete 4 years program.  This does not cover boarding fees, neither does it cover any other fees at all. 


Can I study at Harvard for free?

It all depends on the overall income of your family. You are to pay nothing if the income of your family is not up to $65,000.

However, according to statistics 99% of Americans have said Harvard is still cheaper when compared to other universities.


How can I go to graduate school for free?

To enroll in graduate school you will have to apply for their financial aid which consists of the need-based scholarship & fellowship grant to qualify to study In graduate school for free. 


How much does a Harvard Ph.D. student make?


In the united states of America, each Ph.D. students earn the sum of $32,847 per annum. It has been noted to be lower by 14% when compared to the $38,636 the University of Harvard pays to its prospects.


Does Harvard give 100 scholarships to international students?

Harvard University is known for its ability to offer 100% of financial assistance towards its prospects. While having the interest of the students at hand they offered the need-based scholarship, and fellowship grants to both the International and home-based students respectively.


What GPA do I need to get into Harvard?

The GPA you need to get into Harvard rages from 3.9 to 4.15


What’s the lowest GPA Harvard accepted?


3.9 is the lowest GPA that can qualify you into Harvard University to apply for a scholarship or course.

Other harvard graduate school of education scholarships

Pforzheimer Fellowships


All full-time incoming scholars who are already a graduate of the Harvard Radcliffe college are fully eligible to apply for this scholarship. However, applicants must possess talents and have also been involved in community services in the past. 

To apply these are required:


A full statement in two pages that completely explains all about your sacrifice to the community through service (community service)


Also to submit is your current C.V o resume.


Application Deadline 


Harvard University Restricted Scholarships


Harvard University also has a general scholarship known as the restricted scholarship given to general candidates and incoming Ed.m applicants by the Harvard University Committee for scholarship. This scholarship is not more than $5,000. It is a scholarship based on ethnicity, cultural background, need. Get more information and apply Here


Summary of Harvard graduate school of education scholarships

The Harvard graduate school of education scholarships are need-based, financial help to students who are aiming to further their education to college or university level. Read with understanding and apply without delay GOODLUCK!

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