03 High-Ranked Plagiarism Tools for Universities to Check for Plagiarism

by Matthew

03 High Ranked Plagiarism Tools for Universities to Check for Plagiarism

With thousands of papers and articles published each day and millions more already in existence, manually checking each paper submission for plagiarized content is not an easy task.

But with advanced AI-based plagiarism checker tools, the tasks of writers, editors, publishers, students, teachers, and professionals have become much easier and more manageable.

Anti-plagiarism tools come in a wide range, from free plagiarism checker tools for students and teachers, editors, and more to premium apps with powerful algorithms, capabilities, and stronger features. However, with the help of our high ranked Plagiarism Tools for Universities to Check for Plagiarism, you can be able to check multiple schools or universities and scholarship documents within a few minutes.

We also have written an article on how to write a star scholarship essay without plagiarism in the comfort of your home or office.

Why is There a Need to Use Plagiarism Checker Tools?

The growth in technology in higher education has its drawbacks, one of which is plagiarism. Students caught stealing content face the consequences, including failure or probation.

Sometimes, a student does not mean to copy content but by chance, plagiarism occurs in their work. That can affect their reputation and create the risk of getting suspended or expelled.

Using plagiarism checkers essentially helps students avoid these sorts of outcomes. For these reasons, we created free High Ranked Plagiarism Tools for Universities to Check for Plagiarism

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 Accurate Plagiarism Checkers for Students

Now that we know about the importance of plagiarism checkers, let’s move on to look at some of the high-ranked Plagiarism Tools for Universities to Check for Plagiarism that you can use online in 2022.

  1. 1. Check-Plagiarism

Starting off our list, we have the plagiarism checker by Check-Plagiarism.com.

This tool works as a plagiarism detector to detect and feature the percentage of plagiarism in the content. It provides accurate results and is easy to use. 

How to Use

Check-Plagiarism is easy to use. It has a simple interface with all the features displayed prominently. Students, teachers, professors, journalists, and writers can use this tool easily.

Here are the steps that you can follow to use this tool:

  • Copy and paste the text into the given field

  • You can also upload files from device’s storage
  • Solve the captcha and click on the Check Plagiarism button

It will check the plagiarism in the content and generate the report and links from where the content is copied.

As you can see from the above image, the content contains 100% plagiarism, and the matched content’s URLs are given below.

You can also generate a plagiarism report by clicking on the Generate Plagiarism Report button.

Key Features

Check-plagiarism.com has advanced features like:

Fast & Accurate

This online plagiarism checker tool scans the content against billions of web pages within a few seconds. 

You can check 2,000 words per session in the free version. If you have long-form articles exceeding 2,000 words, you must upgrade this tool to the premium version.

Multiple Files Supported

Along with the copy and paste option, it also supports the file uploading feature. The accepted file formats are DOC, DOCX, TXT, and PDF

The tool’s speed for checking plagiarism will not decrease if you upload the files instead of copy-pasting.

Sentence-Based Checking

In this feature, the tool detects the plagiarism of every single sentence and mentions it in the results. 

Exclude URL

This feature allows you to keep certain websites or web pages from being included in the scan. This can be useful if you want to keep your entered content from being checked against your own website or blog.

Pricing & Plan

The pricing plan of this plagiarism checker tool is very cheap, and everyone can afford it, especially university students.

Monthly Plan

  • The monthly plan costs $20 per month
  • The yearly Plan costs $125 per year

In the premium plan, you will get more features like:

  • 10,000 search queries in the monthly plan & 100,000 search queries in the yearly subscription
  • Deep search of the content
  • Limitless user seats
  • No ads in the premium version.
  • No need to solve CAPTCHA after purchasing the premium version

Now let’s talk about the next tool in this list.

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  1. 2. Plagiarism checker by Aresearchguide.com

As we promised, 1 of the High Ranked Plagiarism Tools for Universities to Check for Plagiarism is the plagiarism checker by aresearchguide.com. This tool is quite suitable for students and university professors. This tool helps students check plagiarism in their academic and research papers. This tool is free and does not require the user to sign up.

How to use

This plagiarism checker is very easy, and university students can use this tool. To use this tool, you have to:

  • Enter the title in the given field

  • Copy the text and place it in the given field

  • You can also upload the files from the local storage.

The accepted file formats are DOC, TXT, and PDF.

  • Click on the colored button labelled “Check,” and the checking process will start.

Depending on the user’s internet speed, it usually takes 15-20 seconds.

After completing the checking procedure, it will mention the plagiarism content in your text.

As you can see, it also highlights the words that contain plagiarism.

Key Features

The Plagiarism checker by Aresearchguide.com has advanced unique features like:

No Registration Required

This tool doesn’t require any registration process for its users. Students can check the plagiarism in their academic or research papers as often as they want.

Fast & Accurate

This plagiarism checker tool provides the results within 15-25 seconds, depending on your internet speed. 

This tool helps the students generate the results very quickly compared to other tools.

Word Count Limit

This plagiarism checker tool can check up to 20,000 words per search. This is quite a good feature because usually, free or paid tools offer 1,000-2,000 words per search in the free version. Have you learned how to write a personal statement for scholarship application free of plagiarism? you can use the link to check on it

  1. 3. Plagiarism Checker by Editpad.org

In our high-ranked list of plagiarism checkers, the plagiarism checker by Editpad.org is at second rank because this tool is free and provides advanced features that other free platforms don’t.

Choosing this tool for students is not bad because some students cannot afford the premium version so this tool can help them.

How to use

The use of this tool is also the same as the above, and you have to do some simple steps like:

  • Copy and paste the text

  • You can also upload the files from the storage
  • Solve the captcha and click on the “Check Plagiarism” button

After clicking the button, you will get the plagiarism and unique content percentage results.

Key Features

This free plagiarism checker tool has features that are usually available in premium tools.

Here are the key features of the plagiarism checker by Editpad.org:

Multiple File Formats Supported

In this plagiarism checker tool, you can upload a file from your storage in multiple formats like DOC, DOCX, TXT, and PDF.

This is a good feature, mainly for students. 

Generate Plagiarism Report

This tool generates a plagiarism report by mentioning the links of the matching URLs from where the content is taken from. 

Multiple Languages

This tool also provides multiple language support for its users worldwide.

Some of the supported languages include:

Sentence by Sentence Detecting

This tool checks plagiarism against billions of web pages online and provides the results in a sentence-by-sentence format.

Isn’t this good at all that you can get all the premium features in the free tool? 

We recommend these tools to university students, professors, journalists, and writers.

Pricing & Plan

Editpad.org is a totally free platform.


Wrapping Up as regards the high ranked Plagiarism Tools for Universities to Check for Plagiarism

Using online tools to check plagiarism in the content is useful and effective. Students should take care to select tools that can fulfill their demands and requirements. 

Not every student can afford the paid or premium version tools for checking plagiarism in long-form assignments, research, or academic paper. 

So, knowing the need and range of the students, we have selected free tools that can provide accurate and efficient plagiarism checking.

It is up to you which tool you will select and use.

Best of Luck!

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