Hoshizakiicemaker stem scholarship

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Hoshizakiicemaker stem scholarship

The Hoshizakiicemaker STEM scholarship is sponsored by “Hoshizaki Ice Maker,” a refrigeration company based in the United States that is owned by B & G, a dealer of ice machines and their parts, ice bin makers, and their accessories. They are a household name in the business with over 30 years of experience, supplying various ice-making machines to their dealers throughout the United States of America and its surrounding areas. They have a lot of customers in the business world, like universities, restaurants, churches, and clubs.

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This is part of what they do for a living, maintaining good relationships with their customers and empowering the community through the “The Hoshizakiicemaker STEM scholarship” program. They must also inform their customers on how to keep their products in good condition and when they should seek technical assistance. They are in charge of informing and assisting customers with proper product care and maintenance, as well as providing warranty-related technical support when demanded.

You can get all of the things you buy from them for free if you buy them within 24 hours. They also give you a 3-year warranty on parts and labor.

You can visit their official website to get more information regarding their services.

What is the Hoshizakiicemaker scholarship?

The Hoshizakiicemaker STEM Scholarship is an annual scholarship program sponsored by B & G Refrigeration. Their objectives are to support the less privileged students who are in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths fields. Successful applicants will receive a grant of $1000 each as support from the organizer in a split format throughout the program. This grant may be used by the student to cover school-related costs during the program.

What Is the Full Meaning Of STEM?

The term STEM is an abbreviated word derived from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.

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Who is eligible for the Hoshizakiicemaker STEM Scholarship?

An applicant must be a high school graduate or a college graduate with a 3.0 or higher GPA. In addition to that, students who are willing to apply must be studying in a STEM-related field. Candidates with a passion for the STEM discipline who also possess a strong moral character as well as well-composed leadership ability are mostly considered for the Hoshizakiicemaker stem scholarship program. You can also apply for the acuity-training-scholarship-for-outstanding-leadership

How is the winner selected for the

Hoshizakiicemaker stem scholarship program?

The organizer has not till now mentioned categorically how they decide who wins the scholarship, but according to a reliable source, winners are selected based on merit. Every student who wants to be considered should send in their application form before the deadline.

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What are the requirements for applying for the Hoshizakiicemaker stem scholarship?

The required areas of study for the aspiring applicants are:

  1. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  1. You must be an undergraduate studying at the college or a high school graduate.
  1. G.P.A of 3.0 is required as the minimum cumulative point.
  1. must maintain full-time enrolment of 12 credit hours per college.
  1. You must be a US citizen and reside in the US.


In order for both college and high school students to be able to apply, the following documents must be sent in, as well.

Documentation for a college student

  1. Proof of enrolment in a 4-year accredited university, both current and future class schedules
  2. Documentation demonstrating enrolment
  3. Enrolment Verification
  4. Acceptance Letter
  5. College Transcript


Senior High School Document;

  • Current high school transcript
  • 4-year accredited university acceptance letter.



For a senior high school student who does not have an acceptance letter yet from an accredited 4-year university, you can submit his/her current high school transcript and include your SAT or ACT scores in the application. There is no need to include your official score during the application. You will be contacted by the organizer if you make the list for the Hoshizakiicemaker stem scholarship program.

Is the SAT or ACT required for the Hoshizakiicemaker stem scholarship?

Yes, the SAT or ACT is part of the prerequisites to be considered when applying for the grant. 

Where can I apply for the Hoshizakiicemaker stem scholarship?

To apply you must visit https://hoshizakiicemaker.com/apply-for-stem-scholarship and scroll down until you see “Apply for the Supporting STEM Scholarship,” then read the instructions carefully before filling in the necessary documents. The organizer of the Hoshizakiicemaker stem scholarship wants you to be able to apply for the scholarship.

When is the application deadline?

Interested applicants must have filled out and submitted their application form before or on June 31st, 2022, to stand a chance of securing a scholarship. 

When Can I Apply For The Hoshizakiicemaker STEM Scholarship?

This program usually comes up at the beginning of each year and is expected to run until June, when every successful candidate is given a scholarship grant worth $1000. To apply, visit the official website of the organizer here https://hoshizakiicemaker.com/apply-for-stem-scholarship 

Is the HoshizakiIcemaker STEM Scholarship a global program?

This program is only available to United States citizens at the time of writing this article. We do not know when it will be made available to international students, however.

Does Hoshizaki Ice Maker have its own university?

No, they don’t. They are just a private organization that gives grants to the less privileged who are willing to further their studies but lack the financial means to do so. The winner can then use this grant for his or her college education.

How many slots are available in the Hoshizakiicemaker Stem scholarship per year?

According to the ice maker scholarship Organization as our source of information, it is just a single slot, which means that one student is sponsored per year as at the time of writing this article.

More on the HoshizakiIcemaker Stem Scholarship

If you are selected, the program comes with some benefits, and if you enjoy the following

  1. a scholarship, a grant, a fellowship, or a competition.
  1. The program comes with free tuition, books, food, and other related costs.

Finally, the STEM scholarship

The following are important 

  • Remember that the scholarship is basically for senior high school students and college undergraduates. This is important for the applicant to know.
  • The scholarship is geared toward students who are in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Technology and nothing more.
  • This scholarship is only awarded to one beneficiary.
  • The scholarship is worth $1,000, and it will be split up to cover the winner’s school-related costs or expenses.

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See what previous winners had to say about the Hoshizakiicemaker STEM Scholarship.

The Hoshizakiicemaker STEM Scholarship was awarded in 2018.

During an interview on March 31, 2020, the 2018 Hoshizakiicemaker STEM Scholarship winner had this to say about the program:

She said she has been a maths lover and has also done pretty well in science in her senior high school year, and that was how she was able to stand out during the application process and later won the scholarship and was sponsored to study molecular and cellular biology at Arizona University.

She further narrated how she lost her father in March 2014, after he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and it was that incident that led her to her career in cancer research. She is currently working at the Arizona Cancer Center and also on a project looking at various cell types. She is also doing her masters’ program at the University of Arizona.

Corban Walsh, 2019 STEM Scholarship Winner

The 2019 honouree is a Billerica Memorial High School graduate who is currently studying Aerospace Engineering at university of Alabama.

When he was in high school, he worked at the Museum of Science in Boston, where he looked after and helped people with engineering projects. He has won the prestigious Hornady award as an Eagle scout. Just like Cindy, he is also a sportsperson and an active athlete in the swimming and track and field categories.

Cindy Zheng, the 2020 Hoshizakiicemaker STEM Scholarship winner,

The 2020 Boston Rouge magnet high school graduate had a deep love for mathematics. She placed 1st in mathematics in the 2019 national maths competition. She was a leader in the STEM club and in the Chinese club. She was also her school’s golf captain, which shows that she was also an active sportsperson. She plans to attend Brown University to study applied maths.


Final thoughts regarding the Hoshizaki icemaker stem scholarship


You will need an average of 3.0 GPA to access and be eligible for the Hoshizaki icemaker stem scholarship. This scholarship is to encourage young aspiring students. The owners of Hoshizaki icemaker refrigeration company b&g have only been able to make one slot available so far. We hope you secure this slot. Good luck…

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