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Today we will teach you how to check ivc scholarship result for 2022/2023 academic year easily with steps and images for clear understanding.

To check your ivc scholarship result as a successful candidate who passed through the hurdles of the scholarship exams you have to visit their website address log into Or use this link below this article to open the result page and fill in the blank order which requires your exam date and exam year then you can check your results either online or preferably by downloading your results.

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With these steps, you will come to learn how to check ivc scholarship results easily without a headache


Below we attached some images to clarify how to check ivc scholarship result .

How to check ivc scholarship result

How to check ivc scholarship results/ old results &, Ivc result checker


To be able to check ivc old scholarships results you have to still visit their official ivc result checker scholarship portal again. But if you are in there already then scroll down a little after the current results, just a little below it there is a text there letting you know that you can check your old ivc scholarship result as of 18th November 2021.


That’s it click on it and fill in your details and check your ivc scholarship result either by downloading or online.




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A little knowledge about ivc scholarship


The term “ivc” stands for the international vocational center. It’s a known international & non-governmental organization affiliated with Duns-U.S.A.


The Ivc scholarship foundation is keen on giving a helping hand to every candidate who can pass their scholarship exams a helping hand in their studies through financial means.


This is to ensure that a lack of money/finance would never be a reason a prospective student could not further his education.


Also, Ivc scholarship helps to build entrepreneurs, helps in social empowerment, and research projects have connections with up to 23 N. G. O’s worldwide.


What kind of scholarship does the ivc scholarship offer?


There are 2 major programs that ivc offers to its candidates which consist of;



What is Academic scholarship?

This is a type of scholarship which is only given to students who merited it through their high performance in their scholarship exams. This proves to the institution that he/she is worthy to receive a scholarship.


What is a Vocational scholarship?

This is a type of scholarship that the organizers put in place to teach, and impact skills classified to students freely. This involves physical skills such as sciences, tech skills, attitudes, and learning of arts.

When you are checking ivc scholarships for both scholarship types use the same website address provided.

How to register for ivc scholarship 2022/2023


To register for ivc scholarship for the 2022/2023 session use this web address or search for ivc scholarship academics registration on Google to register.

Note: There is a warning notice which says that you must make use of your accessible email address. Why? Because every reply will be coming through that mail so if you make a mistake then there is a problem. So to avoid any future unwanted problems and stories make very sure to use a mail address that you have complete access to.


How to apply for ivc scholarship


Every candidate who wishes to apply for the ivc scholarship program, can apply online through their site or visit the office at liberty estate independence layout Enugu or use their number to contact their office. 08034044440


steps to take when applying for ivc scholarship online


  1. Like and share the ivc scholarship page on your Facebook timeline or group
  2. Fill up the online form
  3. Respond to every acknowledgment you received in a letter
  4. Pay a visit to their office with all credentials about the exam you are about to write
  5. Now get your examination slip or card
  6. Go write your exam for a scholarship
  7. Attend and pass your medical test
  8. If you were able to pass and receive your letter of approval
  9. Finally, your scholarship Award awaits you… I’ll say to you enjoy it’s ya birthday 😄

Note; keep your registration num as safe as possible you might be needing it over the years in your scholarship.


When is Ivc scholarship exam date?

Before you check your ivc scholarship results be sure to have written the exams the exam fixed dates are as follows below;

  • 29th June
  • 6th July
  • 13th July
  • 29th July


These are the notable exam dates to get more information call 0803 404 4440


The ivc scholarship program requirements


  • You need to get your passports at least 4 is enough
  • A letter of recommendation must be from a guardian can be your parents, or relative, or whoever it is there must be an id card to verify the guardian.
  • Bank teller that processed the administrative fee
  • Photocopies of all your certificates, school, and birth.
  • Application profile
  • Your letter of identification from your LGA


What are the benefits of applying for the ivc scholarship program

Below are the lists of benefits associated with applying for the ivc scholarship program

  1. Tuition is completely free
  2. You get free accommodation
  3. You get support financially
  4. Quality support in examination


How to locate ivc scholarship center in Nigeria

This scholarship fund is majorly for individuals in Nigeria. There are other international scholarship grants for other countries like the Erasmus Mundus scholarship and a host of others…

To locate ivc scholarship center head down to Nigeria. it is situated at liberty center… Liberty estate… Independence layout Enugu Nigeria

you can always send a mail to them using their mailing address [email protected]

Summary on how to check ivc scholarship result/ how to apply for the ivc scholarship program


This article is 3 mins reading, and we believe you might have come to a full understanding of how to check ivc scholarship results and also how to apply for the ivc scholarship program easily online. Even a layman can do this without stress because the steps are clear and they are practical.


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