How to write a star scholarship essay

by Matthew

How to write a star scholarship essay

Hey welcome back today we will be teaching you the best way to write a scholarship essay so you can successfully write a mind-blowing essay writing without being confused.

What is a star scholarship?

A star scholarship is a scholarship platform founded in the year 2009 to help women from senior high to further their education to a post-secondary school educational tertiary institute in the United States of America and also in Canada in the following school session. They also go with another name P.E.O. International STAR Scholarship.


So today we will discuss the long battled issue which is on how to write a star scholarship essay properly

NOTE: we discovered that a star scholarship foundation is the same as P. E.O international star scholarship the only thing here that looks confusing Is the name difference


This scholarship is a non-renewable scholarship of $2,500 that is won by the senior high women and it must be used the next year immediately after graduation.


How should I start an essay for a scholarship?

Writing an attention-grabbing sentence is the best choice when it comes to writing an essay. The introduction of your essay ought to be persuasive as well as fascinating so that readers will continue to read it with great interest after the introduction. Don’t take up too much time explaining or introducing what you are doing. A shorter and clearer version of this sentence would be more appropriate.

How should I start an essay for a scholarship?

It is always a good idea to write a sentence that grabs the reader’s attention. If you wish to gain the interest of your reader, you need to include something that is intriguing or persuading which will compel them to read the rest of your essay. Avoid long explanations or introductions. Instead, this sentence should be short and clear.

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What is a star scholarship essay?  


This is a test of educational knowledge The Star scholarship essay is an essay that is organized by the star scholarship organization to the students as a test of knowledge to all students that are interested in their educational scholarship grant.


What do you write in a star scholarship essay?


Below we will educate you to know about what exactly you can write in a star scholarship essay.


Explain How this scholarship will benefit you generally- someone or maybe some people who don’t know you or have anything in common with you are trying to invest in you. The first thing is to try convincing them on how you will benefit from their scholarship grant.

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Focus on the use of the scholarship; you must try as much as possible to make sure all your writing or saying is still pointing towards the use of the scholarship, don’t divert for any reason even if you want to use the money for educational purposes but for something else you don’t mention it. 

How to write a star scholarship essay

Advertising yourself; doing this is a good idea if done the right way they don’t know who you are like we said earlier on it is your right to tell them about how good you are in any specific field of education but you must have some evidence in case if demanded. Promotion is good to advertise your glory days and past wins to get to their ♥ heart. 


Use your thesis statement** use this when analyzing to back yourself in what you wrote wrapped with what you are speaking this helps you earn more points… 


Talk about your life challenges and how you overcame them.** This alone sends a very strong message to your interviewers on how determined and resilient you are in your pursuit in life. This can make them consider you a prospect because of your quality and might decide to help you. 


Don’t generalize. ** on any issue or topic you might be discussing with them, make it personal and bring it to yourself. Don’t say that everyone is an education lover. Do you get it?  The Closer to you the better


Show evidence** proof is your evidence of legitimacy, evidence to defend all you said


Use language that communicates** make use of terms and languages that will captivate the hearts of your listener e.g am a well-trained, qualified, exceptional.


Avoid words with low power** words like very, and really, are outdated kinda language words to make use of. Click the link To get better examples of modifiers and how to use them.


After writing, take some time off.. this time is to gain your brain and strength back so you can concentrate when you start editing


How do you start a star scholarship essay?


Before you start to write a scholarship essay there are a few things to put in mind I believe that’s what we discussed in the last subheading above. Here we will show you a written example of how to write a scholarship essay.

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Remember it must be 

  • Captivating
  • Interesting
  • Deep
  • Informative


I believe in myself and also believe that am worthy of this scholarship because am the kind of person that gets things done. I have achieved great things during my era as the students representative in my school. Such things like overseeing and working with the school authority towards having a new library and extensive materials and books in the library for the use of the students. 

I aim to work with an international educational body to put to work my abilities to help the world generally in terms of eradicating illiteracy from mankind most especially the less privileged. I believe with this scholarship Grant I will further and complete my studies and pursue my dreams to a higher level.


Written above you is a typical example of how you can write a star scholarship essay without overthinking yourself.


How do I apply for the Star scholarship?

There Are some procedures and  guidelines To apply for the Star scholarship follow the steps below:


  • Must be a graduate with a 3.0 GPA from CPS high or any CPS-affiliated school.


  • Apply through their website portal online


  • Complete the FAFSA:  this term stands for the free application for federal student aid.


  • Finally, register yourself for the next session


What is the personal statement for the Stars scholarship?

The personal statement for the stars scholarship what is it?

It is simply a written essay that describes your personality and the other hand talks about your abilities.


This personal statement is provided to the stars scholarship management to help evaluate your life, abilities of a person, qualities, financial ability, accomplishment


Why am I worthy of a scholarship?

  • You are worthy because you are important in the society
  • You are worthy of the scholarship because you are resilient and eager to make it in life
  • You are worthy of the scholarship because you are important to your immediate self
  • You need the scholarship to assist your education

Conclusion on P.E.O. International STAR Scholarship & how to write a Star scholarship essay.


The peo international star scholarship essay or should we say a star scholarship essay shouldn’t be a trouble to write. We just listed every guideline on how you can write your star scholarship essay and all you can do now is apply all you have learned from this page and get your desired scholarship with no stress.


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