IB scholarships for international students

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IB scholarships for international students through st clare’s scholarship application 


St. Clare’s scholarship application, is currently open to oversees and UK candidates. The St. Clare’s Oxford offers IB scholarships for international students. These scholarships are given to students of high academic potential, and bursaries can be granted to students who could be able to benefit from them and make significant contributions to College life.


St. Clare’s is a non-selective, co-educational day and boarding sixth form college situated in the elegant north of Oxford which has been providing an International Baccalaureate Diploma for over 38 years, more than any other college or school in England.

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Notable dates


Scholarship Testing Day: 5 March 2022 (online)

Type of scholarship: Boarding places

Application Deadline: 28 January 2022

Availability of offering: Full and partial awards


A unique opportunity for applicants.


Degree Level Bursaries and scholarships are offered for students enrolled in this International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.


  • The Study Topic: Scholarships and bursaries are awarded to those who study topics offered by the universities.


  • Scholarships:Two scholarships are available.


  • The Scholarship award:The maximum award is for tuition and fees that are full (day student) or for full tuition and fee for residential tuition (residential student). A maximum of two full tuition and full residential scholarships will be given. 


A greater number of smaller scholarships will be offered and could include scholarships that are more than 50% of fees. The awards do not cover expenses such as examination fees, books, or travel expenses. All scholarships or bursaries have to be “means-tested” and it is an absolute requirement that applicants’ parents be able to disclose their income and assets , and submit documentary evidence of their earnings.

  • Scholarships can be taken in the UK.


Eligibility requirements for the IB  scholarships for international students


The scholarships are granted to students of high academic potential, and bursaries are available to students who could be able to benefit from them and make a significant contribution to the College experience. The Music Scholarship is provided. 


They cover the cost of tuition for musical instruments weekly for students studying Music in the form of an IB subject in each year that comprise an IB Diploma program. St clare’s scholarship application accepts all candidates application from students in the UK as well as from overseas. 


It is however an obligation that all applicants shortlisted take part in our Scholarship Day, which consists of two exams written along with a group activity and an interview series with the members of staff at St. Clare’s.


Nation of origin: Student applicants from both the UK and from other countries can apply.


How to Apply for the IB scholarships  for international students


St clare’s Scholarship Application Procedure:Please contact Chris Osbourn Admissions Registrar Chris Osbourn with any questions regarding the application process as well as Scholarship Day.


Application Deadline: 28 January 2022

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Who is eligible to apply for the IB scholarships for international students


All candidates who have passed the requirements, from different locations from the UK and from overseas are welcome to participate in the scholarship.


How can I submit an application for an academic award?


You can reach the school here with any questions you have regarding the application process.


What are the requirements for securing a scholarship for an award?


It could be based on your academic accomplishments, experience and passions.


These scholarships are tested for means If you are applying you have to reveal and demonstrate the total income and assets of applicants parents.


All applicants who have been shortlisted have to be present at Our Scholarship Day.


What are you expecting at our Scholarship Day?

The IB scholarships for international students Scholarships Day includes two written exams as well as a group activity and short interview sessions. But, it’s not simply an exam day.


It’s more of an opportunity to connect with new people, demonstrate to the organization what you are passionate about and showcase your interests and your long-term career objectives.


What costs for courses aren’t paid for by scholarship?

According to the IB scholarships for international students they do not offer neither do they cover any additional costs like travel fare and books.


Summary as regards the IB scholarships for international students through st clare’s scholarship application


This scholarship is a full merit scholarship

Needs examination to proof your academic ability. Designed for uk and international students.


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