Icrest international student scholarship 2022/2023

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Icrest international student scholarship 2022/2023


Are you an international student or a local in search for scholarships? The icrest international student scholarship is open and accepting qualified candidates.


 Or Still planning on a way to sit for exams on SAT, ACT, IELTS or TOEFL, GMAT, GRE? Then worry no more the icrest International consult is ahead of this and have made quite simple but organized plans to help you achieve this without problem.


The icrest International student scholarship 2022/2023


Would you love to be a partner of the icrest international student scholarship? Today is your lucky day!


The Icrest International Consult in Collaboration with the Centre for australian and American University Admission (CAAUA) is pleased to announce its scholarship which is to all students from different parts of life.

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To apply for this scholarship you will have to download the icrest International student scholarship form and fill, it looks more like this one below.





Date of Birth:____________________________________________________________


Phone Number:__________________________________________________________

Contact Address:_________________________________________________________

State of Origin:___________________________________________________________




Qualification (Tick where applicable): SSCE NCE ND JSS/ Basic 


Discipline/course of study (optional):_________________________________________

Level (optional):__________________________________________________________

Current Grade/CGPA (optional):_____________________________________________

Signature of Applicant:_______________________Date:________________________

 Applicant are to pick up the form with the sum of N1,000 (One Thousand Naira)

 Fill it, attach a passport photograph scan and send to the E-mail 

([email protected] or [email protected]) and 

come with the evidence of payment to the Scholarship Examination venue.

 Candidates will be invited to write the qualifying Examination for the scholarship award/grant.

 The scholarship award/grant is available annually for the best students in each 


 Venue: Yabatech Alumni Building:

Date: 12th March, 2022: Time: 9:00am


About icrest international consult


The icrest International consult is located in Lagos Nigeria. It is an international private and independent foundation that coaches, prepares students ahead of examinations. 


With a bogous knowledge  obtained from their years of experience  in this field thereby exposing them to know more of what to expect in your exams with samples. The icrest foundation is you best bet to success, believe this.


There are many samples already tested and kept for future reference and learning which can be found within their course list in case you would want to take a look.

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The icrest academic instructors 


The organization chooses instructors according to their level of education and height of knowledge exposure in their field of study.


These instructors are outstanding, having a good knowledge of what to teach and how to help the students in some of the areas of study which have been a serious issue towards their academic life.


With this strategy they help many students overcome academic hiccups and strengthen them academically.


What are the services of the icrest International consult?


The Icrest International student scholarship exam happens to be a service which the organization helps the students with. However there are still others services which includes:


International English Language Testing System (IELTS).


In icrest taking the students on a 2 to 3 months ielts training is one of their 1st services they offer.


Having known by international students that the ielts is a must exam to pass when applying for the icrest international student scholarship or any international scholarship or studying abroad, having known this makes it easier to pass the training to obtain a good grade in ielts.


On a normal basis the average required ielts score has always been 350, sometimes some schools might demand higher or lesser it depends.


Test of English as a Foreign Language


icrest also will take on it’s students through a 2 to 3 months intensive training to brush up their foreign English language skill.


The TOEFL is also a test of English skill. It is also similar to IELTS however they are not the same for each International scholarship student is to pass both to qualify to study abroad or gain an international scholarship most especially in English speaking countries e.g Europe, America.


Already up to 190 countries globally accept this test and up to the mass number if 11,000 universities use it as well for acceptance criteria.


Scholastic Assessment Test


The sat training also takes up to 2 to 3 months to level up students that will be sitting for sat examination.


The main objective of the scholastic assessment test (sat) is mainly to test the studentship of the student, the abilities of the scholar. This test is examined via mathematics and verbal to assess the overall knowledge gotten from different subjects the student passed through.


The sat dictates how effective or if the student can be able to withstand and do the college work properly.


Graduate Record Exams


The icrest International consult also provides 2 to 3 months  GRE services to it’s students planning to sit for the GRE exam

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The GRE is the standard measurement for countries like Canada and the United States to checkmate the verbal, quantitative, writing, and thinking reasoning of a student which he/she is said to have acquired after a long period of learning.


The GRE is a computer based exam (e-xam) which tests students in three areas of arithmetic, algebra and geometry including the vocabulary of a student.

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Admission into university (Nigeria and Abroad)

To many Nigerians this might be a help considering how hard it is to gain admission in the country Nigeria. 


This is one of the services of the icrest International consult which is to help willing students gain admission into any university of their choice inside Nigeria and also abroad they offer both local admissions and foreign admissions.


International Student Placement


Similarly to what we wrote above helping students secure International scholarships and schools icrest foundation places students into desired schools abroad for studies.

Conclusion as it concerns the icrest international student scholarship

This is a scholarship grant from the icrest International consult. The organization offers more services to the students to help increase their chances of obtaining a scholarship Internationally.

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