JH Britton Music fund University of Bristol 2023

JH Britton Music fund University of Bristol

by Debbie

JH Britton Music fund is to help with expenses incurred by Music students of the University of Bristol in pursuit of musical studies in an area for which a grant is not otherwise available to them.

It is primarily intended to support such projects as attendance at music summer schools or master classes. Preference will be given to applications for awards to be used within the period of registration at the University up to the end of the summer vacation following graduation.

An award will not normally be given more than once to the same person, but in the case of research students it may be renewed if the report on their work is good. Those interested are advised to discuss their proposals with the Director of Teaching before submitting them.

JH Britton Music fund

Eligibility for JH Britton Music fund

Current Music undergraduates and postgraduates.

How to apply

  • Applications should be made to the Head of Subject (Music) in writing, giving full costings and details of the way in which the money would be used. It is a condition of an award that the holder should subsequently write to the Head of Subject giving an account of the use to which the money was put.


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