Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship 2022/2023|Eligibility

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Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship 2022


Throughout this post, you will be able to gain a clear understanding of what it takes to win and apply for the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship 2022.  James W. “Jimmy” Rane set out at the beginning of the 20th century with a clear vision in mind when he created this foundation.


A very important part of his ideology was to give back to society in any way he could, and that is what definitely led to the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship being created.


Initially, not everyone saw things from his perspective. However, as time went on, many people began to realize how much of a positive impact his ideology had on society, and since then, a great deal of money has been invested into this foundation in order to ensure that his vision is carried out in the most effective way possible.


There is no doubt that James “Jimmy” Rane fully understands the pain associated with the lack of finances that can prevent a student from being able to pursue higher education, which is why he established his Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship in order to help out as many people as possible.


James W. “Jimmy” Rane’s involvement in society is immeasurable, which is why he was able to connect with them and managed to find a way to curb the pain they were experiencing, which again led to the creation of this scholarship opportunity.In many cases, the greatest obstacle to getting a higher education is money. For this reason, the Jimmy Rane Foundation offers a full-time scholarship to students who wish to pursue higher education.


In order to qualify for this scholarship, students must be high school seniors, college freshmen, or sophomores who plan to graduate in the Spring or Summer of 2022.

As part of its mission, the Jimmy Rane Foundation provides college scholarships to deserving students as well as providing grants and education projects to strengthen communities in need.


The scholarship winners will receive annual awards ranging from $500 up to $5,000, depending on the amount of the scholarship.

Overview of the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship2022

Level/Field of Study: All study fields

Host Nationality: United States of America

Eligible Nationality:  United States of  America.

location: united states of America

Provider: Jimmy Rane foundation

Reasons behind the establishment of the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship

There was one idea that underpinned the creation of the Jimmy Rane Foundation: it was about giving something back. That was the guiding principle that led James W. Rane the creation of the Jimmy Rane Foundation in 2000 when he donated $100,000 to this foundation. He has been able to accomplish exactly that with the help of countless sponsors over the course of the years. An eligible student can only use the scholarship if he or she is studying at an educational institution or if he or she is studying in an education college. There must be a legal accreditation from the United States government educational governing body before the institution can operate legally.

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Eligibility criteria for the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship 2022


Prior to thinking of applying for this scholarship, applicants must ensure that they satisfy the requirements of the scholarship before starting the process, as any missing requirements would definitely deny a person the chance of receiving this scholarship.

  • In order to be eligible to receive the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship, a student must live and be a citizen of the United States.
  • Applicants who wish to attain a degree or diploma through an online institution are not eligible to apply for the scholarship opportunity.
  • Applicants who don’t have a permanent residence permit issued by the US government or who are not citizens of the United States of America should not apply for this scholarship, as they are ineligible for it.
  • When it comes to the eligibility criteria for consideration for a Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship, if the nationality of an applicant is not included, the scholarship application would not be complete.
  • It is only open to students who are full-time students during the spring or summer of their senior year of high school and are planning on entering college no later than the fall following the graduation of their senior year
  • As of August 1, students who are enrolled full-time at a college or university as a freshman or sophomore, who have not yet turned 20 as of August 1 of the year, who are currently progressing normally in the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree and are legal citizens of the United States of America, can apply.
  • As one of the scholarship programs in the United States of America, this is one of the scholarships that extends to students who major in a science-related field, as well as students enrolled in a major relating to art.
  • Unlike other scholarships that prefer certain courses over others, this scholarship does not seem to be one that prefers some courses over others.
  • If you are a legal citizen of the United States of America and would like to apply for this scholarship, then you must be in good academic standing and adhere to all the rules and regulations of this scholarship.
  • The scholarship is also open to students graduating from high school, sophomores, and current students who are enrolled in an accredited tertiary institution within the United States of America.

It would be best for applicants to take the time to check out further details of this scholarship which are listed below so that they will be well equipped with the relevant information and be able to use it to apply for the scholarship like a boss.


NB: The Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship is no different from any other scholarship offered by the United States of America, which has a number of unique characteristics.


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How much is the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship?


There is a huge amount of money that is worth a great deal of the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship. Students receive the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship based on the level of need they have as well as the amount of the scholarship they receive from the Jimmy Rane Foundation.


Scholarships awarded by the Jimmy Rane Foundation often vary in amount, as it depends on the level of financial need of the student. It is estimated that every year, the award amount will range from $500 to $5,000.


It is possible for this award to be renewed each year for up to four academic years (eight semesters), provided all of the requirements are met. It is strictly forbidden to use scholarship funds for anything other than tuition and fees, books, supplies and equipment, room and board, travel, and research.

Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship 2022 Scholarship Requirements:


The requirements of a scholarship are among the most important aspects of the program. If the applicant fails to meet the stated requirements, then their application will be considered ineligible for the scholarship award that they have applied for.


In the following section, you will find a list of the scholarship requirements that must be fulfilled by the applicant before the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship can be considered eligible for application.


  • There are two types of students who can qualify for this scholarship: Students who are enrolled full-time as high school seniors, who are progressing normally toward graduation in spring/2022, and who plan to enroll in college no later than the fall of the following year; and students who are enrolled full-time as college freshmen or sophomores, who will be no older than 20 years of age on August 1, 2022, and progressing normally toward a bachelor’s degree.
  • The Foundation will only award scholarships to institutions that are fully accredited by recognized accrediting agencies. The foundation sees that the scholarships should be used only by institutions that normally maintain a regular faculty and curriculum, and that normally have a regularly organized student body in attendance at the location of the educational activity, and that are listed by the Ministry of Education as having been accredited by internationally recognized accrediting bodies.
  • It is not acceptable for students seeking degrees only through online or distance learning programs to qualify for Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarships. For graduating high school seniors, the minimum grade point average (GPA) is 3.0; for college applicants, the minimum grade point average (GPA) is 2.75; and for international students, the minimum grade point average (GPA) is 2.75.
  • If you would like to apply for this position, you must reside (permanent residence) in either one of the following states or the District of Columbia: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, or Washington D.C.
  • There are four states with the highest number of employees at Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated: South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Delaware, or New JerseyEmployees of Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, or those living in the same state
  • Neither household of either individual is eligible to participate in the program. Students must certify that they did not participate in any intercollegiate athletics or activities as a student-athlete (whether as a student-athlete under a partial or full athletic scholarship or otherwise) during the prior semester (or quarter) for Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated, its parent company, affiliated companies, and subsidiaries, as well as those living in the same household of each company are not eligible.
  • During the coming semester (or quarter, if applicable) or academic year, the student-athlete will no longer participate as a student-athlete in intercollegiate athletics and will not be participating in intercollegiate athletics as a student-athlete.


How to Apply for Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship 2022


Applicants of the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship can register and login through the following link in order to apply for this scholarship:




Applicants will be required to register on the website in order to apply. After registering, the applicant will be given the option to complete the form and then proceed with the next steps in the process.

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Dates and deadlines for Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship applications are as follows:


Applicants who fail to apply by the deadline will have to wait until the next open which will take place on December 1 if they do not apply by then. The online scholarship application deadline is December 1 – February 6, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time Zone.

Application Link



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