Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship 2022 Application | worth of $20,000

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Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship application 2022


The Lawrenceville-Duluth Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity is an international organization coined with the main aim of great achievements in all ramifications of mankind. This scholarship is incorporated to see to it that a great number of many African American brothers are taken off the streets and installed into school through this scholarship scheme. The Kappa Alpha Psi scholarship is mainly available for male students in the Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Overview of Kappa psi foundation scholarship application 2022


  • Scholarship recipients: Male
  • Nationality: African American
  • Scholarship amount: $20,000
  • Scholarship host:  Lawrenceville-Duluth Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi


Eligibility requirements and criteria for the Kappa Alpha Psi scholarship

  • All applying candidates are expected to have a minimum of 2.5 GPA
  • Each candidate is to demonstrate his leadership skill and positive contribution to the society at large this shows that he or she has been participating in community service, school clubs athletics, and so on.


How to apply for the Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship application 2022?

To apply for this scholarship there are some procedures you must take to ensure you applied correctly and to improve your chances of securing this scholarship so read on below.

  1. All applying candidates must printout the LDAC Foundation Scholarship Application 2022 form here
  2. Must have the ability to read and follow the instructions stated
  3. Remember that you are to scan and your completed package to this Gmail address [email protected]by March 31, 2022 (11:59 PM)

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kappa alpha psi application fee

For each candidate the application fee is $125 this is the initial payment you make when filling out your first form

How do I become a Kappa Alpha Psi?

one of the most important aspects that will give you access to become a kappa alpha psi is your GPA. this is no game here each candidate is expected to score at least an average of 2.5 of the overall 4.00 GPA to be able to be considered a member of the kappa alpha psi. you are also expected to have bagged a bachelor’s degree or any other degree that is equivalent to the BSc degree this also will give you a boost to becoming a member.


How long is the Kappa Alpha Psi pledge process?

This is a six weeks durations average of 1 month and 2 weeks in total. during this period you get to learn more about the organization you are also on a pledge as it is called, you can as well call it probation duration.


Is Kappa Alpha Psi known for hazing?

since the inception of the kappa alpha psi scholarship organization on 5th January 1911, there has been a war against hazing which is a war against any unlawful act, indecent and anti-social acts.

A little information concerning the Kappa Alpha Psi scholarship

This information is majorly directed to the graduating seniors of the scholarship scheme

The Kappa Alpha Psi scholarship foundation is yet to lay low and give up on helping and assisting African American male students in education, leadership skills, and community service. The organizations have set aside the approach to selecting the best of the scholarship students to be awarded a whopping sum of $20,000.

NOTE:  This award is only going to all high school seniors who were eligible and who qualified for the scholarship award in the Gwinnett County Public Schools and who are also working towards their post-secondary school education dreams.

In grand total, the Kappa Alpha Psi scholarship board has awarded scholarships worth $230,000 to male African American students who are in the County Gwinnett Public School System.


This is your own part to play the rest is left to the selecting board who will oversee the selection of the scholarship winners.


Final words as regards the kappa psi scholarship

this is a male scholarship for the high school seniors of the County Gwinnett Public School

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Hence: no female application will be regarded, considered, or replied

you are to follow the due process of application as we stated above in this article to be able to stand a chance of qualifying for this scholarship also be sure you have checked the eligibility requirements before applying to be on a safer side

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