list of coca-cola scholarship 2023/2024 for international students |Full list

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list of coca-cola scholarship 2023 for international students

Studying abroad has been a big dream for many students. Nevertheless, today we will be giving out the full list of coca-cola scholarship 2023/2024 for international students. within this list you will find your perfect opportunity to study abroad. This coca-cola scholarship for international students provides full scholarships to talented students who want to experience new cultures and broaden their educational horizons. If you are a high school senior or current college student, don’t miss your chance to apply for a Coca-Cola Scholarship.

According to their website, the program:”Provides grants of up to $20,000 to United States high school seniors and current college undergraduates who currently qualified for the scholarship.

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coca cola scholarships for international students

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List of Coca-Cola scholarships for International students

Rutgers University – International Chancellor’s Merit Scholarships In US

The Rutgers University – International Chancellor’s Merit Scholarships In US is among the list of coca-cola scholarship for international students and also known as a prestigious scholarship program that offers full tuition and living expenses to a limited number of international students each year. Eligible candidates must have excellent academic records and demonstrate strong leadership skills.


  • Program: Bachelors


  • Scholarship type: Partial Funding


  • College of Arts and Sciences or the School of Business


  • Open to International students


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The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowships In US

Also among the list of coca-cola scholarship for international students is the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program. It is a non-degree program for experienced professionals from designated countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The program provides fellows with opportunities to enhance their professional skills and knowledge while they are in the United States.


  • Tuition fee: Fully funded
  • Course program : masters & phd

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Western Colorado University – International Merit Scholarships In US

Western Colorado University is awarding international merit scholarships to students who are enrolling in the undergraduate or graduate degree programs. The scholarship is for students who have an excellent academic records and demonstrate leadership qualities.


  • program: Bachelors, Masters


  • Type: Partial Funding


  • Courses offered at the University: all


  • Country: Open to all nationals


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The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant,

The Elizabeth Green Shields Foundation Grant is a grant that is offered to young artists who are looking to pursue a career in the arts. it also made it to the list of coca-cola scholarship 2023 for international students. The grant is offered to artists who are eighteen years of age or younger, and who have been accepted to an accredited school or program that is related to the arts.

Study program: Bachelors, Other


Covers: Partial Funding

Course subjects: Arts (painting, drawing, sculpture or paintmaking)


Countries eligible: Open to all countries


Can be taken from Any university/institution across the Globe


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CMU Australia Scholarships For International Students 

Carnegie Mellon University in Australia is now accepting applications for scholarships for international students. The scholarships are open to students from any country and cover tuition for the 2023 and upcoming academic year. proudly to say they made it also to the list of coca-cola scholarship 2023 for international students.


Program study: Masters


Covers: Partial Funding


Course subject: All subjects offered at the university


Countries eligible: Open to citizens of Asia, South America, Africa

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Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi Scholarships For SC,

The Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi Scholarships are part of the coca-cola scholarship 2023 open to students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes who want to pursue higher education overseas. The scholarships are funded by the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vidya Nidhi Trust, and offer up to Rs. 1. 5 lakh per annum for tuition and other expenses.


Study program: Bachelors, Masters, PhD


Tuiton fee: Full Funding


Course subject: Eligible courses offered


Counties eligible: Open to Indian nationals


Taken from: all Eligible countries


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Coca-cola scholarship grant

Is said to be one of the most recognized and respected scholarships of all time in the united states after it was birthed in the year 1986 by the joint cooperation of the coca-cola bottling company to celebrate its 100 years of being a brand.


How many students have benefited from coca cola scholarship program funding?

Since its inception of the scholarship in 1986 over 4,250 students have profited from the scholarship. And the overall benefits from students in  this scholarship award are worth over $38

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A little information about the program

The coca-cola scholarship program has helped students make their way into college with up to $3 million for the senior program and $ 400 towards the coca cola 2 years scholarship program.

Any student who makes good use of the above list of coca-cola scholarship 2023 for international students has a good chance of getting the scholarship and also will be going into a lifetime of community service & leadership immediately after you receive your scholarship documents.

What qualify you for the coca cola scholarship program is your skills in

  • leadership,
  • academic excellence,
  • Community services.

Hence you really need not to be a coke drunkard to be able to win this scholarship.

Thus: the Coca-Cola scholarship is only by merit


Coca Cola First Generation Scholarship

The coca cola first generation scholarship is simply for the first person who is going into university or college in a family. This scholarship grant has been awarded to up to $19 million worth of money to students who are the first to attend college within their family circle.

Are you a college & university first-generation applicant in your immediate family? If yes then contact your school department of scholarship or any office within your school that can help to check and get the coca cola first-generation scholarship.

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Coca cola scholars program

The coca cola scholars program was crafted for high school seniors who are ready to go into a four years university or college course program. A total award of four years of course is given to 250 scholarship students each year.

Coke scholarship semifinalist-what is it?

It’s similar to a football match you survived to reach the game before the final last game. The coke scholarship semifinalists are students who were selected to go over to the second stage of the scholarship application. This semifinalist will now have to submit again another application then from this semifinalist the final 250 scholarship award winners will be gotten from.

Coke scholarship Finalists

During the April month of their high school senior year, the whole complete 250 students that made it to the finals are summoned to be interviewed in Atlanta. There are some selections of representatives for this interview in the likes of leaders who have made impacts in their respective fields of operation such as business, government education etc.

After this interview $20,000 are given to the winning first 50 students who did exceptionally in the interview and are selected as the national scholars. Then the rest 200 students are selected as regional scholars and they are awarded the sum of $20,000 as their award to continue and further their educational dreams in the university or college.

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When is the deadline for the Coca-Cola scholarship?

The deadline for the Coca Cola scholarship is from August 1 to October 31 every year. Every student who is interested in the coca cola scholarship is to apply when they are still in high school in their senior year.

For more information, contact the Office of Admission at 1-800-306-2653 or get more information here.


How competitive is Coke scholarship?

The Coca-Cola Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship that is given to only the most outstanding students with a high rate of academic excellence. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation was established in 1986 by The Coca-Cola Company and has awarded more than 6,000 scholarships since its inception.

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How much is the Coke scholarship?

The Coke scholarship is a $20,000 scholarship that is available to up to 150 students who will be selected for coca cola scholarship program on merit and academic achievements. However, there are 3 teams in the coca-cola community that receives awards according to merit and they are

College community-academic teams

50 Gold will receive $1,500
50 silver will receive $1,250
Then lastly the 50 bronze receives $1,000


Also, the scholarship covers all study fees, an annual stipend of $20,000, a return airfare, food allowance for two backpacks (one for school and one for home), health insurance cover, and emergency evacuation cover.

Are there Essays for the Coca-Cola Scholarship?

The Coca-Cola Scholarship program does not accept any essays during application. However, there are some other factors that you could consider that will guarantee your success in the scholarship program. Continue with this article we listed them all below.


Is Coca-Cola Scholarship for international students?

Yes, the Coca-Cola Scholarship is available for international students. The scholarship is open to students who are nationals of a country other than the United States and are enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university.


How to Apply For the Coca-Cola Scholarship Online Colleges

To apply for the coca-cola scholarship Students must submit an application using their online application portal, according to the official statement of the coca cola scholarship program there is no need for essays or transcripts nor is there a need for any added documents for the scholarship application. To apply for the Coca-Cola Scholarships online, visit

However, there are a few requirements that you will have to meet up with before you apply for the coca cola scholarship program and they are as follows:


  1. You will have to get the current income of both of your parents issued before tax though this is optional
  2. You must have to get your high school code from the school college board
  3. And very important you must get all the information concerning your involvement in your school’s extracurricular groups. Must get the duration you’ve been in each group or team, you must get your roles in the group, and lastly how long you’ve participated in these said roles.


  1. Don’t forget to include the list of awards you were able to secure during your stay in high school.’



  1. You must also get information concerning the whole number of community services you were able to complete during your high school days.


  1. Also, get the total number of AP and IB including the honors received in classes.


  1. Do not forget to get your whole grades for the whole of high school


  1. Your current size of class and your immediate current class


  1. Provide the information regarding the whole work you have experienced during high school and how many hours you normally work each week.


What Are the Requirements for the Coca-Cola Scholarship?

Just like gave the comprehensive list of coca-cola scholarship 2023 for international students above, there are yet still a few lists of requirements for each student to meet up before applying for each scholarship and they are:


  • Firstly make sure you are already a high senior student both


  • And you are to make sure that you are about to graduate the same year you applied for the scholarship (must be a graduating student for that year)


  • And be sure that are planning and also ready to run for the undergraduate degree within the same year you graduating out from high school


  • You must not be a child or a grandchild to one of the employees In coca cola company


  • You are bound to have up to 3.00 in your GPA at the closure of your junior year in high school


  • Lastly, students ready for this scholarship must attend an endorsed U.S post-secondary institution.

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

The Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship is an award based on achievement to high school seniors who have graduated. The students are recognized for their ability to lead and serve and their dedication to making a positive impact on their communities and schools. In the 33rd class of 2021, the Foundation has given over 6.450 Coca-Cola Scholars with over 75 million dollars in support for education. 150 Coca-Cola Scholars are chosen every year to be awarded the $20,000 scholarship.

Deadline for 2022 Coca-Cola Scholars program Phase 1

The application deadline for the 2022 Coca-Cola Scholars Phase 1 application was 5pm Eastern on October 31, 2021. Candidates will be notified of their progress onto Phase 2 in the form of Semifinalists before the end of November.

Applications for Coca-Cola 2023 Scholars Program (open to those who graduate from high school during the school year 2022-2023) are due to open in August 2022! Check here


Rundown on the list of coca-cola scholarship 2023/2024 for international students

Just as we took a great time to analyze and bring out the best list of coca-cola scholarship for international students it’s now your turn to make good use of it, do not allow this golden opportunity to slip past you.

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