Discover the list of Tamil schools in uk

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The list of Tamil schools in UK


Discover today all the list of Tamil schools in UK, and get a fresh opportunity to make your choice of school


Below we will talk about all our researched work as it concerns the list of Tamil schools in uk

Kingston Tamil school UK

Location: 9 Tadworth avenue new Malden Surrey, KT3 6DJ

Principal: Mr.Jegatheeswarampillai


The Kingston Tamil school was founded to preserve the rich culture and heritage of the Indian public.

To make sure the public would be benefiting through the education program provided For them all most especially to the younger ones of the community of Royal borough in Kingston down to the tames and environment.

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How do they tend to achieve this?

They have set in place the system to teach the students the culture of their community.

By organizing classes that teach the student Tamil language, music’s, dances. Provided for them are the enabling environment for these workouts to be done. They also celebrate their festivals and culture and make it possible for students to participate in the public.

It is a law not to discriminate hence there is no discrimination therefore everyone is welcomed and allowed to participate no matter where you are from.

Currently, over 200 pupils in the Tamil Kingston schools are been taught music, dance, and language, they also share the rich culture of Tamil to the general public in return getting a chance to be able to learn also the crafts and arts of the united kingdom (UK).with this co union it improves the unity among children of all ages and promotes the working and playing together of the pupils in the youth sports clubs developed by the ITC.

History of the Kingston Tamil school UK.

Kingston Tamil made it to the list of Tamil schools in UK when they were  Founded in the year 1986

Was inaugurated on the 19th of April 1986 with just barely

13 students and 2 voluntary teachers to help teach the mother tongue to the

pupils and impact into them the Tamil culture and language.

ITC furthermore was expanded in 2001 in the areas of

  • recreation and
  • fine arts

ITC Was registered as a charity incorporated organization in 2019


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London Tamil center school UK

location 253 East Lane Wembley Middlesex,


The LTC stands out today to be a pioneer and one of the major leading organizations in the Tamil UK environs that are are solely voluntarily.

They are being known for having and producing a very fine system of management which has brought a lot of good benefits to the surrounding society and also to the indigenes of Tamil.

The LTC has three major programs which are being

introduced to the students in their school.

This consists of:


Youth development classes


Mother tongue language classes (teaching Tamil language)


And elderly people caring for the sole purpose of ensuring that this mission is being carried out effectively 2 sub-communities were given charge of supervision of these works.

And it is managed under the umbrella of the Tamil elders in the school.

The Tamil center schools also conduct language and fine arts lessons to its students at the Wembley technology high college always on Sundays.

The school creates a workshop for the youth mentoring and empowerment program summit still on Sundays and during the weekdays in the evening

What are the objectives?

To increase the education of the Indians Tamil speaking folks to preserve its culture in the western world within the Tamil indigenes.

To provide any facilities such that help to socialize with the society for recreation to strengthen the youths, the old people with certain infirmities to improve overall life performance of the people no matter the circumstance.

To help the older sick folks be free from the problems in ways which have been practiced by the charities.

London Tamil center made it to the list of Tamil schools in the Uk due to their vision in assisting the community most especially the old folks. This vision gave birth to London Tamil to join the list of Tamil schools in UK


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Harrow Tamil school in UK

Location:77 tentern way Harrow Middlesex, HA20RZ

A little information about Harrow Tamil school association

The school was birthed on the foundation of late Mr. Elampoomam in the year 1987. The harrow Tamil is non-educational.

what do you know generally about harrow Tamil school as one of the lists of Tamil schools in uk harrow Tamil has always  been more like a charity school

why because it has no political links neither does is it have any affiliation with any international sector it is purely educational.

Impacting the knowledge of the Tamil culture and heritage & tradition as the primary education to the students.

To this HTSA is completely dependent thus not under any firm/organization, nothing to do with any culture nor firm organization or politics.

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In as much as the harrow, Tamil does not segregate with any race, color, religion, beliefs they still went further on even as to make sure that there are mutual communications and understanding within the students of the school.

Harrow Tamil also encourages physical activities all sports that are for the betterment of the students are fully incorporated into the school sports curriculum for the enhancement of students and vibrancy in learning…

Harrow Tamil made it to the list of Tamil schools in UK and has never lost their vision and target even as to encourage the Tamil youths to the need and essence of keeping their rich cultural heritage passed on to them from their ancestors even as they encourage sociality among the pupils.

When picking from the list of Tamil schools in uk The narrow Tamil school is a good fit and is always open to accepting everyone interested to enroll into the school mos especially for those who are living in the UK in every academic year.

Just like we made mention earlier the harrow Tamil is open to all individuals regardless of their tribe, religion, race, culture, etc to learn the various languages and cultures of the great Tamil nation.

Services & arts to learn from the school

  • Football (soccer)
  • Netball
  • Keyboard

You will also learn our worship way


  • Hinduism

Language classes are as follows

  • Vocals
  • Veena
  • Yoga for the parents
  • violin
  • teaching the Tamil language

Contact principal Mr.Harri P Harrichandran: 0207 020 6611

07770 794 622


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S/Harrow Tamil Kalvi Kudam school UK

Location 167 somerwell road south harrow Middlesex, HA28UA

These are the knowledge base we provide to our students are

as follows;

  • The Tamil language studies
  • Dancing classes
  • Mathematics studies and teachings

Notable & recognized examinations

  • GCSE
  • GCE

How we operate

We teach not just to teach, we teach to impact every ounce of knowledge that is compulsory for a student to have. We teach various classes such as dancing classes, language classes, music classes, drama, and lots more with the help of our Tamil language.

To the understanding of the students, we made sure to have a good serene learning environment that encourages fast learning and assimilation of knowledge easily. We develop students to meet up to their full potential.

Excellency in developing the skills of student drafted S/Harrow Tamil Kalvi Kudam to be among the list of the Tamil schools in UK.

Contact principal for further inquiries: Mrs.T.Nithy 07507 797872



Tamil Association of brent school UK

Location: 16 Carlyon Road Alperton

Middlesex, HA0 1HN

The greatest reason for the establishment of the Tamil school of brent in the year 1985 was for the sole purpose of preservation of the rich culture and heritage. This was to help every Tamil born in the UK to learn the ethics & culture of the Tamil.

For this reason, the school was birthed and made it to the list of Tamil schools in uk. Initially, they had only one teaching to give out to the student which was the Tamil language later after many years another was brought in fine art also known as the Carnatic, the welcoming of the Carnatic ended the cultural performance done by the pupils of Tamil association of brent.

A prominent man named Mahathma Gandhi in the year 1920 talked so well about the need to keep and preserve the culture which was inherited from their fathers. He said this to the people of Ariyalains in the community of Ariyalai and date they maintained his words and celebrate a festival they termed the Tamil new year which they celebrate once a year.

The birth of the Tamil school was in the year 1985 and this brought them up to make the list of Tamil schools in uk.

Contact principal: Mr.A.Sivapalan

0208 997 5324

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