METI Japan Internship Program 2023/2024

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METI Japan Internship Program 2023/2024

It is in the interest of many students out there to be part of an international internship to get an opportunity to learn, explore and be part of an international meeting. However the Meti Japan internship program 2023/2024 is the right way to get the best of internship experience.

Classification: Postgraduate

Organization: METI Japan Internship Program

country: in Japan 

Study program: null

State of Origin: null

Gender: male and female

Application Deadline– October 15, 2022

What is METI Japan internship program?

The meti Japan internship program is a global program designed to facilitate interns and bring about an increase in innovations within Japanese companies.

Basic information concerning METI Japan Internship Program 2023

Relative to the effort already applied by the Japanese companies to promote their business across the globe through different aspects, also employing skilled foreign workers is thought of as a way to improve their competitiveness in Japanese firms.

Although the amount of Japanese companies that are planning to recruit global talent has grown over the last few years, it hasn’t been achieved in a sufficient manner particularly in smaller and medium-sized businesses due to the lack of experience working with the world’s talent and the absence of a network. Therefore, the “METI Japan Internship Program has organized and brought about this to play.

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Aim and Benefits of METI Japan Internship Program 2023

  • Training asylum (insurance)
  • PC, Lan, WIFI settings, and office phone in the Satellite Office. (Mobile telephone costs are to be paid by the intern himself/herself.
  • The daily allowance (as an expense for food, drinks, and travel from your home to the Satellite Office) will be paid in local currency of 1200 yen per day.

Training allowance is added to all internees or internship holders if there are few with it

Accommodation allowance will also be provided to the internet

Also a free flight ticket is kept for internet

Transportation allowance to move around within the country is also added

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Requirements for METI Japan Internship Program 2022/2023 Qualification

Requirements are skilled professionals but must not reside in one of these countries e.g Japan, Nationality of OECD countries that are on the DAC List (Excluding China).

People who meet all the criteria listed below are eligible to apply.

  • In agreement with the objectives of this program and ready to work with Japanese businesses to encourage internationalization, overseas business development as well as establishing relationships with overseas universities, etc.
  • The holder of the nationality of a country that is marked eligible or an area also.
  • Candidates who can complete the internship at one of the offices designated as a Satellite Office. (5 days per week from Monday until Friday)
  • Must be fluent in Japanese language (JLPT N3 or higher) or proficient in English.
  • Candidates must not be younger than 20 years old and not more than 40 by October 15th, 2020.
  • Candidates need to present an enrollment certificate from a school or university or graduation certificate as well as an official letter of recommendation from the (enrolled/graduated) university or business or other institution.
  • Ability to present certificates of different qualifications
  • Able to participate in the required training and participate in work experience with the designated Satellite Office.
  • The ability to participate in an internship is in line with the schedule which is set by the Program Office appoints.
  • Ability to work towards high-quality communication, as one can when working remotely Conforming to any additional individual requirements set by each business.
  • People who haven’t been a part of this program from FY2016 through FY2019.

The main duties of interns

  • Forming an intern’s plan (roles/goals etc. of an intern) talking with the Internship Manager
  • Participating in training pre-course as well as follow-up training. wrap-up sessions.
  • Internships are conducted for a specified time.
  • Make sure to use good communication as much as you can when working remotely.
  • Responsible for their health and safety thoroughly. Contact the Program Office and the host company frequently, and continuously make reports or consult them.
  • Being required to complete certain tasks requested by the office of the program (document notification, document, as well as a report) not just during the internship but also during and following your internship.
  • The appropriate behavior is required when you are an official public fund received from the Japanese government


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Interview Date, Process, and Location to be used for METI Japan Internship Program

  • Screening is done by analyzing the information on the application form. It will be based on the aptitude and work experience/ability of the intern, understanding of the program’s objectives, and any other requirements or conditions that are requested by the hosting company.
  • Selection will be conducted through document screening, primary interview (native language/English/Japanese), and secondary interview (Japanese/English).
  • Different certification documents for university qualifications or language proficiency such as. ), letters of recommendation, photos, and more. are required to be submitted separately.
  • In line with details of registration and results of the interviews and interviews, the Program Office will set up optimal matching to prioritize combinations most likely to meet the goals of the program.
  • The Program Office will notify host businesses and intern applicants of the results of the matching. After a mutual agreement has been reached, match-ups are accepted.
  • Once a match has been established, a cancellation cannot be done at the discretion of the employee or the company.
  • Following the approval of the Screening Committee, a letter of acceptance notification is sent to the intern and host company. Based on this notice simultaneously the host company and intern will begin making preparations for an internship.

Application Deadline for the government of METI Japan Internship Program

October 15, 2022

How to Apply for the METI Japan Internship Program

  • Are you interested and are you qualified? Go to METI Japan Internship Program on to apply

  • Registration is accepted on an online basis, by completing the registration forms found on the Program Office website.
  • Selection is conducted through document screening, first interview (native language/English/Japanese), and secondary interview (Japanese/English).
  • During the process of selection different documents (qualification from a university or language proficiency, etc. ), letters of recommendation, and photos must be submitted separately

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Do you get paid for internships in Japan?

Yes, the fact remains that you get paid per hour up to 1,000 to 2,000 yen for every paid internship you involve in. Some would say it’s almost the same amount as other part-time jobs.

Can I intern in Japan?

Yes, numerous opportunities await you from the Japanese companies that provide many types of internship programs. However, most of the time these internships do not last long term they are more of a shorter time. Might be a few days or some weeks.

How do internships work in Japan?

In Japan internships are mostly used for introduction to seminars and team works with the participants the targets here are always the final year students who are already in search of jobs.

How can I get internship visa in Japan?

To do internship in Japan requires  general visa, nevertheless this visa is given for free. The general visa can be simply gotten from the embassy. However you have to first of all apply for this visa online download the application form when you visit the website of the embassy.

Conclusion of the meti Japan internship program 2022

The METI Japan Internship Program is organized by Japanese companies. This way many skilled professionals are selected for this purpose. To pass through a few days of internship.  Kindly apply if you meet up with the requirements stated above in this article.

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