Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation 2023/2024| Eligibility

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Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation 2023

Students throughout the United States are able to apply for the Mike Rowe Scholarship through the Work Ethic Scholarship Program run by the Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation 2023. The scholarship is designed for students who are seeking or who are willing to pursue a vocation or trade-related program that is related to their profession.

It is awarded to students who are interested in getting trained for a skill that they wish to develop. Students who receive the Mike Rowe Works Scholarship 2023 Skills will receive cash rewards as a one-time reward a result of this scholarship.

A reasonable amount of money will be provided to the students in order to cover the tuition for the program that they wish to pursue. Here, we are going to talk about the various benefits of this scholarship and the features that it has to offer.

The purpose of this article is generally to describe the eligibility criteria that must be met in order to meet the scholarship eligibility criteria, the types of awards that will be offered to students, the procedure for applying, the documents that will be needed to be submitted during the application process, and so on. The Mike Rowe Work Scholarship is one of the most recognized scholarships around today and you can learn more about it by reading on to the end of this article.

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Overview of the Mike Rowe Works Scholarship

In 2004, Mike Rowe created the Mike Rowe Scholarship with a pledge “Skills and Work Ethics Aren’t Taboo”, just a short statement that stated how the importance of these two skills should not be discouraged. An appraisal of the importance of work ethic, delayed satisfaction, responsibility and positive attitude in the life of a worker is formed by a series of pledge beliefs that all of these things play an important role in the lives of professionals.


By partnering with Midwest Technical Institute and Mike Rowe Works Foundation, Mike Rowe Works Foundation offers a scholarship program for students interested in pursuing skilled employment training at this institute through this partnership. It is the goal of this program to help all scholars who are unable to complete their education due to financial constraints complete their education for which this program offers scholarships according to their qualifications in order for them to be able to continue their education.

Through the scholarship, students will have the chance to enhance their skills, enhance their performance, and show off their skills in a professional manner as a result of having the opportunity to benefit from this scholarship. As a result, the hard work and dedication of a student who does well in his or her studies will give him or her the chance to continue his or her studies through scholarships if he or she performs to his or her maximum potential.

Mike Rowe Scholarship foundation details

  • Mike Rowe Works Scholarship – Highlights
    Scholarship provider – Mike Rowe Scholarship
    organization – Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation
    Beneficiaries – Students
    application Process – online
  • Objective – To provide opportunities to students who want to be trained in skilled work
    Benefits – This scholarship will be provided as a tuition fee
    Category – United States Scholarship


Deadline for the Mike Rowe Scholarship – Last Date

There are certain criteria that need to be met in order for a person to be eligible for this scholarship, so he or she will need to meet the requirements in order to be eligible. In order to qualify for this scholarship, there are many students who apply for it, and it is a highly competitive award that is given out to only a small number of students. There are a few students who are selected to be part of the program based on their performance on the skill test they take in such a circumstance. There will only be 150 students who have the chance to benefit from this scholarship, and the scholarship will only be awarded to them.

In order to be considered for this scholarship, you will need to submit your application before the end of the following deadlines:
There is a deadline is passed for applications to be received.

Please note that the dates given here are for the academic year, and they may change from year to year at the discretion of the scholarship provider.

Eligibility criteria for the Mike Rowe Scholarship

  • A student must be from the United States of America in order to be eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • The students who have graduated from high school or are seeking to get enrolled in a two-year college, technical school, vocational school, or any other approved technical institute within the United States who are high school seniors, graduates, or GED equivalents are eligible.
    In this category, we are looking for students who have already enrolled in a vocational or trade-related program or want to get enrolled as soon as possible.
    A student planning to complete a trade-related program after 31st December 2022 is considered to be in this category.
    It should be noted that anyone who has previously been awarded an Educational Scholarship from the Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation is not eligible to participate in the Mike Rowe Sweat Pledge program.


Required documents for the Mike Rowe Works Scholarship

  • The School Registration Form must have
    A copy of page one from the most recently filed IRS Form 1040.
    Completed S.W.E.A.T. Pledge Short Answer Questions.
    An official transcript of grades. In addition to transcripts of grades from each of the schools attended, applicants must include transcripts of grades from high school, vo-tech, or college. The submission of grade reports is not accepted
    Please provide two (2) completed Reference Questionnaires
    Signed S.W.E.A.T. Pledge.


Application procedure for the Mike Rowe Scholarship

After checking their eligibility and documents, all applicants who wish to apply for this scholarship can do so through the link provided for registration by clicking on the link. In order to apply, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • As a first step, an applicant must enroll in a program that has been approved by the university.
    As soon as you enroll in the approved program, you must sign the swipe oath.
    Thereafter, you will be required to answer three questions and write a personal essay as part of your application. You will submit this essay as part of your application.
    As part of this process, you will need references from at least two teachers, after which you will have to create a short video with a title of about 45-60 seconds, following the reference.
    In the video, please do not use any trademarks, service marks, or music of any kind.
    The applicant needs to upload this video to YouTube and make it public within a set of standards that have been prescribed by YouTube.
    Please submit your link to the video that shows the participation of everyone in the video, whose consent has been obtained, so that the Mike Rowe Work Foundation can use this video as a publicity tool for its scholarship sponsors.
    A copy of the school’s or college’s record of the applicant’s academic performance, as well as a copy of the tuition fee for the applicant, is displayed as it is, and the applicant must upload a copy to support his application.
    Proof of the applicant’s financial standing will be required at the end of the application as proof of his standing.


Mike Rowe Works Scholarship – Rewards

  • An amount of $400,000 will be raised as part of the latest program.
    A one-time scholarship will be awarded to the applicants who are selected under this scholarship program.
    Applicants are only eligible for the scholarship if they are enrolled in a trade-related or vocational program.
    Scholarship numbers, as well as scholarship amounts, will be determined by the Mike Rowe Works Foundation.
    As far as scholarship amounts are concerned, there has been no decision made regarding a maximum limit. Lastly, there will be a confirmation of the award amount from the recipient.


Mike Rowe works foundation charity rating

A score of 79.47 gives this charity a two-star rating, making it an excellent charity. Those charities that have a 3- or 4-star rating from Charity Navigator are considered to “Give with Confidence” by the organization’s donors.

Rundown as regards the Mike Rowe works scholarship foundation

this scholarship is specifically a work scholarship aiming to train future professionals in many fields of works skills and trade-related. you can easily hover down to the scholarship link to register for this scholarship


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