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It was quite a nice gesture from the Chinese education ministry to discuss how to get rid of issues concerning school funding in Taiwan which alone brought about the birth of the MOE huayu enrichment scholarship. According to the ministry, this was done to facilitate the learning and studies of the Mandarin Chinese language courses in Taiwan by the students. It was also provided to help the students learn original Chinese and also learn the Taiwanese culture and encourage good and common relationships with the Taiwanese and the world.


MOE Huayu enrichment scholarship award value

The value/rate of this scholarship is calculated on a monthly basis which is 25,000 NTD this amount is equal to £660.


What is the scholarship duration 

The MOE Huayu enrichment scholarship has 3 series of duration 

  • 3-months
  • 6-months
  • 9-months


However, candidates who fall under the 9 months will experience the lowest rate of awards.

Also all of the 9 months scholarship recipients are mandated to pass the Chinese language test at the band B or upper level at the time of their studies in Taiwan.


There is a solid need for a high standard of mandarin in all practices to be able to pass the level of  Band B.

However, the failure to secure a pass will affect the removal of your one-month allowance.


Candidates who are within the 9 months scholarship are expected to have a strong will, and a positive optimistic mind to be able to meet the required set aside standard of mandarin within the specified duration.


Deadlines for the MOE Huayu enrichment scholarship 


(Nine months)The 9 monthly scholarship is to run from either 


  • a)1st September 2022 to the 31st May 2023; or 
  • b) from the 1st December 2022 to the 31st August 2023.


(Six months) Then the second series the 6 months provides the candidates with three choices to choose from within the academic calendar which are 


  • a)1st September 2022 to 28th February 2023;


  • b) 1st December 2022 to 31st May 2023; or c) 1st March 2023 to 31st August


Lastly, the 3 months scholarship option gives room to cover up to 4 sessions in that academic year


  • a) 1st September to 30th November 2022 (autumn term);
  • b) 1st December 2022 to 28th February 2023 (winter term);
  • c)1st March to 31st May 2023 (spring term); or 
  • d) 1st June to 31st August 2023 (summer term).


Note: use the scholarship application form to get more information as regards the available options. Also, put in mind that it will not be possible to give 2 month’s scholarship to new applicants this year. 

This is because there is limited time and students might not have enough time to fill out special entry forms and the quarantine process.

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Moe Huayu enrichment scholarships rules and regulations 


Any candidate who did not meet up or was not able to come to Taiwan for the enrollment process at the appointed time will automatically have to forfeit his or her right to secure their scholarship.


The funding of the scholarship will take effect on the day of the enrolment of the scholarship candidate.


The funding also ends at the marked date for the scholarship end which is the expiration date or it can also end if maybe the scholarship was withdrawn.


Scholarship recipients are to stay in their language courses till the summary of the period of study.


No candidates should ever plan on missing the final weeks of study for the reason of traveling or appointments and others. This is because it will seriously affect the percentage of scholarships given to the UK-applying candidates in the near future.


Also remember the Moe Huayu enrichment scholarship candidates must have been present in class for the duration of 4 to 6 weeks for confirmation before the first scholarship stipend will be given to them.


Note: there are a lot of fees at the top board during the beginning of the scholarship every candidate should prepare some initial funds that will cover most of these expenses. Though it all depends on the area, you might need advice from the language center before arrival.

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  1. International candidates must be above 18 years of age 
  2. Must possess an A level or equal qualifications also is expected to have a great record in academic achievements
  3. Is expected I have good morals


However, any candidate who falls into the below list criteria is ruled out and is therefore not eligible for this scholarship.


  • a.Overseas Chinese students and nationals of the R.O.C.
  • b. Candidates currently enrolled as a student at a Mandarin Language Centre or who have pursued a 

degree from a university or college in Taiwan.

  • c. Candidates who have once obtained a HES or a Taiwan Scholarship.
  • d. Candidates who will be an exchange student to Taiwan as of the time of the scholarship.
  • e. Candidates presently collecting financial privileges from the Taiwan government or other educational foundations.
  • f. Those who are not UK nationals.

(Non-UK citizens may be able to apply for the scholarship via the Taipei Representative Office in their country of citizenship. 


Those who are skeptical how to find the appropriate bureau should 

contact the Scholarships Office: [email protected].)

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How to apply for the MOE Huayu enrichment scholarship


To apply for this scholarship, these simple procedures have to be followed 


Gather the whole list of needed documents and apply for the scholarship through electronic means to the (BACS) the British Association of Chinese studies this should be done prior to the scholarship deadline on (17.00 BST, Thursday 31st March, 2022):


Needed documents


  • An application form
  • A scanned copy of your UK passport 
  • Scanned copies of the certificates of their highest academic qualification (i.e. degree certificate 
  • or A-Level certificates). Current university students who have not yet graduated should include 
  • a copy of their most recent transcript of study.
  • Proof of application to a recognised Taiwanese language centre (e.g. valid admission letter or e-
  • mail from the language centre’s admissions department acknowledging receipt of application)


  • Two letters of citation (which must be submitted by referees directly to BACS, on the reference form provided by BACS, to the email address [email protected]).


Take Note: only 2 references will be acknowledged if there are other reference letters they will all be rejected.

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Candidates are expected to have submitted their scholarship application to their language centers for accreditation before ever applying for the more Huayu enrichment scholarship.


Also, remember that all documents that is to be submitted should be in a pdf/word/docs file format.


After you have sent and submitted your documents, BACS will mail you a receipt that verifies all of the applications with references you submitted.


Note: Remember it is your right to make sure that BACS receives and confirms your application and reference. However in a case where there is no reply as regards your application you will have to contact BACS to be able to correct the problem.

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The selection process will be overseen by the British Association of Chinese studies and its academic department’s Taipei representative office in the UK known to be (TRO) in short. They will handle the reviewing and processing of the scholarship


Scholarship candidates that applied for the 9 months scholarship might be invited for an interview which was organized by the education division toward the end of April.


If in any way an already successful candidate forfeits his/her scholarship prior to their arrival in Taiwan that position will be given automatically to the next candidate from the reserve.


Priority will be shown to candidates who are staying outside of Taiwan and who applied for the shorter duration of scholarships.This is to help a mass number of candidates to profit from the scholarship opportunity provided to them in Taiwan.

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How competitive is Huayu Enrichment Scholarship?

As a general rule, the Huayu Scholarship can be compared to the Confucius Institute Scholarship on the Mainland in terms of its competitiveness and the difficulty of obtaining it.

Terms and conditions guiding the Moe Huayu enrichment scholarship 


  • Candidates are only meant to study mandarin language at the center officially approved by MOE you can use this link to the list we gave above to make a selection 


  • Candidates’ applications should be according to the guidelines provided by the center. Later candidates will send a copy of their admission to the department of education for formal confirmation. If you fail to do this I believe you should know you are disqualified


  • 15 hours of the language course is a must to pass through, for the candidates each week. The cultural visits, speeches, and self-learning are not inclusive.


  • You cannot for any reason apply for another new language center


  • You cannot receive another scholarship from other sources while still on this scholarship. If you do so you will lose this scholarship and also pay back every stipend given to you while enjoying both scholarships.


  • Scholarship can be terminated or revoked but this is done according to the mandarin language center while abiding by the rules set by the ministry of education Taiwan. This is done most, especially when the candidate has poor grades or bad morals.


  • Candidates must join the national health insurance scheme so their insurance fees can be easily deducted from the monthly stipends before the allowance is paid to them. they also have to make sure that the insurance they bought will cover them for the rest of their Moe Huayu enrichment scholarship.


The scholarship will b revoked if the candidate is part of the below cases;


  • If a student is missing twelve hours or more of classes in 1 month;


  • – If the GPA of a scholarship recipient falls under 80 points (out of 100) for one term of study;


  • – If a candidate of the nine-month MOE Huayu enrichment scholarship does not partake in and pass the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL), Band B or higher. Failure to provide a credible TOCFL certificate will cost 
  • the recipient a month’s grant subsidy and no immunities can be permitted for late enrollment or not 
  • passing the test. Candidates should pay for the TOCFL themselves. The latest date for submitting a valid TOCFL certificate is one month prior to the fulfillment of their study term. You will not sit for this exam if you have submitted the most recent TOCFL certificate of Band B or higher.


  • Your MOE huayu enrichment scholarship will be revoked if your GPA falls under 80 points from 100 except if it was an issue of sickness or injury.


  • If the scholarship candidate goes against the laws if the Taiwan government


  • If the scholarship candidate violates the language center rules and regulations 

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MOE Huayu enrichment scholarship contact information


Tel: +44-(0)20-74365888


Education Officer E-mail: 

[email protected]


Summary as regards to the MOE huayu enrichment scholarship 


Apply today for the Taiwan moe huayu enrichment scholarship to enjoy the scholarship award of 25,000 NTD this amount is equal to £660.


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