Top 5 Philippines government scholarship for international students 2022/2023

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Philippines government scholarship for international students

The country Philippines is known to be located in scattered islands in the southeast of asia continent. A tropical nation with a warm climate, the Philippines is most well-known for its stunning beaches, natural areas and historic buildings that are well maintained and promoted to draw and educate foreigners and locals alike with its rich past.


While it’s not the most well-known country for the Western students who want to study abroad, however it’s an option to think about especially as regards to the philippines government scholarship for international students.  The official language in the country is Filipino but English is widely spoken and is encouraged, particularly in classrooms and workplace contexts. Foreigners visiting the country are greeted with warmth and welcomed. 


It is estimated that over 20000 international students from all over the globe are currently studying at the Philippine university. Cost of living in the Philippines is affordable, which means the door for international students to pursue their studies in the Philippines. 

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Here are some Philippines government scholarship for international students that are available to foreign students who are considering studying in the Philippines. 


 1. Ateneo Freshman Merit Scholarship (AFMSS) among the philippines government scholarship for international students


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Award Amount: Full tuition and allowance.


Degree eligible undergraduate Ateneo de Manila University, one of the most highly regarded schools in the Philippines founded in 1859, has a long-standing tradition of producing top graduates and consistently top performers particularly in the fields of Medicine and Law throughout the nation.


They offer students at all levels, starting from kindergarten through elementary school, to high school in addition to graduate and undergraduate schools.


The year 1994 was the time they created the Office of International Relations in support of their expanding group of international students as well as other partner organizations in the world. 


They also offer the Ateneo Freshman Merit Scholarship, one of the top scholarships available in the Philippines for international students and is given to the most successful applicants for the first 50 students of their academic year. 


The winners could have graduated from local public and private schools as well as senior high schools overseas. Candidates selected can choose their preferred four- or five-year undergraduate degree that is fully funded from the school.


 They will also be granted an annual allowance of P50,000 (around 1,000 dollars) that they can spend on their daily necessities. Students from other areas of Metro Manila will also be qualified for an additional dorm tuition. 


2. Freeman Asia Program among the philippines government scholarship for international students


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Amount: $3,000-$7,000. 

Degree: Undergraduate


The Freeman-ASIA program, which was established in the Institute of International Education, is designed to help financially struggling U.S.-based students who wish to pursue studies within East or Southeast Asia. By doing this, the program hopes to increase information about Asia and to build more of a culturally sensitive society within America. United States. Since its inception back in 2001, the organization has helped more than five thousand students who have been allowed to attend one of the over 600 universities.


The amount of the award for students in the Philippines will be contingent on the length of stay and the length of stay. It is $3,000 for summer and $5,000 for quarters or semesters and $7,000 for calendar year and academic year. 


Freeman-ASIA scholarship recipients will have to submit a project proposal that they must complete at the time of their stay or in the country of their host. They will remain at their home institution in the U.S. Then, they should select a program the institution will recognize after their return.


3. Global Study Awards among the philippines government scholarship for international students


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Scholarship Amount: PS10,000 (approximately $13,900)

The degree that is eligible for admission: undergraduate and graduate

Global Study Awards, supported by the British Council IELTS, International Student Identity Card Association (ISICC) and Student portals is designed to provide students the chance to study abroad, explore diverse cultures, and gain an understanding and perspective on the globe. 


Every year, two highly-qualified students are selected to take part in an educational experience abroad. They are expected to help in the development of inclusiveness and utilize their experience to enhance their professional career.


To be eligible for the scholarship candidates must have completed the IELTS test at an British Council Center, must possess an valid International Student Identity Card or International Youth Travel Card, and be aged 18 or more. 


The selection process is based on merit and is made by representatives at the levels of representative and partners. The recipients of this Philippines scholarship could receive the amount of up to P10,000 (approximately $13,900) and is paid directly to the school in which they are studying.


The remainder of the money can be used to pay for other daily expenses during their time in the country, up to the maximum period of 52 weeks.


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4. Agropolis Foundation-SEARCAA Joint Scholarship Program among the philippines government scholarship for international students


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Scholarship Amount: Varies

Eligible Degree: Doctoral


A co-funded doctoral scholarship between the Agropolis Foundation of France along with the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCAA) The program is designed to encourage and expand research in the area of agricultural change by providing support for education for promising doctoral students.


The program allows students to stay for 18 months in France and at one or more of the Southeast Asian University Consortium for Graduate Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCC) member institutions that could be located in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.


 For consideration, applicants need to submit a proposal for research that addresses any of these areas such as climate change and agriculture sustainability and conservation of biodiversity as well as responsible consumption and production. When the scholar has completed their research, they are awarded a dual or double degree.


5. Boren Fellowship among the philippines government scholarship for international students


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Scholarship Amount: Up to $25,000

Eligible Degree: Doctoral


Boren Fellowship, which is financed through the Boren Awards are awarded for graduate students that wish to participate in a comprehensive study of culture and language abroad. All U.S. citizens are eligible to apply.


 They will be given the chance to select their country of choice and are targeted at those whose languages are less likely to be taught or aren’t familiar. The selected fellows must return home with superior knowledge of the subject they are studying and have a greater knowledge of the culture they are studying.


Selection is according to the submitted essays, as well as other credentials that help them stand apart. The awarding of this prize in the Philippines will be contingent on the duration of the fellowship. 


A grant of $12,500 will be awarded to students who are studying abroad for 12-24 months and up to $25,000 for those staying for between 25 and 52 weeks.

Does Philippines provide scholarship for international students?

Affirmative the Philippines always offer international scholarships to international students and also provide scholarships to their local Students. we believe most other also countries do and Philippines is not an exception to this and here we have lists out the best philippines government scholarship for international students.

Can I study in Philippines for free?

A bill was formerly agreed and passed by the Philippines law makers to bring about an affordable higher education to all act. This law  made by the senate’s will provide free tuition to all students in all state levels universities and also colleges the Philippines government scholarship for international students.  This scholarship scheme is inline with the law made.

How can I study abroad in the Philippines for free?

We will list out 7 ways to study abroad in Philippines freely

  1. Make a research and note down every current ongoing scholarships in the Philippines
  2. Examine them all choose all that suits you and discard the rest.
  3. Be sure to choose the ones that you are eligible for and have some little chances of winning.
  4. Now choose the best scholarship to apply for the Philippines government scholarship for international students is a good fit you can as well choose 2 if it’s approved.
  5. Make enquiries as regards each scholarships you choose.
  6. Start preparation get all credentials ready passports, essays if needed, high school credentials if needed.
  7. Apply very early before closure date

Round up with Philippines government scholarship for international students

With a thorough work we have dug deep to provide you with the best list of Philippines government scholarships for international students to apply as it’s early today.

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