Top 5 scholarships exams for class 12th passed out Indian students

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Top 5 scholarships exams for class 12th passed out Indian students

The scholarships exams for class 12th passed out Indian students are only meant for the indian students who successfully passed the 12th  class exam and also have an interest in furthering their education.

Then this scholarship is here to help out, all you will have to do now is to apply for the scholarship according to the requirements that are stated that you must pass according to the organizations. This will go a very long way even to help them reach their highest potential and vision in life.

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Top 5 scholarships exams for class 12th passed out students

Top 5 scholarships exams for class 12th passed out indian students

Let’s take a closer look at all the list of the scholarships exams for class 12th passed out indian students


College admission scholarship applications (CASA)

scholarships exams for class 12th passed out indian students

College admission scholarship applications are open for eligible students to fill up admission forms. The form is an opportunity to be able to get higher free education without fees. This process of filling for the CASA form always resumes in the month of June currently yet the fee for the form is completely free so it is all up to you.

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scholarship eligibility requirements 

There is only but one rule to the eligibility status to get this scholarship and that is that the student must pass the 12th examination before the scholarship exam for class 12. Also graduated students that recently graduated are also eligible to fill out the form.

Schindler Igniting Minds Scholarship

scholarships exams for class 12th passed out Indian students

The Schindler Igniting Minds Scholarship is one of a kind and is still a very mighty opportunity specifically made for students that live in rural and local areas

Also to keep in mind that the scholarship is still for the 12th class passed out Indian students that are ready to further their education in various courses like chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, civil engineering, and so on.


Eligibility status;

It’s strictly for the students that were able to pass the 12th class exams in the science torrent with a margin of 65% in aggregate.  Also, the income of the family should not be above Rs. 2 lakh per annum.

This scholarship is still meant for the students that have dreams to go into higher diploma courses in the engineering faculty such as civil engineering, electrical, and mechanical if you are to go into any course that is related to science then you are eligible to apply.


National scholarship test

scholarships exams for class 12th passed out indian students

The national scholarship test which is known as the [NST] is known for being the most popular scholarship exam conducted by the shiksha education trust.


Eligibility status

The only students that are qualified for the NST scholarship exams for class 12 are students from the 5th to the 12th grade


PM Narendra Modi Scholarships exams for class 12th Passed out Indian Students

This organization known as the PM Narendra Modi really did a launching its scholarship program which Scholarship was for the 12th Pass Students that are currently in search of admission to various tertiary universities for postgraduate and also the undergraduate programs classified.

The program itself provides more help both financially and otherwise to the ex-servicemen. The program provides the sum of 5,500 scholarships such courses as B.E, B.TECH, B.A, BBA, MA, M.COM, MSC, ph.d pharmacy, and also medical courses.


Eligibility status

The candidates will and must pass the class 12th exams with a total least amount of 75% before the student can apply for the scholarship.


There is an age requirement that a student must pass. it is assumed that the student must be up to 18 to 25 years to be eligible.

Also, the family of the students must be earning below Rs. 6 or will be earning Rs.6 lakhs annually this is also the eligibility requirement.



Combined counseling board [CCB] scholarship exams for class 12th passed out indian students

This scholarship from CCB provides aid through the scholarship to financially unstable families and backgrounds to give them an opportunity to pursue their higher education dream.

CCB are not alone in this quest of helping low-income families and background, they have associates with well-established institutes worldwide where all the students can get better scholarships opportunity.


Eligibility status;

The CCB accepts students to apply for the scholarship from the class 10th and the 12th class respectively

The students within the specified classes above are assumed that they have passed their scholarship exams for class 12th  with the minimum requirement of 33% to 50%  of the aggregate score.


Who is eligible for scholarship in India?

Below is the organized full list of Indian scholarship eligibility according to ministry/departments.

Ministry/Department Parental Income Primary Supporting Doc
People with Disabilities 2.5 lakh Disability(>40%) Certificate
People with Higher Education 6.0 lakh (4.5 lakh non-creamy) SC/ST/OBC Disability Certificate
Minority Affairs 2.0 lakh Parental Income/Religion Certificate
Labor 1.0 to 1.2 lakh Worker’s ID Card


How can I study for free in India?

There are a few tips to apply to get free education in India.

Start to work on your abilities

If you are not good in some areas start on time to fill up the gaps between. Take a look on your GPA are they below average then work on them. You are to show your abilities in a subject so you will need to defend it will good resume so work on them.

Early application preparation is the key to success

See it’s not just about applying for the scholarship there are some little factors that should be considered prior to application. However when you prepare early you get to know what again is missing and is to be done to increase your chances. When application is ready on time you have more time to meet up with school scholarship guide to ask some questions relative to the scholarship to get more insight on what next you should do or what you are doing wrong.

Always consider home based indian scholarships

When you target a foreign scholarship there is no reason to say you would not pass but mind you it’s a global scholarship which comes with high competition making it difficult. However if you consider initial scholarships and target one of your choice when all eligibility requirements are met you stand a higher chance of securing that one.

Also, receive scholarship grants from your country’s administrative board

Many European countries oversee the total school expenses of their citizens that are studying outside of their country. check if your country supports it then you could also benefit from this initiative.

Also, remember the International scholarship

Yes, we said you should go for your state’s scholarships for some reasons. But still, yet you do not have to forget the International scholarship all we are saying is International scholarship is harder compared to local. If you can fix your eyes on both sides good but be sure to hold one never let them both slip past you by.

Seek for affordable universities in India

Outside of getting a scholarship let’s say you didn’t get one and still yet you would love to study for free in India, then you could start by searching for cheap universities within India. This will go a long way in helping you stabilize since they are cheaper than the others.

According to our data, we will advise you to go for public universities since they are cheaper when compared to private institutions. with a tuition rate of $300 Nd ranges to $400  you can start without tuition fees burning you up.

Apply to your chosen universities when ready

After all preparations have been met then it’s time to apply you shouldn’t hesitate when it’s time to apply to fasten your chances of approval

Lower the cost of living

Leave on a low budget to ease your capital and help you save more and be focused.

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Apply over and over again

Free things don’t come easily you should know by now why because everyone lives free things it then turns it into competition to get it. That is why you have to apply again even if you did not make it in the first time it’s a process don’t over and over again check your mistakes correct them when applying next to boost your chances.


Summary on scholarships exams for class 12th passed out Indian students

We believe that the scholarship exams for class 12th passed out indian students are mainly for Indians students reading this. If then it’s for you, we will urge you to take your time to prepare in case you have not written your 12th class exam prepare well so as to pass.

This is to help you secure your scholarship in any of the Top 5 scholarship schools and write the exams for class 12th passed out for Indian students. In case if you might have written already your exams read our article carefully to verify if you can make it to the scholarship if not it is not late take your time to prepare next time. We wish you luck in advance.

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