Simon & Schuster Internship Application 2022

by Matthew

Simon & Schuster Internship Application 2022


Over the years the Simon & Schuster internship application has closed many deadlines with many applications from interested students. They are known for writing and publishing fiction and non-fiction magazines and books. In 2022 the Simon and Schuster internship program was listed among America’s Best Mid-Size Employers.” this is a welcome development to the organization.


They publish their materials in audio formats, video, and digital formats. They also have the legendary writers which have brought about the birth of some of their best-selling books like Simon & Schuster, Scribner, Atria Books, Gallery Books, Pocket Books, Adams Media, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, and Simon & Schuster Audio this great achievement have circulated even to up to 200 countries and counting.


Simon & Schuster internship application information overview


There are two main categories of the internship

  • Adult
  • Children


Based on where the intern’s age falls he or she is placed on the appropriate side according to the academic course work, interest, experience, and lastly Simon & Schuster business needs


All internees are to work side by side with the publishing professionals in the field. They are to attend seminars and events, and lunch to learn more about the programs specifically designed for the internees.


There is an aggregate of 10 weeks of program that summarizes the summer fall and spring sessions. While the summer session will be 35 hours in a week also the fall and spring term will be 16 to 20 hours minimum a week this is to accommodate the internees’ academic schedules.


Simon & Schuster internship pay?


Every internee will receive their due payment every hour but will need to also fill up a weekly time sheet. Check below 

  • Intern salaries – 5 salaries reported at $34,865/yr
  • Intern – Hourly salaries – 4 salaries reported at $32,912/yr
  • Editorial salaries – 3 salaries reported at $22,616/yr
  • Internship salaries – 2 salaries reported at $33,791/yr


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How to apply for the Simon and Schuster & internship application


  • Open the website portal below at the end of this article @ Simon & Schuster career portal and follow the application process to fill-up the form.


  • Attached to your cover letter should be your resume.
  • NB: you are to specify your section where you have more passion. Keep in mind that your online application should have your resume attached to it. And every resume that is sent or mailed will not be considered.


  • There won’t be room to contact everyone except those who made it to the selected lists due to the heavy number of applications from individuals. It is not proper to contact Simon and Schuster regarding your application status.


Eligibility requirements for the Simon & Schuster internship 2022


To be eligible for the Simon & Schuster internship application program you must meet up with the following requirements below;


  • Applicants are expected to be undergraduate seniors or juniors or can as well be a graduate while already in the program.


  • Candidates are to submit as required their application with the cover letter attached to it through the Simon and Schuster portal provided at the end of this post.


  • Must have obtained a US work permit after graduation. Thus the completion of your application proves your eligibility to work in the United States.


Required experience and skills


  • You must be strong in personality


  • Good communication skills which include written, oral


  • Passion for publications, books, and stories and ready to talk about them.


  • Must have a good personality with the desire to know more


NB: visit more schools, colleges , and universities in an academic year and become a fan of the Simon & Schuster internship program Facebook page to see more information regarding the recruitment time.


HEADS UP: The Simon & Schuster internship application is purely educational and is meant for only the students who qualified for it. However, it does offer any contract or full work opportunity to any candidate be wary about that. Some company staff benefits like vacation, sick days, bonuses, or health, and welfare plans, are not accessible to candidates in the Simon & Schuster internship 2022.


Little information about Simon & schuster


Coming to the field related to books and publishing of fictional and none fictional audio and written content, Simon and Schuster is on the top level with the CBS corporations maintaining their leading role in the publishing industry. 


Is Simon and Schuster a good company to work for?


According to the data, we have Simon and Schuster rated up to 3.9% from the margin of 5 stars this is great news to hear. This data was gotten from the 290 reviews gotten from anonymous employees. Did you also know that up to 75% of employees recommended Simon and Schuster to friends, while 73% have a positive view of potential business expectations.



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