How to Apply for Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

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 skilled Independent visa subclass 189

For every international personal that wants to apply for the skilled independent visa subclass 189 as a worker that is fully qualified for a specific skill that is centralized for the betterment of the economy of Australia then this article is completely made for you.

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How to apply for Skilled Independent visa subclass 189?

To be eligible and apply for the skilled independent visa in Australia there are some basic requirements that you must meet up to be able to qualify.

  • First and foremost you have to be invited
  • Also the most you must be younger than the age of 45 this is at the time invitation was given to you.
  • Make sure that will choose a good occupation that best matches  your skills which will also be important as the  Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List well known as the (MLTSSL)
  • must have to pass and score up to 65% in English test
  • you will also need to pass the health checkup test

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How can I get permanent residency in Australia?

  • If you have a dream of getting a permanent place of residency in Australia and perhaps making a living in Australia, then you must head on and apply for the skilled independent visa in Australia with this golden opportunity you can be able to secure a comfortable permanent place of residence in Australia.

Why choose a skilled independent visa?

Skilled Independent Visa  Subclass 189) as it is called and known by Australians and migrants seeking residency permits. It is known to be a special visa designed for skilled folks as a medium of access to gain residency in Australia some would say it is (point-based).


This visa gives the skilled worker access to move around freely in Australia and without any need of having any sponsor maybe from its family or either by the territorial government.


What are the benefits of having a skilled independent visa?

  • You have access to live freely work for imprecise time graph in Australia
  • Enroll in a Medicare
  • Be able to sponsor any eligible family member for their permanent residency
  • Also, you can get valid permanent citizenship in Australia
  • Have access to travel in and out of Australia from the time that the visa was granted to you and that should be a space of (5 years)

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Do I apply from Overseas or in Australia?

It does not matter your current location when you want to submit or have already submitted your application for the skilled independents subclass 189. You can be anywhere to submit your application for the Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa.

However, there are some requirements for you to submit your application such as C, B, A  you can also use the substantive Visa with this you can be able to file and mail your application inside of Australia. The bridging visa will be offered to you this visa will work as an immune will help you stay in Australia it will buy you some time.


What are the Benefits of the Skilled Independent visa Subclass 189?


The Australian Skilled Independent visa Subclass 189 offers a wide range of things that you can benefit from that can cover you and your family members. And they are:

  • To work and live in Australia for a given period
  • Gives and offers opportunities for you to study in Australia
  • Helps you to enroll for Medicare the Australian health scheme
  • You also have the opportunity to become a  citizen of Australia 🇦🇺 when you apply.  (Terms & conditions apply).
  • Help your immediate relatives to get the Australia Pr Visa
  • Being able to travel and return to Australia as much as you can


What are the requirements for a skilled independent visa in Australia?

One of the most important requirements for a skilled independent visa Australia is to submit an expression of interest in short (EOI) with a score. Like we said earlier it works with points you have to score at least 65% of points to be able to secure an invitation from the department of immigration for the visa application.


Below are the whole points that were awarded by different factors


  • Your age
  • Qualification of Education (Diploma / Degree / PHD)
  • Knowledge in the command of English
  • Experience in Work
  • Single / Partner Skills
  • NAATI Accreditation
  • Years of Professionalism

Heads up: in case you have finished any degree, any diploma, or perhaps qualification of trade at any Australian institute then automatically you are fully eligible to receive an extra 5 points into your EOI.

Nevertheless, there are still some demands to be met before you can be able to claim those 5 points of yours read below.


General Eligibility Criteria for the Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189


To get this visa you must meet these demands below;


  • 45 years of age is assumed that It is the limit of the visa age
  • Nominating an activity from Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) & furthermore At least proficient English
  • Be skilled in at least competent English
  • Have your skills assessed by the significant assessing authority
  • Accomplish the score specified in your visa application
  • Meet the health and personality requirements
  • Health & Character Requirements
  • You and all the relations members are required to:
  • Make sure that you have applied for the visa within the space of 12 months after you have undergone medical tests
  • Police certificates from each country you lived in for 12 months in the last ten years (after you turned 16 years of age)


The certificate from the police from every country which you have lived in previously for 12 months in the past ten years after turning 16 in age.


Debts to the Australian government.

You should not in any way be owing to the Australian government any debt at all before the visa is approved for you.


Eligibility of family members

To lodge a visa application, you are allowed the following members of your immediate family to the visa application.

  • Your spouse/partner is allowed to be included
  • Your child is allowed to be included
  • Your partner or spouse child is also allowed to be included


Are you just weighed down by the demands and requirements of the visa or are you having thoughts on how to express your interest?

Then that is why you should not worry we will give you a head start on how to go about to apply for a skilled independent visa Australia subclass 189


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