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Study abroad Swarthmore


Swarthmore Launches Semester Abroad Programs in Poland


Study abroad Swarthmore or Study abroad Swarthmore College both are still study abroad programs which is to get you a spot in Swarthmore University or college. As Swarthmore has gone to the extra length to launch their 2 study programs which were established in Poland it gives you an opportunity to apply today.

By the resumption of the coming spring semesters, the college crews such as the dance crew and the theater crew students will be earning credits for working in the theater with the Silesian dance team.

However, the students of the environmental and also the engineering departments will be taking their environmental courses at the University of Cracow.


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The management of joint programs of Swarthmore made a statement regarding the opportunity which is accessible now as an American upper-class education in Eastern Europe after the conclusion of the last cold war. And it is said that this is an opportunity that the schools in the United States have been so adamant to pursue.


Swarthmore off-campus program study session

Study abroad Swarthmore

Many students up to %40 do normally enjoy the off-campus study session opportunity and these includes the;

  • Administered programs
  • All Swarthmore affiliated programs
  • And also the reciprocal exchange


What to benefit in the Swarthmore off campus study program

  • You can earn swat credits while you stay in abroad studying this will count to major or minor
  • Try to use the financial assistance given to you as you normally do during the normal semester I swart
  • You can also develop your social interacting skill while in the swarthmore off campus study program
  • There are numerous languages that you can try to learn during the swarthmore campus study program attach yourself to any school that teaches some varieties of language skill and increase the number of language you can use

Swarthmore has over 300 programs already standby the next thing to is to find the exact program that would match your criteria. However is not an easy task as it would require some effort to dig deep and also there are some few things to keep in mind when beginning you search. And they are:

Most of the academic sections have put in place the best time or semester that is best for their studies so be sure you have checked each department and their study sessions to choose well use this spreadsheet it will guide you.

  • You can also be allowed to study during some seasons with conditions
  • Spring season should be junior year or may be fall of the senior year though there should be approval from the major program Department
  • To get more insight I would recommend you to meet some of the students that last participated to get more knowledge check and evaluate their records.
  • When searching for the suitable program make sure to set filters to the way its suits you most


Never forget to chat with the staff OCS staff is always available to help you out when eve it seams tedious. And here is the email address to reach them easily for quick assistance (Email)




Swarthmore admission inquiries

Every student that have an interest in the Swarthmore study program must take a look at the programs admission inquiries  you can contact this numbers 610-328-8300 or use the email address at [email protected]


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Swarthmore application process

Submitting of the Swarthmore application can be submitted either by regular process or one of the Early process plans. Applicants must follow the rules and procedures to submit their applications.

The submission of the application of your decision both early and regular decision must be attached with a $60, non-refundable fee and this fee must be approved by the counselor of the secondary school. Below is the timetable of the plan


Fall Early Decision
Application deadline Nov. 15
Notification of candidate by Dec. 15

Winter Early Decision
Application deadline Jan. 1
Notification of candidate by Feb. 15

Regular Decision
Application deadline Jan. 1
Notification of candidate by April 1
Candidate reply date May 1



Swarthmore student charges and expenses

Total charges for the 2021-2022 academic year are as follows:

Tuition $55,856
Room $8,796
Board $8,354
Student activities fee      $200


These bills are just the normal price billed by the organization take note these expenses and charges are just for the major schooling fees. Some other expenses like transport fair, feeding, personal utilities, health, and other expenses are all different from these major expenses written above.


Swarthmore Academic Programs/courses

Study abroad Swarthmore


  • Art and Art History
  • Asian Studies
  • Biology
  • Black Studies
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Classics
  • Cognitive Science
  • Comparative Literature
  • Computer Science
  • Dance
  • Economics
  • Educational Studies
  • Engineering
  • English Literature
  • Environmental Studies
  • Film and Media Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Global Studies
  • History
  • Interpretation Theory
  • Islamic Studies
  • Latin American and Latino Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Medieval Studies
  • Modern Languages and Literature:
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French and Francophone Studies
  • German Studies
  • Japanese
  • Literature in Translation
  • Russian
  • Music
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Physical Education and Athletics
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Spanish
  • Theater


Today Poland’s higher education and the artistic communities have witnessed an intense change in the education sector most especially in the part of the country where the program is being runned ‘’and now were are suddenly in the middle of It’’ Allen kuharski said. The professor who directs the Swarthmore theater with the Silesian dance team is been studied by the Swarthmore theater after the exchanges with the polish theater have been organized for many years on the foundation of ad hoc.

What makes the Swarthmore study abroad opportunity program


Study abroad Swarthmore

  • It’s simple, it is based mainly on a dance company
  • it is a non-academic firm

Said kuharski also added that the students who will be participating in the program will be experiencing some other professional internship which is also similar.


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Last February the study abroad program through the Silesian dance theater grew all the way out so fast. Also to know is that the group has won many titles in America only for an original style of dance the reveal’s luminsk’s while training in modern dance and also ballet.


Normally it is expected of Swarthmore that 5 to 6 of its pupils will have to participate in the program which always takes weeks of tutorials at the closest university of Cracow Jagiellonian. The students of Swarthmore also participate in the international dancing conference in conjunction with the performance festival, which area always hosted by the Silesian dance theater every summer in Poland Bytom.


Arthur Mc Garrity is a professor of engineering environmental opportunity studies in the interest of Poland. Mac Garity said in his quote that ‘’Poland is an exciting place for the students that are interested in environmental studies’’ the professor has worked in Poland and also have studied two times in Poland.


Though the country has lots of environmental challenges to face it is also a great thing to develop an interest in solving them.


Students of Swarthmore will be taught in English when they sign up for the environmental curriculum and all that has to do with language. Also attached to their curriculum is the environmental science and technology Poland.



Swarthmore university and college degree program opportunity

Study abroad Swarthmore

Swarthmore is keen on its priority which they have in mind to help students from all around the world to get opportunities and prepare for the future.

It is best to spend one or more semesters studying overseas this is a key level of their degree program. Only % 40 of all students make use of this golden opportunity.


An overall average of students from 60 countries is said to participate in this program.  Also aligned to the program are over 300 universities that the students can make their choice from or also the college program that is overseen by the Swarthmore in countries like Poland, South Africa etc.  Students can choose to enroll directly at any of these universities stated here abroad or some other wide range of study abroad programs.


Apart from studying abroad, there are some programs of externship that are offered to the students by the college to explore some fields in which a student might have some interest.  Every year the main program that matches the students up to 200 students with over 300 old pupils sponsors like the industries some agents and that want to see the success of the pupils which are also eager to invest back into their alma mater and they are making a wave.


It was one of my best moments to have such an amazing experience said one of the students who tagged along with the physicians and some medical staff throughout the stay and learned a great deal through them. I was completely happy with everything it really helped me to make a decision of my to fully commit my time to the field of medicine.


summary on study abroad Swarthmore program

Get hold of yourself and never miss this golden opportunity that is knocking on your doorstep today Swarthmore study abroad program will ensure you of a good future if only you grab the opportunity to gain access to so much knowledge out there in the world.


Here you can explore more of your desired options through the Swarthmore off-campus study

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