Study in Norway Agents in Nigeria

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Study in Norway Agents in Nigeria


Are you searching for countries with top-notch education? The renowned Norwegian education system is listed to be among the top-rated countries with a good & quality educational system.

Due to their higher education grade which has been set aside to bring a good co-existence between the students and the lectures many developing countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, or perhaps the continent of Africa have sought a way to study in Norway and to execute this requires a study in Norway agents in Nigeria. Have you also applied for the skilled independent visa subclass 189 


Yes, it is highly possible to be a student studying at Norway university pursuing your degree program, studying your dream course. The most interesting part of it is that it is made available to international students.


It has been said by many international students why they have chosen to study in Norway is because of some vital reasons such as advanced technology, a peaceful environment unlike some other countries with crises, and also not forgetting its quality education.


However, getting yourself to study in Norway might be a little tasking and not a thing of luck. That’s why there is a study in Norway agents in Nigeria to help Internationals, & Nigerian students process their Norway study visas easily.

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study in norway agents in nigeria

How much will it cost a Nigerian to study in Norway?

A typical requirement is that for each academic year (10 months), you should have at least NOK 111,657 in your Norwegian bank account, which is roughly US $13,000 that should be available to you.

How much is student visa from Nigeria to Norway?

A student visa from Norway costs a total of no less than NOK 4,900 (approximately US $545).

How much bank balance is required for Norway student visa?

There may be a difference in the fee depending on the country where the application is being processed. We would like to warn you that you will be asked to show proof that you have enough money for a basic lifestyle, at least NOK 126 357 per year (2022) if you would like to be accepted. If you are following a degree program that is longer than one year, you will have to apply every year if you intend to continue your studies.

How long does it take to get Norway student visa from Nigeria?

It is possible that student residence permits may take a period of two months to process depending on the application. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you apply as soon as you can. Once your application has been approved, you will need to apply for a Residence Card in order to live in this country. Your local police station in Norway will issue you with this document, which is proof that you have the right to live in Norway.

How can I show proof of funds for Norway student visa?

Students who are studying in Norway on a Student Visa are requested to upload a printout of their financial statement from their local Norwegian bank as proof that they are financially capable.

How do I get to meet some study in Norway agents in Nigeria?


It is simple to meet them in person will require visiting their branches nationwide according to your state of residence select one if the destinations we provided below.


Here is a list of 11 approved study in Norway university agents in Nigeria


Avail International Consult Ltd




British Canadian International Education (BCIE) (Abuja, Kano, Lagos, Ikeja, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Port Harcourt)


Bridge House College (Lagos)


Dave Abion Consulting




Multinational Educational Consulting (MEC)




TG Marchnata


Intake Education


Jestone Education


Norway Student Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens


To apply for the Norway student residence permit there are some things to put in mind which consist of these below:


  • Must have a valid International passport which should at least last 3 months


  • Copy of your International passport 


  • Letter of admission issued by the institution you chose


  • 2 copies of passports 


  • Cover letter


  • Medical & health insurance 


  • Proof of flight Return tickets for 


  • Housing & lodging reservation proof


  • You birth certificate 

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How do I apply for Norway student visa in Nigeria?


There are 3 steps to complete your Norway student visa registration 

  • Ready your credentials 
  • Online registration 
  • Norway student visa payment fee 
  • Application submission
  • Application tracking


Ready your credentials: it is very necessary to get your credentials ready before embarking on the inline registration to avoid mistakes in the long run.


Online registration: To get the Norway student visa you must follow the steps serial which the register online through the online portal. Open the registration portal and hover towards the online form provided to fill it up with all correct and up-to-date data concerning yourself. You will need to choose the student residence permit when your course will exceed three months.


Norway visa payment fee: make payment for the Norway visa to be able to purchase the student visa


Application submission: Now in this second step it is believed that you ought to have filled out your online application form. It’s time to submit use one of these centers we provided above you can also find a way to contact the study in Norway agents in Nigeria through one of those portals they will also help you make it faster. 


Remember your credentials will be needed during registration, also your biometric details are inclusive and also will be among the needed data.


Application tracking: The last step here is your application tracking. Tracking your application is needed so you can be updated with any new outcome which is very important because of your passport collection.

have you applied for the skilled independent visa subclass 189

Is Norway visa easy to get in Nigeria?


Being a Nigerian can be difficult at times when it comes to international-related issues. However, you can be able I get a Norway visa easily in Nigeria it’s not a complex process. All you have to do is to apply online through their embassy portal.


But you can still choose to involve the study in Norway agents in Nigeria especially if your aim of going to Norway is mainly for studies.


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