Uncc scholarships for international students – portal 2022/2023

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Uncc scholarships for international students 

The uncc scholarships for international students program for the 2022-2023 academic session is now open for applicants to apply. 

In any case, if you have been an already existing student in the program, kindly upgrade your profile, go to the uncc scholarship portal and do your upgrade. This is because every fresh year demands an upgrade of your old profile to correspond with your current stats.



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After that, we assume you must have updated your profile and also have update and upload your documents. This Little task is required to be done every academic year.

Uncc scholarships for international students

Uncc is open to welcoming aboard every International student who wishes to apply for the uncc scholarship program to further his/her educational dreams to a higher level of tertiary institution.

The form is always ready to be filled all you have to do is to make necessary preparations ahead of time to get ready for what follows.

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What is uncc scholarship portal

It is an online platform that enables students to access information about scholarships and awards that are available at uncc, view eligibility requirements, complete and submit applications, and track the status of their scholarship applications easily.

The uncc scholarship portal also helps to match students with their desired scholarship however, making the scholarship hunt easier for students.


The portal was launched in the year 2016 and has been operating since then.


Students are required to apply for the uncc scholarship through this portal. It Is the official scholarship portal for students to apply for scholarships


Unc Charlotte’s, uncc students scholarship application portal 

This is the online uncc students scholarship portal that gives immediate assistance to the students, to get a fitting scholarship that matches their taste.


Niner scholarship portal


Every new academic session the new students and as well as every student that are coming into the school through transfer, after acceptance must see to it that they activate their Ninernet account using the Niner scholarship portal.


How to activate my Ninernet account

To activate your niner account scroll to the top at the right side of your acceptance letter where you will see your username then click the link. However, in any way, if you have finished activating the Ninernet account but you have forgotten your password with your username then use the link to request your username and a fresh password.



How to Apply for uncc scholarship program fund

  1. you must have to be accepted into UNC Charlotte then  log into your Ninernet account successfully if you are not a new student, then you will have to update your already existing scholarship profile to be current, or create a fresh one if you have not any.
  2. If you are a current student you will have to reapply for this scholarship yearly to be qualified into the scholarship program
  3. As a current student your profile is never automatically carried into the next academic session you must update it yourself.
  4. If you are a current student and do not update your profile yearly you will not be allowed to participate in the next scholarship.
  5. Make sure you have learnt how to write a scholarship essay.
  6. This is essential to boost your chance of securing the scholarship.
  7. Secondly, get to be matched with the scholarship you seem to be eligible for
  8. Apply for any of the scholarships of your choice
  9. Now gather every document and credential and material that are needed by the scholarship and submit them to be accessed.




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Uncc administrator portal page

Administrators are the officers in charge of overseeing the scholarship materials, documents that were submitted by the students reviewing them, replying, and assisting them throughout the application process.


Uncc application review page

Here every scholarship application from a student is reviewed by the board of administrators thus providing feedback to the students.


Uncc scholarship contact

To be able to contact the Office of Unc Charlotte for any inquiries concerning the scholarship program we provided every detail through which you can reach them easily. 


Uncc scholarship deadline

Application officially open on the 1st of August 2022– late of October

December 15th -_- is the deadline for the honor college to make sure you have submitted all that is required documents, materials essays.

January 1st, 2022– is the FAFSA early reminder of the deadline if you have submitted all needed before this date or later this date you will be getting your financial aid by the 1st of March 2022.

1st march

Deadline for the incoming fresh students

Make sure you Are done with all needed to be submitted


 April 1st

Is the deadline date of the graduate-level scholarships


April to May

Within this month the new scholarship award of the 202-2023 scholarship is awarded to qualified students

Check the portal for more information


August 1

Mail address


The uncc Scholarship University Office address is below

346 Cone Center

9201 University City Blvd.

Charlotte, NC 28223-0001


Contact phone number:



 Available working time

Monday’s – Friday (Est Am 8,00 – pm 5,00)

Summary of uncc scholarships for international students & uncc scholarship portal


We have given you a guide, a head start that will help you and assist you in applying and checking any information you might need regarding the uncc scholarship portal & for uncc scholarships for international students.

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