Undergraduate Studies in U.S with Full Scholarship|| No SAT/ACT|| No Application Fee

Alright guys ya’ll are welcome back to the fall 2023 Series today we are going to talk about bachelor’s undergraduate studies so if you are looking for undergraduate opportunities you are looking to study in the U.S for your bachelor’s degree you are on the right platform today I’m going to share with you list of schools that offers scholarship for Your undergraded studies with the option to wave the SAT and the ACT you also have to apply to all these schools for free no application fee so we have done a lot of research to make sure that we get these schools for you so please if you are new here consider bookmarking and sharing this article to others if you have any question please do well to reach using our contact form.


Get ready I’m going to share with you over 20 skills that you can check and look at the schools that best meets your interest please before we start I want to let you know that many of these schools I’m going to share with you offer numerous courses so make sure that you check the description section for the links to the schools go to the schools website and check the courses that meets your interest before you start your application as I said if you have any question reach out to us.

Undergraduate Studies in U.S with Full Scholarship

below are the full list of all the undergraduate studies in U.S with full scholarship

South Western University

let’s get started with South Western University this is a very good school and a very nice school for undergraduate studies so if you are looking for an Undergraduate student is this the first school I recommend you can see they have a very beautiful website that you can check out. let’s first of all look at some of the program options that they offer so if you come to where do I go to if you come to major right let’s see becoming a student major and minor this will open to you the list of all the

programs they offer

  • interdisciplinary studies
  • they have anthropology
  • Applied Physics history
  • economics education
  • English
  • they have Environmental Studies
  • exercise and sports

they have all kinds of program mathematics music philosophy faces political science all kinds of programs that will meet your interest now let’s go and look at the admission requirements what you need to apply to this group so when you come to admissions you have admission checklist application checklist this is where we are going to see what the school requires right so it is important that you follow through this and and see what it gives so we have

Admission requirements

  • required steps first of all you have to do application for admin applying online
  • there’s an online application that you have to do and and submit as Southwest does not charge an application fee so look here there’s no sorry there’s no application fee charge here
  • an autobiographical or autobiography essay
  • statements of purpose
  • no need to request for free waiver


Need only one at least one recommendation from high school official so your Headmaster your teacher your English teacher if you look at this side your English teacher your math teacher or science teacher can give you a good recommendation for this school they also state that a secondary school report submitted by a school counselor is acceptable right so you can get a report from your head teacher whoever to give you this recommendation they will submit


The recommendation online so you you have to complete the funds for them to submit their recommendation you need your official High School transcript so here you take all your transcript from shs 1041 to form four form three in addition to your wassce result if you are applying it from West Africa and that would be a very good Advantage now standardized test scores and test option now that is another major challenge to many people in Africa the test scores


It’s not just that it is expensive sometimes it is inaccessible to many people because it is an internet-based program and order now such Western has a test-optional admission policy for all first-year candidates standardized test score are not required for admission have you seen they are not required for admission nor are they required to be considered for any merit-based scholarship so you don’t need any test score to apply for this school you don’t


Need any test score you don’t need any application fee what are you waiting for and you qualify for a scholarship this is a very good option so for international students non-us or 90 experiment a completed certificate of financial form and support Bank this is usually after you are done with your application and when you are in the process of getting your F1 Visa they need financial documentation for you to to apply for your Visa so that is fine


Recommended steps personal interview and campus visit they recommend that you do a personal interview and campus so this is a very good school and they offer a very good Financial uh financial aid and and all that and you qualify for a scholarship so so if you’re interested in studying for Bachelor’s in any program check Southwestern University the next University we are going to check is University of Dayton they say Can Fly With Us yes we will come fly


With them don’t worry now this is also a very beautiful and a very nice School they have good programs good courses in all areas that you are looking at for let’s look at some of their cost options and see what they have to offer so program listing right now these are all the programs we have accounting adolescent they have aerospace engineering applied creativity they have biology business administration man they have a lot of options for you


Now let’s go to the admission requirements right so apply now you are invited to apply to the University of day two Wow Let’s see what they require you will benefit from a streamlined application experience we only ask the necessary questions right we only ask the necessary question fine automatic consideration for marriage based scholarship this is good so when you apply soon as you apply you qualify for


A scholarship is this not good it’s better now there’s no application fee another important factor there’s no application fee so if you are somebody who is thinking about how to make a raise money to pay and how to get some of these schools is free virtually free no application fee you could do great things at this University we look forward to reviewing achieving so this is a very good school that you can qualify and they have a wonderful


Information as to what you need and other let’s look at admission process admission process so to be considered for admissions submit the following items very important application including essays some submit your free application using the common application or the University of daytime application so other option is that there’s official high school transcripts you need your high school transcript from from one form to form three or high high school


One out to four if you are coming from West Africa as I said you get your wassce results and add it that will give you a lot of boost then the test scores it uh AC act and or SAT score if desired the university the University of Dayton is test optional in admission for fall 2021 entering the classes if you have any questions blah blah blah so from 4th 2021 their application is test score optional what it means is that you can apply without writing the search or


Whatever and that helps a lot in the process right so make sure that you go through all the application process all the schools that you want and make sure you apply to this school also it is free so you can apply as many as you want all the scripts I’m going to share with you are free in admission so you can apply as many as you want right now I will leave all the link in the video description section so check it out and let’s move on to the third school good


So the next school we are going to check is called siwani University or the University of the South siwani University of the South siwani I don’t know if I’m mentioning the name right but forgive me I’ll leave the links in the video description so don’t worry so International students right what do you need to apply to this school application is free free common application application is free right now SATs and act optional


Right search and act are optional so this cannot limit you to apply to this school you need to make sure you apply to add this code to this to the list of schools you are looking for English proficiency exams review requests and waiver details there’s an option for you to waive it so you don’t have to worry about that you also need your high school uh high schools transcripts right or your high school transcripts your wassce results and other school profile


Submit an English copy via copy or email I think this is something that you don’t have to worry for from Africa and other then two letters recommended of recommendation we require one call teacher and one college counselor so you need either your math teacher or English teacher and your Headmaster or your house Master to give you a recommendation two of them and that is good these are the admission deadline so early decision by November 15th they


Will inform you whether you have been admitted or not and by then it will be early for you to know that who I’m coming to America and you can have a lot of time to prepare admission and scholarship notification by early December they also let you know if you have had a scholarship which is very good so make sure you consider this school this is also a very good school say one uh C1 in the University of the South let’s look at some of the programs


They also offer so come to academics and see some of the programs they offer okay so I call them okay The Graduate research Environmental Studies the domain find all right so this is a good school where will I find a program program okay this is explore major programs so American studies African-American studies anthropology archeology history Asian studies biology business chemistry Chinese civil and Global Leadership computer science


Economics education majority of your programs can be found your political science faces religion STDs religion and environment all these are wonderful schools that we can check and see they are wonderful programs sorry that you can check and apply for now let’s move on to the next School wow this is Illinois Wesleyan University I love this school because I have a lot of friends who are in this school and they are doing so


Well so that’s why I’m recommending this group for you so let’s look at what they also offer to admitted students but let’s go down and see uh let’s go down and see good application fee bomb you out at Illinois Wesley there is no application fee we want everyone regardless of income to have the opportunity to apply there is no application fee so you have no excuse to apply to the school this is a very nice


School there is no application fee let’s go to apply and see what they have their application requirement so required materials students interested in admission to Illinois Wesleyan University must submit one of the following application right so you can either do the application to the school directly or you can use use the common application platform which I have explained in earlier in this video now transcript for all previous high school


And college work so you are transferred to your essay teacher evaluation or recommendation as you have seen act or personal interview so if you don’t have SATs or you don’t have the money the time to write SATs what you do is that you opt for personal interview so they will call you either on Zoom or Skype and they will interview you and ask you some basic questions which is not something too difficult let me know your thoughts in the comment section if you


Want me to or if you want us to prepare you for the interview at free of charge right when you when you apply to this school or any of the schools and you are you are called for interview just send us an email you get time to prepare you for that so that you can get into this group you would love to be part of this experience okay so make sure you you put that in mind please subscribe if you are new here subscribe and like share and let others also know about what it takes


A lot of research to do what we are doing so make sure that you support us by subscribing liking and sharing our video let us know your thoughts in the comment section with all your questions okay so international student who’s first or native language is not English are still required to submit either 24 IIT ideas which in most cases is not a problem for many Africans to them because many of us are native language or our mode of teaching is English and


Sometimes there’s a way for us to wave it so you don’t have to worry if the application is not allowing you to waive the what do you call it the international students start with the TOEFL or English proficiency you can send the school an email and they’ll help you in the process letters of combination and transcript might be submitted through your application so this is also a very good school so 2023 admission test optional good this is a


Good school you can apply for and you will love it let’s look at some of the programs that they also have some of the programs you can apply for in this group so majors and minus right so find your major okay so we have accounting we have actual science we have advocacy law and all that at ba or business uh yes Bachelor of Arts right go to ancient cities biology business business administration chemistry computer science all these are wonderful programs


That you can apply to a Humanities Human Service management history uh journalism and media studies marketing mathematics statistics music all these are good programs that you have to just go through and see which one worked for you and apply to this school as well let’s move on to the other school because of time and and finish this up we I I will share the rest of the schools in the video description link I am going to give you about 20 schools and over that


You can apply for free but I’m taking you to some of the I’m taking you through some of the highlights and see what you need to do so applying to read right the next school is read College right read call it now let’s see what read college offer read college so this is your application deadlines something which is well common among all the schools and all that application deadlines let’s see if they


Have their application information here so to apply let’s look at apply apply as a first-time applicant good fresh via applicants good so first year applicants Lewis College accept applicant application from two platform the common application and the correlation as I said reason will neither require nor use testing results from the SAT or AC act in our admission review for the fall 2023. look so this is waived


This is weird and it is a good news for you you don’t need to worry yourself about act so about a common applicant application so let’s look at what they require so uh personal essay something that has come on school report or recommendation official High School teacher to teacher evaluation more like recommendation then your search is also uh what do you call it optional so you don’t have to worry about SATs and all that early decisions are made and also


Note that this one too has free application so you can apply to raid college for free and let’s look at some of the programs they also offer in in their school so departments uh division in general so these are all the programs they offer biology chemistry history German French French sorry mathematics Music Theater studies sociology Russian religion political science International comparatives uh policy studies Dance Theater environmental cities religious


Political Neo Neuroscience computer science mathematics all these programs are there for you to apply to in this school so make sure you check the video description section for the link to this school Now we move to another important School cement College I also have two friends who had visa to go to this school they’re actually not my friends anyway I got to know them through YouTube and I got to know them


To this this process I help them to apply to this school they got admission and we made sure that they got their business also so let’s see how this schools is good for you one thing I like about this school is that look Smith welcome more than 350 International students each year from around the world so this school is internationally friend like it is free to International students if I’m a food is right and let’s see an early decision so if you


Plan to apply by this time uh application is open by November 15th you know your smoothness and many of you if you apply then submit a good application I tell you you get admission with good scholarship so let’s see what they offer right so cement also accept two application for first year a common application and the correlation application so for the common application what I as I said what it basically means is that you log in and


You select all the schools that you are applying to so you can select all the schools that you have we have listed under common application and submit your statement of purpose everything to those schools once at one application and that helps right so that is also very very important uh Smith does not have preference for one application over the other okay both of this all required forms are to have to be submitted okay so you need the


Application form secondary school report including official High School your recommendation to a teacher evaluation forms to give you an evaluation from us that you you look you use official sat act or twofold don’t worry we will see what it means early decision agreement if applicable okay international student Smith College recognizes the challenges that students are facing you to covid-19 pandemic enemies in response spent has


Adjusted the testing policy for international student submission of satos ACT scores will be optional good news optional optional and that is good and this is also a very good school that you can apply to and and and make sure that you apply or send a very good document you you have the opportunity to get a good scholarship also for this school and as I said this is a very good school you should think of applying to you love the school so the application


Materials are here early decision 50 if common application secondary reports counselor standardized financial aid material and all that all this is here to make sure that it helps you in the application now look at the the main important thing there’s no application fee there’s no application fee take that note take that in mind there’s no application fee and apply right apply to as many of these skills as possible I will leave over 20 of these schools in


The video description section I can’t discuss or share all of them uh live here on YouTube because it has to do with a lot of time and I know you all do not have time so I’ll leave the rest so that when you have you have time can go through now let’s go to the Spring Hill College Spring Hill College this was also a very good School Spring Hill College they offer ruling admission which means that asking when you apply you can be admitted and this is also


Good if you are applying to some of this school now we also have a test optional policy good so they also do not accept the search and Order once your application is far you can expect to receive a decision within 10 days so when you apply within 10 days you can get a decision as to whether you will be accepted or not this is good so you must come complete application by submitting official transcripts or high school high school degree official scores for either


Side which is waived right if you want to wave it and if you have it too that’s good then some instance letters of recommendation that you use to apply to this school application to this also is free so make sure that you you have that in mind this school also has a free application for everyone let’s look at some of the costs that this school also offers and see how that will that will help you so by subject they have business communication Arts education


Humanity Natural Science nursing social science theology right I love this Visual and Performing Arts then they they have Graduate Studies also that is for a different day but today we are looking for that we are looking at the undergraduate studies and what options they have so which one should I click let me look at theology oh I love geology right it’s my short so they have be a theology on campus this


Is a good program be a Theology and you also have a master of art mythology online we don’t want to talk about this now because we are not looking at Masters but EA theology consider this if you’re interested in religious studies theology the study of God they say they are about the church and all that you see according to the ministry this is a very good school that you can consider the the you can see there’s a Old Testament topics and all that something


That it will interest you I love it I love it I love theology because as you know geology is fine and all of you trust me thank you love you all for today always thank you that’ll be all for today please let us know your thoughts in the comments section always remember that theology is fine trust me

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