Fully Funded University of Calabria Scholarship 2023-2024

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 Fully Funded University Of Calabria Scholarship 2023-2024

The University of Calabria in Italy is excited to announce that it will be offering a fully-funded university scholarship to all qualified international students under the Fully Funded University of Calabria Scholarship  2023-2024 program.

The program is designed to cater to students who are pursuing a master’s degree in any field. The scholarship covers all university fee, tuition, and application fees, as well as provide an on-campus housing stipend. You can also follow this link to learn How to apply for Italian scholarships and avail


The deadline for applications is set for May, 2023. All applicants are advised to submit applications before this date. Below is a detailed highlight of all the information you need to take advantage of to get the Fully Funded University of Calabria Scholarship 2023-2024. kindly remain updated on UKrunnings for more information as it regards this scholarship

University of Calabria

Overview Of University Of Calabria Scholarship 2023-2024

The University of Calabria came into existence in 1968. The focus of the establishment is to provide strategic resources for the development of Calabria.

As the institution progressed, the vision became clear, which is to be the epitome of campus excellence. The institution launched several initiatives to achieve its vision at home and abroad. Part of the initiative is the Fully Funded University of Calabria Scholarship 2023-2024.


The scholarship program is dedicated to international students from countries outside the EU. Each year, the University of Calabria in Italy offers a total of 120 spaces to students who would like to pursue their master’s degree at the institution.


However, non-English speaking international students may not benefit from this program because they only offer English degrees. Slots for the university of Calabria Scholarships in Italy for 2023/2024 are exclusively offered on merit.

Applicants must have demonstrated a high level of academic excellence to stand a chance of getting selected for the opportunity. However, in situations where two students are equally qualified for the scholarship, the University of Calabria offers the scholarship to the younger student.

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List Of Fields Covered By The University Of Calabria Master Program 2023/2024

  • Finance
  • Socio-Economics
  • Physics
  • Maths’s
  • Chemistry
  • Health Biotechnology
  • Nutritional Sciences
  • Nutritional Science
  • Health Biotechnology
  • Medical Health
  • Telecommunication Engineering, Networking, and computing, Smart sensing,
  • Automation and Robotic Engineering
  • Computer Engineering for the Internet of Things
  • Environmental and Territorial Safety Engineering on Sustainable Management of
  • Natural  Resources
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Engineering and technology
  • Computer science and Artificial intelligence
  • Robotics and Automation Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering
Unical Rende

Financial Benefits By University Of Calabria Scholarships 2023

Students that are selected for the University Calabria Scholarship program enjoy a fully-funded study opportunity where all their financial needs are taken care of. The scholarship covers the following:

  • University fee of close to € 1.000
  • Food expenses at the university campus are valued at €6.000
  • Accommodation costs throughout the Scholarship
  • Stipend worth € 1.700 to cover private needs and survival during student’s stay on campus

It is best to mention that the value of the benefits is subject to changes. But the students benefiting from the program would receive adequate information before such changes are effected.

Total Number Of Students To Be Admitted into the university of Calabria scholarship 

The total number of students admitted to the University Of Calabria, The Scholarship program has remained almost the same over the years. The 2023/2024 academic session offers a total of 120 opportunities to international students seeking to study in Italy. It is best to note that the scholarship is very competitive and based on merit. All applicants need to put their best foot forward to stand a chance of winning the scholarship.

University of Calabria Scholarship
University of Calabria Scholarship

The Eligibility Requirements For the University Of Calabria Scholarship 2023 Program

All aspiring students who are interested in the university of Calabria scholarships are required to meet some stipulated eligibility criteria. A student that falls short of any of the criteria listed below would have their applications declined.


  1. Applicants must have been awarded admission by the University of Calabria For to study in its graduate program for the 2023 academic session. The scholarship is strictly available to international students studying at the university. Therefore it is critical to have gained admission into the university to be eligible.


  1. Applicants should show evidence that has acquired a bachelor’s degree from reputable institutions before they can be considered for the university of Calabria scholarship program.


  1. Applicants must be self-financing. International students with previous sponsorship may not be eligible for the scholarship program.


  1. Applicants must have not been offered local/ overseas scholarship(s) by their respective governments/institutions.


  1. Applicants must be International students with no Italian citizenship.


  1. All applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and assessed regarding academic ability, motivation, and commitment.


  1. Applicants should note that if they are offered a scholarship, they will be required to apply for a visa and entry permit at their nearest Italian Embassy (or Consulate) before traveling to Italy.


  1. Applicants should also note that they must fulfill the requirements of the student visa eligibility and application process as required by the Italian Embassy (or Consulate) in their home country of residence.

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Required Document for University Of Calabria  Scholarship 2023 program

The following documents would be required along with your application. All necessary documents must be properly signed and validated by appropriate authorities. Unsigned or stamped documents would not be recognized and such applications would be declined. Do note that all documents should be uploaded in pdf format. Only a single copy of the documents is required.


  • The first page of the passport
  • Your current Curriculum vitae or resume (CV)
  • High School Diploma certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree (only needed when you are applying for a master’s one-degree course program – 2 years)
  • Records of University Transcript
  • Syllabus of all university courses
  • Italian language certificate (if you have one)
  • English language certificate (if you have one)
  • Finally, other useful documents are required by the scholarship board for your assessment.

Deadline For University Of Calabria Scholarship

Application for the University of Calabria Scholarship 2023/2024 is open for international students until May 2023. Applications submitted after the deadline would not be recognized. Applicants should start their registration early to make room for information gathering and validation of documents.

How To Apply for the University of Calabria Scholarship in Italy for 2023-2024

The following is the highlight of the process involved in getting your application through. Each step should be carried out carefully to ensure a valid application. Applicants should ensure to provide accurate information to avoid nullifying their applications.

university of Calabria application portal

Register On The Unical Esse3 Portal. The portal takes you to the online form where you will provide information about yourself. It is about 7 steps registration where you would provide detailed information about yourself and create a profile.

The first step is to supply personal data including your full name and your email address. The second step requests for your permanent address and the third step requests you to provide your current address. After providing the detailed information, you would be asked to create your password and login details.


 Access The Esse3 Portal here

After registering on the platform, applicants are required to access the Esse3 portal using the details they created during the registration. For students who can’t remember the details they use, a message containing the details of your login must have been sent to your email address provided.

However, clicking the breadcrumb button at the top right corner of the screen would load up some menu options where you can click on forgotten password to reset your password. After logging in, proceed to click on Registrar’s office at the top-right menu and click on Admission test. On this page, select the chosen degree course and select call for extra-EU students.

Important Information To Note About Applying

  • When applying for the Fully Funded University of Calabria Scholarship in Italy 2023-2024, below are some critical points to keep in mind.
  • You would be required to provide information about your Italian tax code. The tax code information must correlate with the information filled into the space. Mismatched information would reject your application.
  • Applicants are only eligible to apply to select one course when applying for the University of Calabria scholarship 2023.
  • You should keep an eye on your email inbox because information regarding the scholarship is usually communicated via email. Failure to respond to emails on time may lead to the decline of your application.


How To Increase Your Chances Of Success

1) Be A Merit Student

The University of Calabria scholarship gives more preference to students who have excellent track records.

2) Provide Detailed Documents During Registration

Partial information leads to disqualification. To increase your chances of success, ensure that all information supplied during registration is accurate.

3) Start Your Application Early

Late application means that you would rush the application process. Applying early gives you time to gather your document and review your application properly.

4) Speak With Benefactors

People who have gone through the process can help you see what you are leaving out. It helps to identify international students who are benefiting from the opportunity and have them enlighten you on how to perform better.

5) Follow All Instructions

One of the factors that disqualify applicants the most is failure to follow instructions. Note that the scholarship is highly competitive. Students that give hints of disorganization get dismissed rather quickly.

6) Submit Before The Deadline

Although it is not stated that an applicant that submits early gets preferential treatment. However, it is common sense to know that when there is high competition for limited seats, turning in your application early gives you a higher chance.

Fully Funded University of Calabria Scholarship in Italy for 2023-2024 FAQ

Below are answers to some common questions that you may have about the Fully Funded University of Calabria Scholarship 2023.

What is the University of Calabria Official Website

The official website of the University of Calabria official website is  https://www.unical.it/

However, students who want to apply for the scholarship program would need to first register on the Unical esse3 platform to be eligible for the scholarship.

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Are There Other Government Of Italy Scholarships 2023 Fully Funded

There are several other governments in Italy scholarships 2023 fully funded that aspiring university students can apply for. Some specific opportunities include the Italian government scholarship, University of Bologna, Padova University scholarship in Italy. It is best to note that students benefiting from one government scholarship already may not be eligible for other scholarship opportunities.

When Would Calabria Italy Application Close

Application for fully funded University of Calabria scholarship 2023/2024 closes in May 2023. All applicants must ensure to turn in their application before the closing date to be eligible for the opportunity.

How Do I Apply For The University Of Calabria Scholarship 2023-2024?

To apply for the University of Calabria Scholarship 2023-2024, visit the Unical portal on esse3 and follow the instructions.

Also the Italian government scholarships for foreign students is an alternative to the calabria scholarship apply today

After that proceed to the login page and sign in. Once on the portal, select your course of choice and follow the instructions on the page.

How Much Is The University Of Calabria Scholarship In Italy For 2023-2024?

Application for the university of Calabria scholarship is free. Applicants are not expected to pay any fee for their application. However, international students must have been offered admission into the university and must have obtained their visas from the Italian embassy.

What Is The University Of Calabria Scholarship Worth?

The total cash value of the scholarship is worth over €5000 per year for 2 years. The scholarship covers all your expenses for the duration of your master’s degree program. Feeding is provided on campus and a stipend is given for your livelihood while you are studying at the university.

University of Calabria tuition fees

Below are the list of current tuition fees in the university of Calabria

  Undergraduate Postgraduate
international students 1,000-2,500 US$ (750-1,800 Euro) 1,000-2,500 US$ (750-1,800 Euro)
local students 1,000-2,500 US$ (750-1,800 Euro) 1,000-2,500 US$ (750-1,800 Euro)

University of Calabria address and contact

You can equally reach them for more details

Address Via Pietro Bucci
Arcavacata di Rende
87036 Calabria
Tel +39 0984 4911

Also, remember to select the competition that “says call for extra EU students…..

Heads up: This is important to note down your memory you are only allowed to apply for 1-degree course according to the university of Calabria scholarship board. However, if you had a change of mind and have decided to change your course you will have to go cancel the 1st program or perhaps the former course you choose.

Also note: the university of Calabria scholarship is open to all international students to apply

what is the university of Calabria ranking?

The University of Calabria Ranking – CWUR World University Rankings for the year 2018-2022

university Name University of Calabria
inhabitant Name Università della Calabria
site Italy
World Rank 661
National Rank 33
Quality of Education Rank
Alumni Employment Rank > 1000
Quality of Faculty Rank
Research Output Rank 669
Quality Publications Rank 630
Influence Rank > 1000
Citations Rank 460
Overall Score 72.2

 University of Calabria acceptance rate & Admissions

As at the time of updating this posts, this is the University of Calabria acceptance rate
Acceptance Rate 20%
Academic Calendar October to June (October – January; March-June)
Enrollment 27,500
Full-time employee 1,250
Student: staff ratio 22


Wrapping Up fully funded university of Calabria scholarship in Italy 2023-2024.

Are you looking for a fully-funded university scholarship in Italy? Do you want to get a chance to Study in the ancient country of Italy? Then Fully Funded University of Calabria Scholarship 2023-2024 is for you.

Note: The application is free and open to all international students. Applicants must note that it is strictly based on merit and academic excellence is a must. Another thing to keep in mind is that the scholarship favors the younger applicants when it comes to picking between two equally qualified candidates.

The scholarship is worth over €5000 and it caters to tuition fees, accommodation, feeding, and stipend for the duration of your program. Non-English-speaking international students may not be eligible for this opportunity. However, other opportunities welcome them.

The University of Calabria: https://www.unical.it/en

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