university of ibadan grading system| U.I NEW GRADING SYSTEM

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university of ibadan grading system

With the current U.I new grading system the university of Ibadan grading system has been updated to match up with the new standard according to the standard as it was set up by the National Universities Commission.

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The administration of the University of Ibadan, has announced a change to the system of grading on the official website of the university after it was confirmed in a letter by Prof. M.A Kahinde.


It was the Cumulative Grade Point Average, CGPA which was 7.0 prior to the change was changed to a 4.0 CGPA scale.


When will the University of ibadan grading system take effect


This U.I new grading system change will take effect by the newly admitted 100 level students and direct entry students in 18 July. 2016  through out the 2016/2017 session.


This latest development was made in an effort to ensure that the university is aligned with international universities and to comply with the standards set by the National Universities Commission, NUC.


The letter dated 18 July. 2016 gives information on the system of grading that the University chose to adopt and the minimum unit that a student must sign up for.


Changes in U.I new Grading system of courses (GES inclusive) at the University in Ibadan,according to:


  • The number of units that students should be registered for must not be less than 40 units.
  • Students must be able to pass 60 percent of the 40 courses before they can move on to the next stage.
  • Other than GES 101 and 201 the other GES are required to be taken for the new intakes.


The 4-Point Grading System has been adopted to ensure that it is in line with other universities across the globe and the statuesque that was recommended from the National Universities Commission (NUC).


Instead of the 30 units that were registered for previously, this memo states that the minimum number of units that students can sign up in is now 40. The new rules will be implemented starting from the 100-level direct entry set for the 2016/2017 session .


In this latest development, there are new rules for students who want to withdraw from the university

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U.I New Grading system Regulations: Guidelines for students who are withdrawn from school

100 Level: Students who has a lower than 24 credits at conclusion in the initial year may be required to be removed from the University.


200 Level: Students who fails to complete 48 units at the conclusion in the 2nd year is required to drop out.


300 Level: Students who does not achieve 72 units by the completion of this level must be asked to drop out.

The CGPA at any level should not be lower than 1.0

The memo ended “Under the totally new Four (4)-Point Grading Scale, grades


The guidelines intended to identify students who have successfully completed their studies. can be found here:


  • A (70 and over) 4
  • B (60-69 percent) 3
  • C (50-59 percent) 2
  • D (45-49 percent) 1 D (45-49%) 1
  • E (40-44 percent) E (40-44%).


CGPA Ranges in the latest Four (4) Point Grading Scale to Classify Degrees:


  • 3.53.0 – 4.00 First Class Honours
  • 3.0-3.49 Honours of Second Class (Upper Division)
  • 2.0-2.99 2.2-2.99 (Lower Division) and
  • 1.0-1.99 3rd Honours Class.


Students who have a CGPA lower than 1.0 are not given a degree.


This is a new development by the University of Ibadan’s management. University of Ibadan therefore enjoined all deans of faculties and heads of departments , to make sure that they adhere to the regulations that will commence with the 100-level students of the 2016/2017 session, as for the older students, they will be subject to the regulations of the past.


Conclusion as regards the University of Ibadan grading system


We believe that this is a welcome development. Of course the university of Ibadan new grading system will go a long way in urging students to be more serious with studies. We believe this will leave a positive impact on our students, schools, and society at large.



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