Watson brown foundation scholarship 2022/2023

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Watson brown foundation scholarship 2022


$5000 award worth of scholarship is to be given out by the watson brown foundation scholarship 2022 to all suitable and qualified students within the united states of America for their college tuition fees.

For the need to check eligibility criteria and how to apply for the Watson brown scholarship 2022, we have taken our time to write a comprehensive article that will guide you through the process.


The Watson Brown Foundation scholarship is a merit-based and need-based scholarship for few selected cities like Georgia as well as South Carolina. This scholarship is for students attending accredited four-year universities and colleges in the United States.

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About Watson Brown Foundation Scholarship


Walter J. Brown,  the founder of this scholarship believed that good quality education provided for your children is key to success.

In 1970, he created an individual Foundation to further his convictions. Watson-Brown Foundation scholarships are awarded to students from the Savannah River valley. Watson-Brown Foundation scholarships are awarded to students from communities within and around in the Savannah River valley which is the place where Brown was born and lived for the majority of his life.


It is an internal scholarship program is completely managed by the foundation’s staff and scholarship awards are determined by the board of trustees at the regular second-quarter meeting.


The foundation awards scholarships in accordance with financial needs and academic merit to help students pay for the cost of tuition and books as well as accommodation and board. Scholarship checks are sent direct from the foundation’s office to office for financial aid at the college of the student’s choice.


Priority will be given to those who reside in specific counties of Georgia as well as South Carolina. Although test scores from standardized tests don’t solely reflect academic merit The scholarship committee will not consider SAT or ACT scores in evaluating applications.


The scholarship committee reviews every aspect of the applicant’s application. The Foundation will consider the student’s top sub-scores from every test. Be sure to include all your test scores in your application documents.


There is a brief renewal application , but the application is frequently used to correct student details. The previous recipients need to submit their copies of their transcript to the foundation by the end of each academic year to confirm that they’ve maintained an average grade of 3.0 or greater and completed at least 12 credits.

Scholarship Level/Field


The scholarship is open to students at universities and colleges undergraduate students who are seeking the degree in any area of study at any university or college in the United States

Host Nationality


Watson Brown Foundation Scholarship is taken and held at the United States. If you are an international student and want to pursue your studies within the United States, Check out the most prestigious scholarships that are available to study within the United States.

What are the Benefits of the watson brown foundation scholarship 2022


Some of the following benefits include the awarding of stipends to the Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarship winners;

  • Moderate Amount Awarded: $3,000
  • High Amount Awarded: $5,000
  • Total Amount Awarded: $2,400,000


Each year, the amount is $3,000 or $5,000 each year, which is renewable for up to 4 years college studies. The amount given is contingent upon the merits of the applicants.


Eligible Nationality for the watson brown foundation scholarship


The Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarship is offered to students studying law with citizenship in the United States.


Check it out if want to pursue studies outside of your country of origin. Easy and comprehensive answers about applying for and winning a Scholarship.

Scholarship Number


The amount of applications to the Watson Brown Foundation Scholarship is 200. Its criteria for selection are dependent on merit.

Watson Brown scholarship requirements & eligibility 2022

Candidates must satisfy the following requirements in order to be eligible to be considered for the Watson Brown Foundation Scholarship;


  • The applicant must be a senior in high or college senior or currently enrolled undergraduate student who is an ongoing residency within any of the counties in Georgia or South Carolina listed below:
  • Georgia; Burke, Columbia, Elbert, Glascock, Hart, Jefferson, Lincoln, McDuffie, Richmond, Taliaferro, Warren, Wilkes.
  • SOUTH Carolina; Aiken, Abbeville, Edge Field, Greenville, McCormick, Spartanburg.
  • You must attend at least a four-year university or non-profit institution. The Foundation recognizes institutions and colleges recognized through one or more regional accreditation organizations, like SACS.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Citizenship requirements: US
  • You must be a full-time student
  • The program is restricted for residents in Georgia, South Carolina

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Watson brown foundation Scholarship Application Procedures


Applications can be downloaded online at the Watson Brown Foundation website.


Students need to create an account in order to log in and use the application. Make sure to mention your name prior to writing an application for a letter of recommendation.

Go back to the main menu and select “Add or Edit Recommendation Requests”.

Follow the instructions to complete the form to request a recommendation. Be sure to fill out your “Personal Message from Student” which contains your full name, your request, and the contact details for the person authorizing your recommendation.

To submit a complete scholarship application applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation.

After you’ve requested one, you can click “Save and Add Another” to request another. Keep in mind that the recommendation letter must come from a person at your school.

To verify the status of your request or to resend your request To check the status or resend your requests, log into your account and select “Add or Edit Recommendation Requests” from the main menu.


A status that reads “Responded” means that your letter has been uploaded and the status “Contacted” means that your request has been received but the person who recommended you has not sent a letter.


The recommenders may upload their letterheads to your system before and after you have submitted your application for a scholarship.


Each Letter of Recommendation should receive by the Foundation no later than February 15.


Students must submit an original photocopy of the parent(s) most current IRS 1040 form. It is possible to scan the form and upload it straight into an online form, or the form can be printed and mailed.


If for any reason, you are not able to fill out the forms you requested, please provide a reason for your reasons in your Financial Need Statement section of the application, or attach an explanation in writing together with the other supporting documents.


You can also contact the Foundation directly with any queries. The financial information is private and utilized by the Foundation office to determine the need for financial assistance. However, feel free to block or delete your social security number. The records will not be destroyed within 60 days after awards are made.


Check the validity of supporting Materials Double-check that your transcript and letters of recommendation are received within the timeframe. Make sure to submit all forms on or before the 15th of February. Once you’ve submitted the form, ensure you get an email with confirmation.

Supporting Documents:

High School or College Transcript: High school students must provide a copy of their official transcript from their high school. If it is available, ensure that SAT or ACT scores are noted in the transcript. If you’re currently attending college, provide a current official college transcript. However, the Foundation can require high school transcripts in certain circumstances.

SAT and/or ACT Scores If they’re not included on your transcript from high school, Please include a copy of your score report for your student. Upload the image of your score directly to the online application, or copy a printout of the score report online. It is important to submit ALL scores, as the Foundation will consider the top sub-scores for each test.

letters of recommendation The applicants must submit two recommendations written by professors/teachers or coaches, religious leaders, or employers who play an important role in their personal life. The first recommendation should be one from the school you attend.


All documents must be sent in a single envelope to:


Watson-Brown Foundation


Director of Scholarships


310 Tom Watson Way


Thomson, GA 30824

Watson brown scholarship Deadline


Watson brown scholarship deadline is on February 15th all applying students are expected to submit applications before deadline 

For More Information:



Sarah Katherine Drury the of Director, Scholarships and Alumni Relations


[email protected]


Tel: 706-595-8886


Craig Foster, the Assistant Director of Scholarships Watson-Brown Foundation

Rundown on Watson brown foundation scholarship 2022 program

The Watson brown foundation scholarship is an American need-based and merit-based scholarship program mostly zoned to Georgia and south Carolina states. This scholarship is with $5000, $3000 respectively according to merit use our premium guide to apply for fast approval. Good luck…

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