Where can i find Free Scholarships for College in 2022

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Where can I find Free Scholarships for College in 2022

Hey, today is your lucky day if you are in a quest of finding a free scholarship for college? The good news is we have a handful of lists on free scholarships.

I recently discovered this question from folks asking “where can I find free scholarships for college in 2022″ that are available, alright then take a sit and move on with us as we reveal them all to you however, you must calm down and access the opportunities before making a choice.

Some top Universities including some colleges, and also organizations have made some announcements concerning some scholarships mentioned as followed awards, some free grants, financial aid such as federal Pell grants, including the SIT study abroad financial Aid, the PSU scholarship, Google lime scholarship program, Felicia Brewer free scholarship program, and after high school senior scholarships.

Above 10 scholarships are readily available to benefit students that are coming from different backgrounds and different experiences.

According to this scholarship, international citizens and as well U.S citizens are all welcome to apply. Most of these scholarships tend to cover the full tuition fees completely, also a monthly payment, with some other related awards. Try to discover your eligibility and try to apply.


Where can I find Free Scholarships for College in 2022

You can find free scholarships on college on our lists below;

Federal pen grants: Unlike a loan, the federal pen grant will not be repaid in any way the federal pen grants are normally awarded to graduate students only to those who have not in any way earned a bachelor’s or a professional degree. A whooping award of $6,495 will now be granted to the winning candidates.

Provided by: Federal Student Aid

Courses: Undergraduate course

Subjects: Any

Eligibility Students: Undergraduate students

The application date of end: the end should be on the  6th to 17 award year (July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022).

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/types/grants-scholarships/pell” text=”APPLY NOW” window=”new” ]


Google lime scholarship program:

The most selective program “Google lime scholarship program” is also a free scholarships for college and is always open to worthy undergraduate, or graduate, or either Ph.D. students, who are currently into computer science or computer engineering degree, or maybe a degree in a closely related technical field in university or either college.

The scholarships will now be awarded according to the strength of the student’s academic background with the passion demonstrated for computer science $10,000 and for those who are studying in the U.S and $5,000 for them that are studying in Canada.

Although it’s based on the cost of tuition.

Provided by: Google Company

Eligible Students: Undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. students

Application Deadline: December 4, 2017

Award Amount: $10,000 & $5,000.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.limeconnect.com/programs/” text=”APPLY NOW” window=”new” nofollow=”true” ]

The generation of Google scholarship:

Google is now offering the generation Google scholarship to inspire and also help students to become future leaders in the future in computing and also technology aspect.

This scholarship is now open to undergraduates, graduates, and also high school students. The selected students will now receive the amount of USD 10,000 this is only for the student studying in the U.S or CAD 5,000 this is only for those that are studying in Canada.

Provided by: Google Company

Qualified Students: Undergraduate, graduate, and high school students

Application closing date: closed for 2022

Amount of award: 10,000 USD & 5,000 CAD

Apply Now: http://usascholarships.com/generation-google-scholarship/


Blacks at Microsoft scholarships

BAM which is known as the blacks at Microsoft Company is a sponsored network for employees, and it is happy to publicize its scholarship program.

The firm’s sole purpose is to support the steady growth and as well the development of the black employees that are in Microsoft corporation. There is a probability of renewal of $5000 that will last for almost 4 years in total for a total sum of $20,000.

Given by: Microsoft Company

Entitled Students: High-school senior

Application limit: March 15, 2022

Amount of award: Total $20,000

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/diversity/programs/blacks-scholarships.aspx” text=”APPLY NOW” window=”new” nofollow=”true” ]


NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program

NIH stands for the national institute of health and they are open to making the public know about the National Institute of health’s undergraduate scholarship program. I was able to find free scholarships for college in the NIH undergraduate scholarship program it can also be of help to you.

This open is now open to students without good backgrounds who have a vision of going into biomedical, also behavioral and social science kind and related research. The program will be giving out $20,000 worth of awards every academic year in tuition and with educational expenditures with also realistic living allowances.

Given by: The National Institutes of Health to qualified Students: Full-time student at an official 4-year undergraduate institution

Application time limit: 2023/2023 academic year

  •  Application Opens January 4, 2022
  • Application deadline March 17, 2022
  • Letter of Recommendation Deadline April 1, 2022
  •  EFN Form with 2019 or 2020 Tax Year Information Deadline May 19, 2022
  •  Invitations to Phone Interview Distributed Mid-June 2022
  • Phone Interviews for Admission Mid-July 2022
  • Selection of Scholars Late-July 2022

Amount of money: Up to $20,000

Apply Now: http://usascholarships.com/nih-undergraduate-scholarship-program/

Leon N. Weiner Education Foundation High School Scholarship

The Leon N. Weiner educative foundation will be providing big financial support to some bright, and high-achieving students that are aspiring to take proper advantage of those opportunities and soar higher into a higher level in education through this new high school tuition scholarship program designed.

LNWEF will also award the scholarships that will be equivalent to $5,000.00 each year also fund here are to be used only for tuition. Like I said earlier on I recently discovered where I can find free scholarships for college and the Leon .N Weiner education foundation is one of my discoveries

Given by: The Leon N. Weiner Education Foundation (LNWEF)

Qualified Students: U.S. citizens who are currently enrolled in school

Application cut-off date: May 1, 2017

Award Amount: $5,000.00 per year

Apply Now: Apply[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://www.weinereducationfoundation.org/high-school-scholarships/” text=”Apply” window=”new” nofollow=”true” ]


AFSA High School Senior Scholarship

AFSA is known as the American fire sprinkler association and today they are offering high school senior scholarship competition to the high school seniors who would want to venture into a college degree or trade school education. A sum of $20,000 is awarded. 10 lucky winners will then receive a scholarship that is worth $2,000 each person. enter into the competition and you hereby stand a chance to be the winner of 1 of the 10 $2,000 worth of scholarships.

Given by: The American Fire Sprinkler Association

Qualified candidates: High school senior

Application time limit: September 1, 2021, until Midnight (CT), April 1, 2022.

Amount of Award: 10 awards of $2000 each.

Apply Now: [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.afsascholarship.org/high-school-contest/hsstep1/” text=”APPLY” window=”new” nofollow=”true” ]

The Felicia Brewer Free Scholarship

The triangle community foundation is a proud sponsor of the Felicia Brewer free scholarship program. This scholarship is readily available to students that are presently attending a university or a college for their undergraduate studies, community college, or perhaps trade school who will be able to meet up to other criteria. The lucky winners will be given up to $20,000 worth of awards every year it will last for 4 years.

The sum of the awards will never exceed $80,000.

Given by: Triangle Community Foundation

Course: Graduate course

Eligibility status: High school graduate

Money to be awarded: $20,000, not exceeding $80,000.

Time limit: match 1 2022

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://trianglecf.org/” text=”APPLY NOW” ]

When should I start applying for scholarships 2022/2023

By now you shouldn’t be asking anymore where can I find free scholarships for college we believe we have listed out some top free scholarships for college you might need. However to be successful in the 2022/2023 scholarship application you should start preparations as early as possible.

As early as the middle or the ending of the current year you must have made yourself ready. Also be sure to kickoff when you are convinced that your question ” where can I find free scholarships for college” have been answered and also have quenched your eagerness to finding college scholarships has been solved.

When should you start applying for scholarship 2022/2023

  • A list of all the scholarships you would love to apply for.
  • Make necessary arrangements on how to apply for it
  • Make a research on the various scholarships you listed
  • Try to meet the previous year scholarship candidates that passed
  • Study hard



The above article gives you a complete answer to your question which said where can I find free scholarships for college in 2022 that can suit you all way round. take your time go through it to apply according to your taste.


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