woodlands high school scholarship fund – steps to apply

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woodlands high school scholarship fund

Education is necessary for the advancement and growth of the intellectual ability of young lads. It is also responsible for community and economic Overall growth. For this reason, the woodlands high school scholarship fund is open to assist future generations in the Greenburgh, County of Westchester, NY to attend college through the scholarship & financial aid program.


Woodlands high school NY

The home of woodlands high school NY is in  Westchester New York City within the green burgh county residents


WHS Scholarship Fund Award Process


The woodlands high school scholarship fund follows the annual process of generating income through the contributions made by the community and sales made from the winter flea market where they sell winter fruits, candies. This total income is channeled towards scholarship funding each year.

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Each  award going to each student is calculated this way:


“Student’s part” of “cumulative Money Available” = (Student’s NTN) / (NTN for all students) = “SP”

“Student’s Award” = “SP” x “Total Money Available”


How to apply for the woodlands high school scholarship fund


  1. Candidates must visit the Guidance office to Consult and discuss any special approach and what to do to qualify for the scholarship knowing the fact that he or she is exposed to in the field of education.


  1. Each candidate is expected to complete the registration for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) upon application.


  1. Candidates must also see that  WHS Scholarship Fund Application is completed 
  2. Candidates are to return both of the documents to the Guidance Office earlier enough before the 12th of march 2021
  3. Applying candidates must have to attend scheduled interviews with woodlands high school Scholarship Fund Trustees for further accreditation.
  4. You will not be called or considered for an interview if by chance WHS has not been able to receive FAFSA after the stated deadline

To get the woodlands high school scholarship fund form use this link


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What is the woodland scholarship amount

Scholarship award amount – $100 

NOTE: This award also increases it is not static


Eligibility & Criteria for the woodlands high school scholarship fund

The eligibility and qualifications of this scholarship are as follows read below.

  • Each applying candidate is expected to be a graduating senior high school student in the woodlands high school NY.


  • Candidates must have an interest in furthering their education in higher institutions (university, college)


  • Applying students must have the need for financial help 


NOTE: Information provided by the applicants is sealed to no one else but the members of the scholarship fund. However, the financial aid evaluator is the only person who can access your financial information.


Woodland Community College & Lake Campus Fund Scholarships

The Yuba Community College District Foundation is responsible for the woodland community college and lake campus fund scholarship. This foundation scholarship came into existence through the lavish donations received by the foundation from the community, individuals, corporations that massively donated to make the scholarship a success.


Who can apply for the woodland community college scholarships 

The woodland Community College scholarship is open to all fresh candidates, re-entry students, transfer and continuing students respectively.



Note: This is a need-based & merit scholarship.

Students are selected on the basis of financial needs, awards, honor, commitment to the community (community service), leadership qualities, and strength.


How to apply for the woodland  Community College scholarship fund

  1. Each of the applying students is expected to have the (YCCD) known as the yuba community college district. this identity is required upon registration. In case you have not gotten yours you can apply for admission into woodland community college to obtain your id.
  2. Second-time signup candidates that are graduating from high school are required to fill up a new form for the summer and fall sessions.
  3. Each enrolling student is also required to activate their email the yccd single sign-up portal. however, the school will make use of your college email to reach you when necessary.
  4. Here you are to complete up the (FAFSA) free application for federal student aid or the (cadda) California dream act application. Completing these forms is getting ready for the next academic session. The woodland community college code is  041438.
  5. Plan to attend an organized scholarship seminar to give you more insight on how you can successfully apply for a scholarship and write your own personal statement.
  6. Also, be ready and prepare to provide a well written personal statement of the general scholarship that should include topics like


    • Your personal academic goals & plans
    • Your personal academic achievement 
    • Extracurricular involved activities 
    • Community service
    • What makes you believe that you are qualified for the scholarship
    • A transcript will be needed for the incoming candidates

Also remember to use One of these tools to check for plagiarism after writing your statement


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What’s next after you have submitted your woodland community college scholarship application?


The next and best thing to do is to relax and trust in yourself and the process because all submitted applications will be going to the woodland community college scholarship board desk for evaluation and assessment to pick the best among the applied candidates for the scholarship.


Once you make it to the list of selected scholarship recipients you will be notified through the YCCD student email address.


After you all have been notified then the next process which is the distribution of the scholarship fund to the scholarship students comes In. This is done within the same academic year as to when the scholarship was applied for.


Awards differ and it depends on some factors which consist of students’ eligibility,  availability of funds.


NOTE: when you fail to attend classes and fail to meet up with requirements that will qualify you to be eligible you can be disqualified which can cause you to repay funds again.



woodlands high school scholarship fund & woodland community college scholarships

This scholarship is strictly for high school students above you is comprehensive data made up from days of research. Value it use it as your perfect guide to applying for the woodlands high school scholarship fund and the Woodland Community College & Lake Campus Fund Scholarships


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