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Acuity Training Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership

Do you want to be an inspiring leader? Acuity Training Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership is now accepting applications for its Leadership Scholarship. The Acuity Training Leadership Scholarship is exclusively available to students with outstanding leadership abilities and qualities who are currently enrolled at college, university, high school or trade school. The winning candidate will receive up to $1,000 as merits to encourage his/her educational dreams


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The Acuity Training is excited to offer a Scholarship Program for students with outstanding leadership abilities & qualities!

Acuity Training Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership

Acuity Training Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership

We believe in helping future leaders reach their goals and we are committed to providing quality education to our international students and home students we believe in developing the leadership abilities of our overall students

This scholarship is open until 31 December and can only be entered by eligible candidates in the UK. This Acuity Training Leadership Scholarship has a value of £1000 and includes eligibility for any course offered by the Acuity Training scholarship program in the following categories:

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– Business Management Courses

– IT Courses

– Accounting Courses

– Acuity Training Courses

The above courses are some of the established courses to be studied in the universities to help develop your key life skill.


Why join acuity academy?

Join Acuity to be empowered and also be educated through the experts in the leadership field. Acuity academy inspires prospects, enlightens, and also builds a community of management. Enroll into the Academy to hook up with other guys within the academy circle to be taught through the academy instructor


How to enter for the Acuity Training Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership?

-To enter this Acuity Training Leadership Scholarship, candidates must write an essay and submit a maximum of 500 words explaining why they deserve the scholarship.

– To enter, create a three to four-minute video on why you want to become a leader and what sets you apart.

-Importantly also you must try as you can to showcase your creativity live an example of leadership showcased in your abilities.

– Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at a UK university.

– Winners will be announced on June 15th and scholarship funds will be sent within four weeks after this date.

In addition, they should send in an additional 100-word essay on how their leadership will make positive changes in society and what type of career path they plan to take after completing Acuity’s training courses.


Applicants are also required to write down two contact details (either email or phone number). They may include links but not more than one link per answer is allowed. Entries with any kind of plagiarism detected will be disqualified immediately without notice by Acuity Training limited. All applications must be submitted through Acuity’s website.

Note – The Acuity Training Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership is open to all students!



How to apply for the Acuity Training Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership

When you have completed all of those steps, email us at [email protected] and provide the link to the video. You should also include the following information:

– Your full name, telephone number, and mailing address

– The name of the university or college you attend (If you have been accepted but haven’t started yet that counts)

– Proof that you are a student in good standing (i.e. transcript or acceptance letter)

– Why Acuity Training should choose you for this scholarship program?


-This award is only available and awarded to students that are currently enrolled at a college or university anywhere worldwide.

– Acuity Training Scholarship is also open to all ages and abilities! Great opportunity for those looking into coaching as well.

Acuity Training Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership Terms of Participation

Also, put in mind when making your short video that it should not be more than 3 to 4 mins long and should be in English. We want you to include some of the following ideas while you make your video:

A) What is leadership?

B) Why is it valuable and how can it be developed?

C) What is the difference between leadership, management, and assertiveness?

D) Examples of how and when you have shown leadership and the benefits that have flowed from that, and explain why you want to be a leader

E) The importance of leadership qualities in the 21st-century workplace?

F) – What are the key qualities of an effective leader?

The Acuity Training is excited to offer a scholarship to students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities. We are looking for individuals who can share examples of their experiences demonstrating exceptional leadership skills.

This could be anything from taking on extra responsibilities at home or school, to leading a project or team at work. If you feel like you possess what it takes to be an excellent leader, we want to hear from you! To enter, simply create a short video explaining why leadership is important to you and upload it to YouTube.

Note: Just like we made mention earlier on when you are through making your video remember to add all the hints we made mentioned above. It will give you a head start on how to make your video then go-ahead to submit it together with other requirements as demanded by the organization.


Why choose acuity Engineering&Technology Solutions?

The acuity Engineering&Technology Solutions are always up to the task to help deliver an in-depth analysis & review to determine and  give assurance of influence over scope, risk, schedule. They also provide and deliver quality projects and to their customers heavy tasking and critical programs


What is the acuity Academy Newsletter?

The Acuity academy newsletter is an excellent tool which helps to keep you updated also grows your controls, lighting and nurtures your management and technical knowledge. This is crafted for folks with interest to grow their management skills, lightening and controls.


What are the hours of operation for acuity Academy?

The Acuity operation hours are as follows:

Hours– 24

Days– 7 days in a week

Yearly– 365 days a whole year

Enroll into Acuity academy and get updates about industry trends through live webinars

Submission deadline

The deadline for submissions is december 31, 2017

Scholarship status: closed

We look forward to seeing your entries next time!

Explore your potentials and recheck scholarship opening using their website address

Summary of acuity Training Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership

For the need of perfecting you leadership skills, it is needed for you to check out Acuity Training Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership for the potential reopening of the scholarship.

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