How do i get Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in Netherlands 2022/2023 | Fully Funded

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How do I get Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in Netherlands 2022/2023 | Fully Funded

Did you know: Up to 2,450 are still asking how do I get Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in Netherlands 2022/2023 fully funded. It can all be yours all you will ever have to do to secure this Scholarship is to apply today.

You will study with Erasmus Mundus scholarship for international students only, you will have to choose and study in 3 different universities of your choice in three different countries that are from the European Union.

Erasmus is fully funded by all expenses covered by all prestigious scholarship programs. There’s a great chance with 0% doubt the scholarship will be accessed at the European universities, American, and even some Australian universities.

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship for master in Europe for all the 2022 intake is out. The Erasmus scholarship will commence by accepting all applications from September and will end in November.

There will be a different dead limit for different programs .you will study each term in different countries and different universities as well as you will be doing a part-time internship as training in different countries.

According to sources, Erasmus selects the biggest number of students. the biggest number till the present year is  2,450 in total from all countries in 2022.erasmus scholarship is the only scholarship to undertake a masters degree, MPhil, or even Erasmus fellowship the maximum duration of this type of program is 2 years.

The flowchart is given below the last year of 2020 and many students were selected from each country. Erasmus Mundus’s scholarship covers a wide number of costs for higher studies.

How do I get Erasmus Mundus scholarship Netherlands

The Erasmus Mundus application guide for 2022 to 2023

  • Sponsored by: European union
  • Funding: Fully Funded
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Course Level: Master Degree Program
  • Deadline: Different for Different Program
  • Countries: Europe

There was yet another big opportunity that was again mentioned and that is the Chevening scholarships UK 2022 from the UK government also fully funded.

What is the Erasmus Mundus scholarship starts and also end date?

Sooner or later the application will be open although the programs might vary depending on the scheduled program. but the official program will be kicking off in September and will end in November.

The Erasmus Mundus for postdoctoral and the Erasmus Mundus master’s degree area with scholarship program are currently open for every nationality bearers across the globe.

How does Erasmus scholarship work?

With this Scholarship, you have the access to study in Europe in three European countries of your choice and as well in three universities that match your taste and be awarded by 2 universities in Europe.

Just like we said it all narrows down on the kind of program. But still, yet each of the programs must be 2 years, also you will have to study each of the semesters in 2 different universities and also in 2 countries that are also different but must be in Europe, Australia, or it can either be the USA.

You can still go check for some other scholarships which are offered in continents like Europe and countries in Europe like the Ireland government scholarship 201 for the Masters & Ph.D. also funded.

What are the benefits of Erasmus Mundus scholarship Netherlands

It is completely funded to the end all expenses are all met with the scholarship program of all the students. They will see to all your expenses.

  •         Monthly pay (almost 1200-1300 Euros per month)
  •         Free Tuition Fee.
  •         Traveling pocket money.
  •         International Airfare and Tickets
  •         Travel Allowance from 1 Country to another Country
  •         Neither Restriction nor bond to return to your Country.
  •         Job Visa granted after a Master’s/Ph.D. The degree is to work in Europe after you graduate with a degree.

How to prepare for Erasmus Mundus

This is just a pre-notice which is to prepare you ahead of time for the journey.

You can go ahead and open a file for Erasmus + Masters Programs and then read the programs one after the other to see one of the programs that will fit you the most.

Erasmus plus the programs are not some of the times the same order and major but might multi-choice

So you will have to open a similar word when you open the program names, that are significant to your degree and then see if you can fit in there, be it partially or fully then try to apply.

Now go open the whole list that is being offered by the Erasmus scholarship program, 2022. The programs might have a very unfamiliar name. You might or might not be able to find the original names being given to masters as we have in some countries like Pakistan like masters in electrical engineering, or masters in biotechnology.

Now open up the link to the master’s degree programs which in a way look a bit important to you. Now open up the website and if peradventure you see your profile or degree or maybe work experience then partially slide into the full details of that certain program, then now talking of this program specifically you must now apply. Now make to make a final assessment of the three programs into your profile.

You will also have to check for the requirements of the programs and as well try your best to prepare early enough for them which some of which are statements of purpose, personal statements, and motivational letters, and so on. There will be no need to contact the professor or university or take admission inside the university. All you have to do is to all on their program websites respectively then anyway it gets selected every other thing will be overseen by the programs.

Pro tip: you need to work hard on your profile mainly for this scholarship is very competitive among many universities and top notch scholarships programs.

In a normal case according to the selection made by the program, it shows that the students with high CGPA are the ones to secure this scholarship but some CGPA students with good quality skills also get the scholarship.

Who is eligible for Erasmus Mundus scholarship netherlands & requirements:

  • No working experience is required.
  • People with at most 16 years of education can go for it
  • No restrictions for age.

How to Apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2022?

To check the Official website of Erasmus and to check the List of Programs offered, Please Visit the Official website of the Erasmus Mundus. The Applications are now open.

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