How to apply for Italian scholarships and avail

How to apply for Italian scholarships and avail in 2022

How to apply for Italian scholarships and avail


Italy is known to be a good choice for all students when applying for international scholarships.  There are many ways on how you can apply for Italian scholarships and still avail. Which we will be discussing in our article below.

Italy has been known to be a scholarship-providing country for a very long time. With their large range of scholarship opportunities such as its fully-funded Italian government scholarships, university of Calabria scholarships italy including the University of Bologna Scholarships in Italy you can avail a scholarship in Italy with ease. You are assured of getting your desired scholarship when you apply with the right procedure.

Right about here is a detailed explanation of how to apply for Italian scholarships and avail


  1. Be very sure to Verify if your nation is eligible for an Italy Scholarship Application
  2. Try to find a school that provides the degree you want.
  3. Always Make sure the school you are interested in can be considered for scholarships
  4. Remember to send an admission application to the school you prefer
  5. Certain admissions applications are considered scholarship applications as well. If that’s however the situation, you should apply for the award.
  6. You must wait for the admission and final results.

some available Scholarships in Italy


Be free to check the Erasmus mundus scholarship which is offering scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are pursuing either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in order to improve their capabilities and knowledge to become business leaders of the future.

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Top Universities Offering Scholarships in Italy


University of Calabria

Calabria University Is offering a full-time undergraduate degree program with a value amount of € 1000, 00 and with an additional stipend of up to € 17, 0000 only for the summer school tuition fees applicants. This scholarship is open to all international students who are eligible for this scholarship check on the eligibility criteria for the university of Calabria scholarship.



Universita Cattolica

The UCSC International Scholarship is an annual reduction in tuition fees that are promoted through Universita Cattolica in order to facilitate entry for international student degree programs. The reduction is around 30 percent of the cost.


University Of Padova

The University of Padova handles regional funds for students with low incomes as well as students, both Italian as well as international who have a great academic record and are pursuing an education at the university. The scholarship is made up of funds and lodging or meals in the canteens at the university.


Bologna University

It is the University of Bologna on annual basis awards study grants to students of various nationalities who are wishing to pursue bachelor’s degrees, Master’s, or single-cycle Degree Programs in Bologna. The University of Bologna. Each grant awarded is for one academic year. the total amount is EUR11,059 with complete tuition fee waivers.


Bocconi University

Bocconi University annually awards merit-based scholarships to students from diverse nationalities who are enrolled in the Bachelor’s or Master of Science Programs at Bocconi. The award includes a partial or complete tuition waiver that can be up to EUR12,000 annually for the Bachelor’s Program, or up to EUR13,000 annually for the Master of Science Program.

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Luiss University

Luiss University awards merit-based scholarships to highly talented master’s and bachelor’s students based on an overall evaluation of the applications. The scholarships are awarded by the admissions board following admission to the top applicants.


Politecnico Di Torino

The Politecnico di Torino offers scholarships to international students who wish to take part in classes in certain areas like Engineering as well as Architecture.



Cost Of Living in Italy

In my own point of view how to apply for Italian scholarship and avail wouldn’t be an issue the real issue here is the cost of living in Italy.

Living costs in Italy will vary based on the lifestyle of the individual and where you live. Costs of living in cities are quite different from those living in smaller towns. The cost of housing is higher in cities however the high quality of life is worth it.


In Rome, for example, students are required to pay anywhere between 700-800 euros per month, while in other cities in Italy such as Turin, Padua, Pisa or Bologna students spend between 550 Euros to 775 Euros per month.


Why Study In Italy? (Benefits to Aspiring Applicants)

If you are a student who is looking for an ideal location to study further, then why not study in Italy?

currently, Italy has proven proficiency in the area of providing scholarships to both international students and locals. however, there are still many who still ask why do you want to study in Italy?. well the answer is simple Italy is one of the most prestigious. Italian universities provide a European standard of education, which gives students numerous opportunities to continue their education after school.

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With a rich heritage, a diverse culture, and many mouthwatering food items you’ll ever get to eat living in Italy can be a thrilling experience. This is a comprehensive listing of the advantages that studying abroad can bring to Italy:

  1. Italy has a broad range of schools that students can pick from.
  2. Students can take classes in Italian at a high level. This will add value to their resumes when they are looking for jobs after school.
  3. Students from other countries have the option to apply for scholarships or grants.
  4. A lot of universities offer accommodation between 300-400 euros per month.
  5. Students from other countries can obtain student visas that allow them to travel throughout Europe without restriction and also enjoy many benefits with tickets and other services.

Italy is home to a large number of universities that are low-cost that are open to students who cannot get an academic scholarship.

Students are legally entitled to extend their visas after the completion of their studies.

Students can work and study. On average, a part-time position pays 10 euros per hour.

They application process will make you understand how to apply for Italian scholarships and avail it also makes open, the award of scholarship opportunities in Italy for students of international origin from Africa and other developing countries each year.


They comprise Italian state-sponsored scholarships to students from abroad, Italian University scholarships, etc for masters, undergraduates, or Ph.D./doctoral degrees.

Conclusion of How to apply for Italian scholarships and avail

These recommended steps above are the most effective & tested procedures to avail a scholarship in Italy without much stress.

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