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Apply Now for Gates Cambridge Scholarship program to Study in UK 2022-2023



Gates Cambridge Scholarship program

 Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2022-2023

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program is one of the top-notch scholarship opportunities you can get while studying abroad. When you receive this opportunity, you will be able to study at the famous University of Cambridge in the UK without having to pay tuition fees.

The University of Cambridge is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship offers the opportunity to study at either the university’s Homerton College or Hughes Hall at the University of Cambridge and a host of other accredited universities.



Bill-gates founder


What is the Gates Cambridge Scholarship?

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is a UK-based university scholarship program open to all British high school students, regardless of family income. Students must meet certain academic criteria and have a good GCSE grade point average (at least 5 in both English and Maths, or at least 6 in one of these subjects).

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is a full scholarship program that grants talented high school students, who are interested in pursuing an academic career, the chance to study at the University of Cambridge.


Who Is Eligible to Apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship program?

Students who are offered admission to any of the University of Cambridge’s Faculties and Schools, including its affiliated colleges, are eligible to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

However, anyone can apply to receive a Gates Cambridge Scholarship but it is recommended that you have strong academic records and high GPAs.

Students who are currently on a gap year or taking the UKAP program are not eligible. Students will also need to show a commitment to studying at the university level, either through a course plan or research interests.


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Gates Cambridge Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline for the application to apply is Applications open: Thursday 2 September 2022: Application deadline: Wednesday 13 October 2022


Gates Cambridge Scholarship Application Fee

The application fee is £75.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship application fee is £75.


How to Apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship program

There are three types of application of the Gates Cambridge scholarship

A combined application form

in this section all applicants are to submit their application to be reviewed for funding and admission, this is done through the university portal.

The admission section

In the admission section, you are applying specifically for the graduate course with the desired college

The funding section

In this section, there are varieties of scholarships provided by the university and the affiliated organizations

Apply through the Gates Cambridge Scholarship portal. For more details about the application process, see the Gates Cambridge Scholarships page.


How hard is it to get a Gates Cambridge Scholarship?

considering the fact that Gates Cambridge scholarship program is wanted by so many students, that alone is enough to tell you that it is not easy to get the scholarship. In every application submission year, only 0.3% out of the whole submitted applications are granted scholarship awards.

Is the Gates Cambridge Scholarship fully funded?

yes of course the Gates Cambridge Scholarship program is a fully-funded scholarship that takes care of all your university fees and expenses.

Do you have to write an essay for the Gates scholarship?

The most important step of your application is your essay you should start writing early to avoid rush and mistakes, and also avoid late submissions. your should start writing immediately they release the prompt.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, you must be a citizen of any country outside the (UK) United Kingdom.

You must also be applying to pursue the following degrees Ph.D., MSC/MLitt, and one-year postgraduate

Note: if you are already into a course you can no longer apply for the Gates Cambridge scholarship except if you are applying for a new fresh degree scholarship but it is not allowed to apply halfway into your course.

  • You must have a record of academic excellence, leadership, and service.
  • You must have a cumulative 3.25 GPA at the time of application and demonstrate financial need.
  • The minimum GPA requirement for the essay portion of the application is 3.0.

In any reason you were not eligible for the Gates Cambridge scholarship program you can check out some fully funded UK masters scholarships for international student and apply for


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What is the application process?

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship application consists of two parts:

  • The online application, which can be found on the scholarship provider’s website.
  • The essay, which is submitted separately and requires a writing sample.


Note: In case you are still an employee currently earning from your boss or perhaps you have an outstanding scholarship that oversees your educational needs you must tell the trust or else if they find out they have all the right to slash your scholarship fees or decide not to pay at all.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Gates Cambridge Scholarship


What are the benefits of the Gates Cambridge scholarship

Below we will list the benefits of the Gates Cambridge scholarship.


  1. It is a fully-funded scholarship that oversees the whole tuition and expenses of the university.


  1. Scholarship fee: This fee depends on the program each student is going for however you will know more when you get your prospectus.


  1. £17,848 is the total amount of allowance that is released to each student for the whole of a complete 12 months according to the rate given in 2022/23. Ph.D. students’ awards are up to 4 years.


  1. An Air transport economy class allowance is provided to the students at the beginning and at the end of their course for flight.



  1. Visa charges within and also the immigration and health surcharge.


  1. Up to £10,120 family allowance for one child and then £14,440 this is for more than 2 children. Your Partner spouse is not among in the funding.


  1. Fieldwork: it is allowed to apply in order to keep up your maintenance allowance this is as part of your Ph.D. However, the trust cannot be funding other fieldwork costs due to the fact that this must have been funded by the university scholarship fee.



  1. Due to some life issues and challenges hardship funding was initiated to be added to the benefits of the Gates Cambridge scholarship.


  1. Maternity & paternity funding: in case you wish to apply for this you can take a break from your scholarship for some time and still be credited.



Why should you apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship program?

You should consider applying for the Gates Cambridge scholarship because they are known by the entire world for their quality of education and the quality of scholarship they tend to give out to students.

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They also have great benefits asides from the educational aspect, which is putting into consideration the family of the students and the overall welfare of their prospects.


Who should write the Gates Cambridge Reference?

A lot of applicants have lost their chances of winning the Gates Cambridge scholarship program because they choose the wrong person without experience to write the gates Cambridge reference for them.

The right person who should write this reference shouldn’t be a close family member it should be an educational advisor, a lecture, a dean, someone who is exposed to the nature of the competitiveness of the university also should have an understanding of the question and having a technical way to answer such questions.

However, if you have a family member who you believe has all this quality and is exposed to the knowledge of education then let him handle the reference writing.


Gates Cambridge Scholars organizations

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program is unique because it encourages students to become part of one of the many Gates Cambridge Scholar organizations. These organizations are groups of scholars who come together to share their experiences and support one another.

There are over forty organizations, each with its own focus and personality. Some organizations are based on shared academic interests, while others are based on geography or a common background. In 2015, the University of Cambridge held an inaugural global cyber competition to encourage innovation and problem-solving skills in cyber security. Cambridge Scholars is the University of Cambridge’s online education platform. It allows students around the world to experience courses at Cambridge and learn from its award-winning academics.

Cambridge Scholars offers both MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and live teaching. MOOCs are free, but they don’t come with access to a tutor or a campus. Live teaching allows students to interact with Cambridge instructors and other students over a real-time video call. This is a more personal experience than watching a lecture online, but it is more expensive. As of July 2017, Cambridge Scholars is offering 12 different online courses.

They range from 1-week courses that introduce learners to concepts in a subject area, to 4-week courses on subjects like artificial intelligence and machine learning. (View the full list of available online courses here.) To learn more about how to enroll in a Cambridge Scholars course, visit their website.


summary about the Gates Cambridge scholarship program

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program came to be through the bill and Melinda gates foundation which was established in the year 2000  with a donation of $210 to be used to assist the current graduating students.



Hi fella's welcome to my profile I am Kenneth. lately in this generation, many have lost the interest in education due to a lack of sponsors. Bringing opportunities for free educations and scholarships close to every aspiring student across the Globe has been my priority for a long, I believe this will help make the world a better place if all can get a good quality education.

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Addis Ababa University Postgraduate Scholarships 2022-23 Ethiopia



Addis Ababa University Postgraduate Scholarships

Addis Ababa University Postgraduate Scholarships 2022- 2023 Ethiopia


The largest International scholarship fund organization DAAD has opened up a scholarship opportunity to the sub Sahara developing countries towards alleviating illiteracy in the region. The Addis Ababa university postgraduate scholarships is an answer towards the fight against lack of education in the sub-Saharan region. This post also covers the Addis Ababa University Female Scholarship and disability 2022 2023.


This scholarship opportunity is for students that are eager to obtain an MSc degree in electrical engineering for railway systems.


NOTE: This scholarship course will be studied at the University of Technology Addis Ababa… This is with a vision of empowering young African students with the technological knowledge that will assist in building industries, factories, railways systems and so much more infrastructure in Africa as a whole. This course is to be studied for 2 years. In some cases the scholarships are provided for a year only, nevertheless, it can be increased only by demand.


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How to apply for Sub Saharan Countries Addis Ababa University Postgraduate Scholarships 2022-23


Below are the whole list of documents required by the organization for you to provide in order to apply


  • Applicants must provide duplicates of educational materials


  • Applicants are to provide not less than 2 copies of the letter of recommendation 


  • Also to submit is a letter of motivation


  • Lastly your curriculum vitae (CV)


  • Apply using this portal


Heads up: when submitting your application applicants are meant to submit the above-mentioned documents with their application form together in a pdf format to the university email addresses by the University portal in their official website.


Addis Ababa University Postgraduate Scholarships award

The scholarship award is designed for students with an interest to go for their MSc degree. In the faculty of electrical engineering on railway systems.


Addis Ababa University Portal


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The Addis Ababa university portal can be accessed from their source page link here

[mks_button size=”large” title=”APPLY” style=”rounded” url=”” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#829cd8″ txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”fa-pencil-square-o” icon_type=”fa” nofollow=”1″]




Each and every country which was listed on the official website of the sub-Saharan African region are eligible for its candidates to participate.


What is the age limit for his application?

Currently, there is no age limit specified by the official site. Which means it’s meant for all ages.


Eligibility and criteria for the Addis Ababa University Postgraduate Scholarships 2022-23


Below listed are the eligibility criteria that qualify a student into the Addis Ababa university postgraduate scholarship program.


  1. Applicants who are females and applicants who are from the less privileged homes or from poor families, and also physically challenged students are all eligible for the program.
  2. Applicants applying for the scholarship are expected to have finished their previous degree program not more than six years back.
  3. Applying candidates are expected to have obtained a BSc degree in electrical engineering in the past years from a qualified institute, college, or university or any degree equivalent to BSc.
  4. Applying candidates are also expected to meet up with the minimum required CGPA of 3.25 percent for male candidates then for the female candidates 2.27 percent and a maximum of 4.0 for both sides.


Application Deadline for the Addis Ababa University Postgraduate Scholarships


The official deadline for the Addis Ababa University Postgraduate Scholarships is

[mks_button size=”large” title=”2nd month of  2021 (February 2021).” style=”rounded” url=”http://” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#829cd8″ txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”fa-pencil-square-o” icon_type=”fa” nofollow=”0″]

For more information check on official website


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How do I apply to Addis Ababa University?


To apply for Addis Ababa university follow the instructions given below


  • Choose program
  • Hit Apply Button
  • Send your request
  • Go to study 


For you to apply successfully to the Addis Ababa university your first approach is to choose your desired program you can contact the administration office for more information on how to make a proper decision.


Required documents for the Addis Ababa university application


  • All-Academic Documents
  • Passport
  • Contact No
  • Photographs
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Letters of recommendation (MA, Ph.D.)
  • Letters of recommendation (for undergraduate)
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Student visa
  • Declaration for financial support


Are universities in Ethiopia free?


All Universities & tertiary institutions in Ethiopia are sponsored almost by the Ethiopian government which also consist of free none academic provisions to the regular students. However, part-time students are required to pay an amount of 30 to 50 Birr per credit load and 90 to150 Birr equivalent to $10- 17 this covers the whole 3 credit course load per semester.

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Addis Ababa University Female Scholarship 2022 2023


The Addis Ababa University has opened a scholarship opportunity to assist female and disabled students who graduated from public universities with university fees to help them further their educational dreams. This scholarship is likened to the Addis Ababa university postgraduate scholarships though they are not the same.


Requirements for the Addis Ababa University Female Scholarship 2022 23


Each candidate is expected to pass these tests below to be qualified 


  • Scholarship Applicants are expected to be a graduate of a day program in any government university 
  • Scholarship applicants must possess a CGPA of 2.75 upwards  to qualify 
  • Candidates who have completed their respective share of due payment are required to send evidence to the university where they completed their transcripts 
  • Certificate of disability gotten from your province must be submitted. For disabled candidates only
  • Each student must meet up with the classroom requirements 


How to apply for the Addis Ababa University Female Scholarship 

  • Candidates who were able to meet up with the requirements are qualified to apply 
  • Candidates who qualified should submit their Cv and other documents to these addresses below
  • To get the curriculum and exam you can visit the official website portal or perhaps go to the classroom bulletin board.


Candidates going for health care are required  to obtain a bachelor’s degree or can provide reports about grammar each semester after graduation 


However, if the number of interested candidates is not up to the required number the entrance will be canceled ❌.


 Date of registration: 26th July to 2013 August 14


Can girls go to school in Ethiopia?


In Ethiopia, girls are allowed to attend school. However, Ethiopia is known to have a great number of illiteracy among female genders. There is a lot of effort to be applied by a girl to be able to attend school in the country. 


According to the data using a percentage of 100%, only 25% among the population of girls attend school.

This is supported by the level of poverty within the country, girls are hereby left with no choice but to help fend for the family thereby decreasing the number of girls studying. 


Also the increasing rate of s*xual abuse within the country, even within the rural school premises, leaves a bad impression among Ethiopian girls about going to school.


According to the data we got from Unicef, only 53% of Ethiopian females are able to finish primary school and only a quarter are able to enroll into secondary school. 


Addis Ababa university masters program registration 2020/21


After a candidate has been given admission into the university the first thing that follows is to register for a set of  program courses 


  • A student is expected to continually register for the program if still interested. Failure to do so, then it’s assumed that you have dropped out of the program if you never informed the University office that you are officially withdrawing from the program.
  • Students are to register in the registrar’s office, college, school.
  • Procedures and rules that guide the registration
  • Any candidate whose scholarship application has been successfully accepted into the program is fully qualified to be registered according to the current academic calendar.
  • The counselor should be the one to complete and further sign your registration slip.
  • No learning materials will be given out to students who have not yet completed their registration. 
  • There are listed conditions a student must affirm, before registering for an advanced course
  • Students are required to make payment for the courses within the registration slip and take the proof of payment to the right office for accreditation along with the forms.
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  • Students are required to produce each registration form in 3 duplicates to be submitted to the college, registrar office, Institute, in order to be stamped with an official registered stamp. Then submit 1 copy of each of the forms to each office respectively institute, college, school office registrar.


  • You will not be given any credit for any course you have not registered for even if you have earned grades.


  • Registration is done each academic semester. However, some medical college in CHS is open for registration only once a year.


  • Any attempt to register with a proxy is not allowed


  • A  candidate can be enrolled at any given time into a Ph.D. program in a year. But for normal studies, it has to be the beginning of the semester after his admission.


Late registration


There is room for late entry registration at most 1 to 2 days are provided for candidates to make up and register. However, there are some penalty fees attached to it which are to be paid upon registering as a late candidate.


Add or Drop

 This is an opportunity given to students to add or correct a mistake made upon registration. Here you can add some courses you prefer or drop a course that doesn’t fit into your program.


It is given to be done in 3 weeks maximum starting from the day of registration 


Online registration procedure 


Step 1

Get your password & username from your school office of the registrar


Step 2

Then take your details into the online portal input your username and password as required in the appropriate space 


Step 3

Lastly, complete your registration by clicking on the registration. please it’s recommended you complete your profile before registration 


Required Profile details


telephone number

email address

birth date and

upload your passport size photograph

& submit


Step 4

Fill the fee of sharing information & submit


Step 5

Select a course and click on submission wait for a confirmation message instantly.


Step 6




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Optimal undergraduate scholarship program



Optimal undergraduate scholarship program

Optimal undergraduate scholarship program


To increase education and learning among youngsters, the optimal undergraduate scholarship program was launched back in 2010. This initiative was for the purpose of giving potential students access to quality education freely. Since the birth of this program $915,000 part of its profit has been utilized to increase the education and learning of aspiring students who wish to further their educational dreams.


Head up: optimal rebranded from it’s former name known as the Sr education group in 2020

The optimal scholarship program has 3 types of scholarships namely:



  • Optimal undergraduate scholarship



Optimal Community college scholarship 

This is a scholarship designed to assist public & community prospective students to study in college and university through the help of financial aid provided by the firm.


What is the eligibility for the optimal college scholarship?


  • Applicants must be students enrolled in a public school or community college, technical college, junior college, or city college.


  • Applicants must be pursuing their degree, diploma certificate at any appropriate associate’s degree, or first-time bachelor degree.


Scholarship award – $2,000

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Application deadline – 12/30/21


Application status – currently closed 


Check the website to get due information about its opening 


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Optimal undergraduate scholarship 


The optimal undergraduate scholarship is part of the 3 major scholarships introduced by optimal the scholarship program. It is specifically made for every interested undergraduate student willing to further into university to pursue their degree programs.


Optimal undergraduate scholarship eligibility


Applicants must be from public institutions or private school 


Applicants must be pursuing to obtain a degree, diploma certificate at any associate level, or a first-timer bachelor’s level.


Scholarship award – $2,000


Scholarship deadline – 12/30/21


Scholarship status – currently closed


Check the website to get due information about its opening



Continue to come back and check for entry opening


Optimal online degree scholarship


The optimal online degree scholarship was introduced to assist students take lectures online as working-class or too busy people this type of scholarship is also beneficial to folks with special needs.


NOTE: These scholarship lectures mostly are done online. Visiting the school is once in a while.

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Optimal online degree scholarship eligibility 


  • Students within any private and public schools are eligible to apply 


  • Applicants must have the interest to pursue a degree or diploma certificate at an associates’ level or any post-bachelors level or bachelor’s level.


Scholarship award – $2,000


Scholarship deadline – 12/30/21


Scholarship status – currently closed


Check the website to get due information about its opening

Continue to come back and check for entry opening 

Would you like to discover the best in universities with beautiful landscapes for your college and university experience use this link.


How to apply for the optimal undergraduate scholarship program

  • The scholarship application is always open for legal occupants living with the united states except for states like Guam, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands


  • Scholarship contestants are expected to be up to the age if 16 and must be currently studying at an qualified post-secondary institute


  • Time for application is EST 11:59


  • After application submission a message feed back of application received will be sent to you



What is the mission of optimal


Optimal uses data analysis obtained from the  85,000 reviews of students and college ranking of every college core alumni salaries and colleges that are researched manually. Optimal uses this data to help students make proper decisions that will help them get the best of their college experience in college & university after this is done, optimal is said to have completed their mission successfully.

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Every point listed out above is part of the big mission that optimal has towards the students.

Optimal tools are designed to provide clean and accurate data that explains the expense and potential earnings. This paves way for students to achieve greatness in their educational dreams without thinking about the costs of getting a quality education.


Optimal confesses of their aim to continuity in being clean in terms of collecting data and the way it is being used to serve the needs of the students to their satisfaction. Just like the optimal undergraduate scholarship program which was provided with accurate data to the students, we will also continue to provide the best of the best in regards to educational scholarship data.

Check more on here

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Looking to attend college? Nafepa Scholarship Program 2022



Nafepa Scholarship Program

 Nafepa Scholarship Program 2022


The Nafepa scholarship program award is based on a variety of factors, including academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and financial needs. They have been known for showing their support towards the American youths through campaigning for the federal education program.

As the cost of college increases and becomes more difficult to pay for, many students are looking for alternatives in which they can earn their degrees in a much more inexpensive way. Though there are few guarantees in life, one option that offers potential success is Nafepa’s Educational Scholarship Awards. . This award hopes to give you an alternative way to earn your bachelor’s degree at little or no cost to you.


we have more interesting scholarships that might suit you check out below:


2022 Nafepa scholarship program information

The Nafepa scholarship program is known to have been giving out 4 types of scholarships to eligible students for some years now. These 4 scholarships are honors that represent the 4 heroes of the national association of federal education program (Nafepa) who gave the best of their best towards the growth of the program and their names are Iva McCants, Stanley McFarland, John Pfaff, and Elizabeth Pinkerton.

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National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators Scholarship

The National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators (NAFEPA) has a great opportunity for you to continue your education. This scholarship program is funded by the federal government and is awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program and pursuing a career in federal education programs. The award is based on your passion for learning, dedication to your community, and financial need…

Nafepa scholarship program Eligibility

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a current or former student, faculty, or staff member of NAFEPA and have at least one year of experience in a federal program administration role. Applications are available from your state federation, from NAFEPA Headquarters, or online at


Note down: each student that must be nominated must be from a state that has a representative inside the Nafepa boards of Directors

If you’re interested in being nominated for one of our scholarships, get in touch with your state representative on the NAFEPA Board of Directors. They’ll be able to give you all the info you need on the nomination process and timeline. And don’t forget: your completed scholarship application packet must be sent to them!


we have more interesting scholarships that might suit you check out below:

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How much is the Nafepa scholarship worth?

Each of the 4 scholarships is worth $2,500 per student that is eligible


National federal programs conference 2022

The NAFEPA Board of Directors has put together an amazing program that will provide you with essential training on a variety of important topics, presented by an incredible lineup of speakers from all over the country. Join us and get the most up-to-date information to help you provide the best education to your students and better fulfill your job requirements as administrators of federal education programs. Enjoy scholarship opportunities that will assist you in leading during this exciting time in education as we provide: Change, Challenge & Opportunity.

Conference date

Monday, March 21 – Wednesday, March 23, 2022

(Pre-Conference Sessions on Sunday, March 20, 2022)

Roll in for this conference now

[mks_button size=”large” title=”APPLY HERE” style=”squared” url=”http://” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#dd9933″ txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”” icon_type=”” nofollow=”0″]


Scholarship Application | Association For Compensatory …

As an association for federal, state, and local school administrators, the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) seeks to: Honor those who have committed their lives to the education of America’s youth Promote high standards for school administrators to foster excellence in public education Ensure that administrators have the professional resources and continuing education opportunities to do their jobs well.

The AASA Scholarship for School Administrators provides financial assistance to support the professional development of new and/or aspiring school administrators who are pursuing a master’s degree in K-12 education from an AASA -member university. For more information, please visit

Programs / Show Me the Money Scholarship Information

We are delighted to announce the launch of Scholarships for Students (K-12): Programs / Show Me the Money! At AASA we strive to ensure equitable access to post secondary education for all qualified individuals. Whether you are a student, parent, or educator, these resources will help you understand and navigate the higher education landscape so that you can invest in your future! Scholarships for Students (K-12) Programs / Show Me the Money! will help K-12 students and their families to:

  • Explore and compare financial aid options that meet their specific needs.
  • Connect with scholarships and financial aid resources on their school’s AASA website.
  • Students (K-12) Programs / Show Me the Money! will help you and your staff: Understand how to create a compelling financial aid package.
  • Explore strategies for overcoming common financial aid obstacles and barriers.
  • Explore how to leverage various platforms of federal, state, and private programs to earn both federal and state financial aid.
  • Learn about the financial aid available for non-traditional students including those who have served in the military, or who have experienced homelessness.
  • Connect with scholarships and financial aid resources on their school’s AASA website.
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A rundown on Nafepa scholarship program

Can easily access the school portal here and you can get more inquiries concerning the Nafepa scholarship program through their school portal. This online resource has been created to help you keep in touch with school life and news. You can find the school’s newsletter archive and blogs, as well as the latest news from our governing body. Explore the school website and take a shot at this golden opportunity that is standing before you.


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