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Polish open university in warsaw


The polish open university (Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania) is a renowned university in warsaw Poland and today the university has developed a new learning methodology that has been pioneered by the Polish Open University to enable students to meet the challenges they will experience in today’s highly competitive and fast-changing world as they prepare themselves to enter the workforce.

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Due to their extensive experience in research and practice in their respective fields of education and economics, as well as the understanding of the limitations of teaching business through books and passive lectures, even though they taught business very well in theory, the founders of POU created the school with these limitations in mind. In recent years, there has been considerable debate about how to improve the quality of business education and it is an ongoing debate that has existed for more than fifty years.

One of the criticisms that are often leveled in the direction of business schools is that their studies are primarily theoretical in nature and do not provide students with the practical skills they will need as future business professionals. A new model of business education is needed as we are now witnessing a rapid evolution of business trends and qualitative and quantitative knowledge doubling every seventy-three days by 2012, so the need for a new model of business education is becoming imperative.

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The POU was conceived in order to address the need for change. Our mission was to be a school that actively encourages innovation while focusing on a student-centered approach to teaching. As a key element of the course, students are challenged to work in both groups and individuals throughout the workshop sessions in order to resolve current business issues in a collaborative manner. Having relevant knowledge and understanding of the subject matter is important in order to be able to demonstrate with more confidence that students are making headway in the subject matter.

Students are encouraged to use their creativity to challenge conventional wisdom to strengthen their understanding of the subject. Among the factors that make up POU’s instruction are competence, interpersonal skills, the ability to master change, and the ability to judge the potential for new ideas that can be brought to life through such ideas.

The world of business demands a commitment to lifelong learning, and it also requires the willingness to take a greater amount of responsibility for your own development this is true of other subject matters as well. In addition to helping its students meet the challenges of today, the Polish Open University also prepares them for the opportunities of the future.


There are three courses offered by the Polish Open University that are available to students from the United States, Europe, and India. Look at the course descriptions listed below to learn more about the courses pou offer.

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Overview of the warsaw Campus of Polish Open University


A campus for the university of warsaw is situated in the capital city of Warsaw (in the district of Mokotów) in the heart of the city. Students on this campus will have access to a variety of facilities on the same level as students at the other campuses of the University, including lecture halls, multimedia resource rooms, computer labs, a library, and a dining hall. There are full-time and part-time programs available for students to choose from.


How to apply for the polish open university


Here are the steps you need to follow in order to apply to Polish Open University.


  • Choose a program that you are interested in
  • Click on the “Apply Now” button to begin the application process
  • Please fill out the admissions form and send it to the school portal
  • Ensure that all admissions tasks have been completed
  • Get ready for a study session


You can use the live chat feature in the university portal to contact a university representative if you would like more information about the university and its admissions process.

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Required documents for admission into the Polish Open University


It is essential that you prepare all of the necessary documents before applying for admission to Polish Open University in Poland. It is recommended that you ask a university directly for a list of required documents, since it may differ from country to country. If you would like to see sample documents, you can ask for them through POU live chat service.


  • Outline of a research proposal for a Master’s or Ph.D. degree
  • Form for a Supervisor Agreement for a Ph.D. student
  • Certificate of IELTS proficiency
  • Student visa
  • Payment proof is required
  • Application fee
  • Reciprocal letters of recommendation (MA, Ph.D.)
  • A Passport photograph
  • Certificate of TOEFL Proficiency
  • A few photographs
  • An official medical certificate is required
  • Application form for online submission
  • Insurance coverage for health and life
  • Information about the family
  • Support declaration for financial assistance
  • A letter of motivation


Polish Open University contacts 

Domaniewska 37 A

Warsaw 02-672 Poland

conclusion as regards the Polish Open University

situated in Poland is the Polish Open University and has great knowledge to offer and impact as many students as are interested in applying for this university. we have outlined and listed out all that is required to apply for this university successfully both international and locals

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